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Last updated January 28th, 2022

We compare the Aussie Rules AFL odds from the top bookmakers in the table below. Check the AFL Grand Final betting and claim best bookies’ free bets.

AFL Aussie Rules Betting Odds
AFL Grand Final Winner; Click best odds bold; Each-Way Place Terms: Win Only.
  Bet365 Betfred William Hill BetVictor
Melbourne 7/2 4/1 9/2 9/2
Brisbane Lions 7/1 11/2 11/2 11/2
Port Adelaide 9/1 7/1 7/1 15/2
Geelong 9/1 7/2 7/2 10/3
Sydney Swans 10/1 9/1 9/1 11/1
Richmond 10/1 14/1 14/1 14/1
West Coast 14/1 33/1 33/1 40/1
Essendon 22/1 50/1 50/1 66/1
Greater Western Sydney 14/1 66/1 80/1 66/1
St Kilda 22/1 100/1 100/1 100/1
Fremantle 28/1 100/1 100/1 100/1
Western Bulldogs 6/1 7/2 7/2 7/2
Carlton 25/1 150/1 100/1 150/1
Collingwood 66/1 500/1 500/1
Adelaide 66/1 500/1 500/1
Gold Coast 80/1 400/1 500/1 500/1
Hawthorn 66/1 1000/1 500/1
North Melbourne 100/1 1000/1 1000/1

How to make AFL odds pay

If you would like to gamble on an all action sport that provides excitement from the moment the match begins, take a look at Aussie Rules AFL odds. The action is fast and furious with body crushing contact. You will not find any of the diving divas that plague UK premier league football and the players are not cocooned in the bulky body armour that protects the precious American Footballer.

Australian football, to give the sport its proper title, involves a unique blend of skills combining elements of basketball, football and rugby with its players simply attired, Aussie style, in just a vest and shorts. Each Aussie rules team comprises 22 players, 18 of whom will be on the pitch (which may be a modified cricket pitch rather than a dedicated Aussie rules football pitch) with 4 players on the bench as potential subs. The shape of both the ball used and the actual pitch is elliptical, like a rugby ball.

Players can kick the ball, handball it and run with the ball provided they bounce it on the ground every 15 yards, basketball style. Players are not allowed to hold the ball or throw it but can tackle other players and use their entire bodies to obstruct their opponents. It is a high speed, high energy contact sport that is not for the faint hearted.

Aussie Rules has been described as the most exciting sport on earth and is, predictably, attracting an increasingly global following, especially amongst the younger members of the population. Aussie Rules betting is also becoming an increasingly global activity as a result of constantly expanding media coverage.

Aussie rules matches are reaching over 30 million households that span in excess of 40 Asia Pacific countries, courtesy of the AFL’s broadcast associate, Australia Network. An agreement was forged between the Shanghai Media Group and Australia in 2010, bringing coverage to China as part of a larger diplomatic move to help the Chinese better understand Australia! So it is not just UK punters adding volume to the betting turnover on the bookies’ AFL odds markets.

A sanitised version of Australian football without the bone crunching body contact is even being introduced into UK schools as a method of combating child obesity and getting children into sport that might otherwise be getting into trouble.

Reasons to play the AFL odds

Getting involved with the Aussie Rules odds has never been easier. Online bookmakers provide betting markets throughout the season which runs from March to September on every Australian Football League (AFL) game. The AFL is the most high profile competition in the sport. It is concluded by the annual Grand Final in September.

As soon as one Aussie Rules season ends, odds markets immediately appear for the outright winner of the next AFL and there is a constant stream of AFL related news to keep fans up to date with the latest developments in the meantime.

You can bet on Aussie Rules to deliver instant action. In the AFL Grand Final played on 25 September 2010, at Melbourne Cricket Ground as usual, spectators had to wait just twenty second for the first goal. Collingwood’s Darren Jolly was the ultimate beneficiary of their success in winning the very first clearance, scoring from some five metres out. Aussie Rules is played in four quarters of twenty minutes and later in that first quarter Collingwood succeeded in clocking up three goals in just six minutes.

How does that compare with growing old waiting for a goal or even an exciting sequence of play in a high profile UK football final? Aussie Rules teams do not seem to spend the majority of the first half cautiously testing the strengths of their opposition and manoeuvring for position rather than making decisive moves.

Geelong won the 2011 AFL Final in front of a heaving 100,000 crowd at the MCG. Collingwood did not achieve favouritism in 2010 for no reason. Getting to the final had been a bit of a cake walk. They had enjoyed easy wins in both the qualifying final, beating the Western Bulldogs decisively by sixty two points, and in the preliminary final where they beat Geelong, the 2009 victors, by forty one points. It was Collingwood’s second victory in the AFL final. They triumphed back in 1990 and had achieved the runner up position in both 2002 and 2003 when they were beaten on both occasions by Brisbane Lions, in 2002 by a margin of just nine points. They were definitely due another victory.

Talking of margins, Aussie rules betting margins of victory is often an interesting option. In recent AFL Grand Finals, margins of victory have ranged from a single point in 2007 (West Coast triumphed over Sydney Swans 85-84) to a massive 119 points when Geelong convincingly overcame opposition from Port Adelaide in the 2007 Grand Final. In 2011 Geelong won by a cosy 38 points, having put in a very strong final quarter.

Aussie Rules Football betting tips

A quick look at the Aussie rules forums will tell you that it is probably not a good idea to feel that you have to bet on every single AFL match. Sometimes the value simply isn’t there. Use your knowledge to make sure that you sit matches out when it is sensible to do so and enter the Aussie rules betting market selectively when there is value available.

A recurring factor which is regularly debated by the seasoned fans is the significance of long distance travel for away teams. Just like the UK premier league, some teams travel better than others and it is wise to consider a team’s consistency away from home before punting heavily on an otherwise great team that can be disappointing on the road.

If you bear in mind these factors there is nothing to stop you making regular betting profits on AFL odds and having a great time watching the super-fast Aussie Rules action.

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