£20 FREE BET: William Hill Backgammon offers twenty quid free when you stake that amount within the first 48 hours of joining. This is on the Game Account Network, which has great software and is a good source of moderate players. There are 2-player free or cash games as well as multi-table tournaments. They claim to have the lowest rake online. Click through from this page and it will take you directly to the ‘Skill’ section on the William Hill website where the backgammon is located.

NO BONUS: One great place to play is with Ladbrokes Backgammon. At 2.5% as a maximum, the rake is lower than at many other sites. Play tournaments and cash or match games. There is even a tutorial. To get to their backgammon section click our link and go to the ‘games’ section and then go to ‘table games’. Backgammon is listed there.

NO OFFER: Paddy Power also offer multiplayer backgammon, along with a whole host of skill games. To find it on their website go through from this page and click the ‘player’ tab at the top right of their home page. Then look at the left menu and you will find it under ‘multiplayer games.’ Part of a top network.

William Hill Backgammon