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About JustBookies

JustBookies is one of the world’s most visited and trusted online betting portals. Owned by the UK registered company Limited, it is your guide to all things sports betting.

We market and advertise online bookmakers and betting companies and provide reviews of those companies. We are an independent directory of online bookmakers, casinos, bingo and poker rooms. We also offer sports previews and betting odds comparison across all the major sporting events.

The betting firms that JustBookies promotes on this or any other of its websites are licensed. They are legally allowed to advertise in the UK in accordance with the UK’s regulatory body for gambling, the Gambling Commission, and with that authority’s governing legislation, The Gambling Act 2005.

We have an affiliation with the betting and gaming companies that we promote. JustBookies is not a betting company itself. As an aggregator, we encourage a comparison of the various merits of the trusted betting companies we review. We could be described as a price comparison site for the betting industry. We provide independent reviews, sports previews, betting odds comparison and we compare the merits of the various free bets on offer.

We engage in online and offline marketing. We have sponsored numerous horse races & we have had banners at racetracks and football grounds. Limited is also a registered racehorse owner in both France and the UK. We have purchased Flat-bred racehorses to help promote and market this website. In recent years this has been in France, where the prize money is the best in Europe. If you would like to join us with a share in a French-trained Flat-bred yearling then contact us using the form above.

Privacy Policy & Cookies Information Limited does not specifically use cookies or any other means to track a visitor’s activity, or to collect any information from a visitor, on this website. The only information that Limited gathers is via the contact us form. If you choose to contact us then this form requires both your name and e-mail address. The reason for this requirement is that without your name and email address we can not respond to your message. This is the only information we collect and that information will never be passed to a third party.

We do subscribe to Google Analytics, which does deposit cookies purely to measure which pages are viewed most on our site and for how long. This can give us valuable data to improve our site for its visitors. The analytics cookies only track which pages you interact with and do not collect any personal information, so your activity is always anonymous.

When you browse from our website to a bookmaker’s website from one of the links provided by us, cookies will be used by that destination website, but purely so they can see that you came from our site.

Again, the only private and personal information about you that is collected is what you disclose willingly via one of their registration forms. Cookies are vital to give everyone a good experience when browsing the internet as they help remember any preferences you choose on a particular website. They are not invasive. The only bad cookies are the ones you eat.

Social Responsibility Policy Limited and the UK-approved or White List licensed betting companies it promotes does not target its product at anyone under the age of 18. We and all the online betting companies and bookies promoted on our sites discourage excessive betting and suggest that anybody who is worried about the level of their wagering should seek aid and advise from these organisations: and

The Gambling Act 2005

All betting and gaming firms promoted by Limited are either UK licensed or located in an approved ‘White List’ location. The UK’s White List of gambling countries is drawn up by the UK government via the Department of Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS). White-list locations are an eclectic group and cover all the countries of Europe (this includes the offshore locations of Malta and Gibraltar) as well as Alderney, the Isle of Man, Tasmania, Antigua and Barbuda. Online bookmakers based and licensed in the White List locations are permitted to advertise in the UK, in accordance with The Gambling Act 2005. Limited is not a bookmaker or gaming company. We are an affiliate. As a result, there is no requirement for our company to be licensed by The Gambling Commission as a bookmaker under The Gambling Act 2005.