Bet365 Bookie Review 2024: Best UK Sports Betting Site

Bet365 BookmakerIn our opinion Bet365 is the most outstanding bookmaker in the UK. By many measures they are probably the largest online betting site in the world. If you live in the UK or are a European football fan you will have seen their extensive TV advertising campaigns and banners at seemingly all sports events.

We bet with them on a regular basis ourselves and they are our preferred option of all the major UK-facing bookies. In Just Bookies’ opinion they offer the best all-round service. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for their UK-based customer service team and we have always been paid out very quickly. While our bets have been limited at other bookmakers, we simply haven’t encountered those issues with the folks at Bet365.

This Bet365 review is very much our personal view and opinion of this firm. We suspect we are not alone in thinking that they out-compete their sports betting rivals as they seem to have grown at a larger exponential rate than any of their peers in recent years. It suggests we are not alone in choosing Bet365 above all other bookmakers.

If you are a once-a-year punter looking for good Grand National or World Cup 2026 betting odds and the best each-way terms or if you regularly bet on football or horse racing, then Bet365 is the perfect choice. The same comment applies for other big sporting events. We recommend their betting site for the Cheltenham Festival, Six Nations Rugby, Wimbledon Tennis, Super Bowl, FA Cup Final, Boxing, The Derby at Epsom, F1 motor racing and all those big annual fixtures that are enhanced by a once-a-year wager. They also have odds on all the Reality TV shows and awards.

They always have an industry-leading welcome bonus, which is detailed on our home page here. On that subject, just a word about the generic offers, bonuses and promotions that all the online bookies tend to offer to new players: Just Bookies really thinks these are over-emphasized by other review sites. The welcome bonuses and ongoing similar promotions are not what should be turning your head. It is the overall service, reliability and honesty of a betting site that matters most, not the short-term thrill of a bonus (often with onerous terms and awkward conditions). After all, you want build a relationship with a bookie and not continually have to shop around. That’s why, in our view, Bet365 is the best option to join and stick with going forward.

They are great for sports betting, but we need to give a shout out for their excellent casino, poker and games sections. Bet365 has brought together the best casino games and poker options from the world’s top software companies. Really, overall this is a supreme site – certainly in terms of the UK market, where the bookies are quite a disappointing bunch.

That is our opinion, but what is yours? If you haven’t tried them out yet, please join up, give them a go and then let us know your thoughts, just as others have done. You can leave a Bet365 review and star rating below.

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Average rating:  
 39 reviews
 by Fred Weakes
Happy with B365

I backed City of Troy ante-post with B365, so had a nice pick up in this weekend's Derby at Epsom. Got paid out immediately after I requested the withdrawal. Just thought I'd give a thumbs up to Bet365 because I haven't had any problems with them and like their website. It is speedier and easier to get around than others out there. I haven't encountered the limiting of bets or anything like that yet that I have had elsewhere. BetVictor were a nightmare but that's another story.

 by Bill Fry
Best of Bad Bunch

By far the best of the British-based bookies. Though it is a bad bunch when you exclude Bet365 from calculations. Now my bookmaker of choice. I have heard they can limit betting accounts - I guess they all do this. I haven't had any problems with that yet and I also haven't had too many hoops to jump through regarding the dreaded 'affordability checks'. With Kempton's King George VI Chase coming up on Boxing Day, I have already had a three-figure bet and no problems getting on.

 by Angus Oldbeck

I have got used to the high quality offering and customer service Bet365 give. But if I think back to when I hadn't joined them and was betting between various of their peers, I shudder at the mediocre service and dismissive attitude I received. I was just about to place my Grand National bet with B365 for 10 days time and thought, hey, it's time I left a review. I've been with them over a year now, enough time for any problems to surface. But they've been great - hope I'm not tempting fate.

 by John
Limited Account

I rejoined bet365 after returning from living abroad, at first all was well and I had a winning streak - then they contacted me and said my account had been restricted and I was no longer entitled to their best odds guarantee. I attempted to place a small bet £5ew and was told my maximum stake allowed was 80p ew this continued and each time I attempted to place which I consider a very small wager of perhaps £10 each way or £20 win I was restricted and only able to place 1.20p or £2.30. Why do they act in this underhanded way? I had assumed a bookmaker made his book so that whatever the outcome they made a profit - the art of bookmaking. Now I realise it is pure greed as long as you lose you are welcome if you happen to win they restrict your account hoping you go elsewhere - what a disgrace.

 by Sophie Smith
Joined for World Cup 2022

I joined recently, primarily to bet on the football World Cup 2022. But there is so much more to this site. Having bet with various other bookies, Bet365 is head and shoulders above these. The telephone support was excellent and it was reassuring to deal with someone with a nice Stoke accent who really knew his stuff.

 by Mr Stone
Grand National Betting

I am lining up my Grand National wagers for Saturday. I think I'll have several longshots each-way and I will only be betting with Bet365. They are far and away the top operator in the UK space at the moment. I have bet with all the other bookies and they are all disappointing in a range of different ways tbh.

 by Danny
The Only One

Bet365 is the only one I use. Yes, I have read complaints of bets being reduced or rejected and accounts being limited. But it has not happened to me and I've been with them a few years. They often email me a small free bet for a Saturday, which is great. Awesome for betting on the horses or EPL football and I also get involved with their in-running markets. So much to like.

 by Stefan Conter
Euro 2020 Betting

I have had a number of bets on the Euros with Bet365. They have 1000s of options for this. More than my usual firm. Impressive.

 by Ahmed Patel
Derby Betting

I have been prompted to sign up with Bet365 to bet on The Derby at Epsom after I received a betting tip for Mohaafeth. In the meanwhile I have been using their interactive website, doing some bets and withdrawing some of my funds coz I want to know they are ok and their systems are swift. Respect to B365 because it is all so effortless and the money gets back into my bank account in no time. This is a good site.

 by Mildew
New Home

I joined Bet365 to bet on the Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier UFC fight. Having placed my bets on that MMA event which is coming up tomorrow, I started playing around on other sports betting selections, just to test out their site. Wow, it is good - and there I was betting on rubbish sites like SkyBet, who restrict my bets, and Coral, whose website software often just doesn't work properly. I think I have found a new home.

 by Winker Watson
Strictly & I'm A Celeb

Been using B365 recently for Strictly and I'm a Celeb betting. They have the odds up after the eliminations before the other bookies and remain competitive throughout. It must be a real advantage to them to be so on the ball as I can imagine lots of small bets coming in on those TV shows. I usually only bet horse racing with them, but despite it appearing to be a bit silly to bet on Reality TV, there seem to be some angles. I mean my view of who should be what price is probably as valuable as that of Bet365 or any of the bookies' odds compilers. We are all watching the same thing and can assess the form and popularity of contestants in our own way.

 by Kent David
Bet365 Is A Better Bookie

I joined just now for York horse racing and have backed a few winners. Love the B365 website and don't know why it has taken me so long to sign up having been betting at truly rubbish firms like SkyBet and Coral, both of which reduced my stakes to the degree it was pointless going on. Bet365 bookie is so much better in every way - I get my winnings into my bank account much faster too.

 by Toby Pickman
Pleased At Bet365 Bookmakers

Joined today for a bet on the Derby and Oaks at Epsom. Happy with the way Bet365 Bookmakers sports betting site works. Rang the customer service with some inane query just to test them out & they passed with flying colours. Overall the impression so far is good. I have played at Ladbrokes and Coral and already I can see B365 beats those clowns hands down. Not giving five stars as too early to go overboard.

 by Simon Biggins
Bet365 Excellent

Just had a great Royal Ascot where I backed a handful of winners for a change. Did all my betting with Bet365 and the whole thing was effortless. I got a better price than the early odds thanks to Best Odds Guaranteed on a couple of occasions - always a pleasant bonus. I have withdrawn my money and it is back in my bank account within hours. How can you beat that? I can't emphasize how good these guys are, especially when relative to the other online bookmakers. Bet365 are just a step ahead of the game. Either that or the other British bookies are a pile of crepe.

 by Tommy Johnson
Great For Football

I am a major Chelsea fan and follow the Premier League closely. So I like a good few wagers. Bet365 has the most football markets of any of the firms, best odds generally (but obviously not always), really helpful customer service (with genuine Stoke accents!) and they flippin' pay quick. The site is fast and loads quick. The mobile app is great for checking on my bets and placing them on the move. I used to bet mainly with William Hill, but Bet365 bookmaker beats them on all counts. Plus they haven't restricted or limited my betting yet. Shame there is so much footie downtime right now. Anyway, I can lose hours on their poker site, though I do have a tendency to go on tilt. Note to self: Stay in control. They have treated me right so though I'd big them up with a positive review. They deserve five stars but given four, docked a star because they own Stoke City FC.

 by C Viridian
Cheltenham Festival Betting Blast

I just spent the whole four days of the Cheltenham Festival betting solely with Bet365. It was, not deliberately, an intensive test of their sports betting offering tbh. With their Best Odds Guaranteed offer and the fact they try to go longest on most horses in the mornings, I didn't need to shop around at other bookies. I had a great time on my sofa in front of TV. It helped that I won, narrowly, over the week and it would have been a lot more if Goschen had not unshipped his jockey at the last in the Triumph Hurdle. Then when I requested the withdrawal, the funds were sent immediately. Now I can see why Bet365 bookie is tops in the UK. I have played with most of the other bookmakers and Bet365 is in a different league.

 by Seb Johnson
Great Mobile App

Bet365 is a good bookmaker online but I have recently started using their mobile app. It is so good. Has revolutionised my way of betting, so easy now to place my bets on my smartphone when I have a spare moment when travelling. I do use other apps, so I am not new to it all but this one is so simple and fun to use.

 by Linda Gallagher
Love It

Love the site. It's so easy to use and so much choice. I'm talking sports betting but I do also play at the bingo. I find that fairly compulsive. Too much time flies on the bingo so trying to stick to my considered bets on the horses and football. Ringing Bet365 up for a query is an absolute pleasure - and how often can anyone say that when ringing customer service? No queues, no waits and a guy with a distinctive Midlands accent on the other end of the line who seems to know everything about the site. Again, you can't take that for granted elsewhere. A ton better than the likes of SkyBet, Coral or BetVictor, all firms that restricted my accounts - and I am just a recreational punter who loses overall. Me and my fivers and tenners are hardly pro punters!

 by Scoobie
Bet365 Top Notch

This is a star bookmaker. From the website to the payouts, it is all done well. Don't know what I'd do without them as none of the others are up to the same standard.

 by Bob Johnson
Top Bookie

Bet365 beats their competition for value odds and effort.

 by Francis Bell
Much Better Than Other Bookmakers

I got limited very quickly by one really useless bookmaker (well it was SkyBet) and so joined up with Bet365, not expecting them to be any better. I thought all these firms would be as bad as each other after my terrible experience with that other firm. Fortunately I was so wrong. I've been backing winners and not had my bets restricted or my account limited. They pay out withdrawals so much quicker than I am used to as well. I rang their customer services with a query and was amazed to speak to a charming guy based right there in Stoke and he really knew his stuff. Not like SkyBet at all. This firm is different gravy. It is the Cheltenham Festival next week and I'll be on the sofa, doing all my betting with Bet365. Can't wait - and their best odds guaranteed means you never miss out when a horse plunges in price. Let's just hope it stays as it is and they don't suddenly become like the other firms and limit my bets down to very little.

 by Joe Ben

I have bet almost exclusively at Bet365 for the past year. They have been faultless, honest and very helpful when I have any question. The speed of the cashier and getting my cash back to my bank account is impressive. I have already had two ante-post Grand National bets and with the big race imminent, I will have a couple more on some outsiders on the day. Bet365 have the longest Grand National odds for the horses I want to back - I find they are ultra-competitive on the horse racing particularly. They must keep a close eye on their rivals' prices and make sure they match or beat them.

 by Sid Jones

Joined Bet365 today for a bet at Cheltenham Festival. It's a revelation to join a firm that makes things so easy. I guess it helped that I backed the first winner of the meeting in Summerville Boy and got a better price because I took 8/1, but got 9/1 SP thanks to to the Best Odds Guaranteed offer. Then backed Mick Jazz each-way at 25/1 in the 2018 Champion Hurdle (came 3rd). This is only the second online bookie that I have joined. I did use SkyBet, but they are terrible. It's a far better experience with Bet365. Can't wait for the next three days of the Cheltenham Festival to have a bet on the nags, put my feet up and watch it all on TV.

 by Shyla

UK bookies are not good. This is best of them. I have had profits now and then and they have not limited me, though I read other people saying they were. They have lots of betting choices and send payouts money back to card very quickly. Had a nasty time with another bookie who changed the odds after the horse had won. Called it an error that they had to correct. I have gone back to Bet365, where I have always been treated fairly. Really a good site for football particularly. If you are a once a year punter who wants a bet on the Grand National or something like that, then this is a safe bookie to choose. I have told members of my family to use them for Grand National, Cheltenham Festival, FA Cup - the sort of events people who don't bet regularly like to have a bet on. The best odds guaranteed is really good for the horses. Bottom line, Bet365 is honest. I don't understand some of the criticisms I have read to be honest.

 by Hayden Smith

I took advantage of the £100 Bet Credits that Bet365 offer. This is basically their free bets welcome bonus. There are some terms and conditions to comply with but, compared with other bookmakers, it is a very attractive bonus. I have not been a player at Bet365 for long, but so far so good. I have used other bookies, so I do have a point of reference. Bet365 appear to run a really good betting site and I will stick with them for now. My only quibble is that trying to find some of the more obscure sports betting markets is a bit of a struggle. For example the Bet365 CBB (Celebrity Big Brother) odds can be found via the 'specials' section and then you go to 'UK'. It takes a bit of digging about the first time. I think that is fair enough though because they have so many thousands of markets to bet on at any one time. Impressed.

 by The Whole Industry Stinks

The UK has the most mature sports betting market in the world in terms of bookmakers. That is because the UK has always been regulated. Bookies have always been in every high street and TV adverts from betting companies assault everyone's senses 24/7 with the mantra "gamble, gamble, gamble". You would think that the betting companies would be fair and honest, right? Wrong. Sports betting companies only want losers and losers who bet very small but often. If you bet big or you get some winners you will find your stakes being restricted to very little or your betting account closed entirely. Surely the regulator, the Gambling Commission, wouldn't let bookies behave in such a manner? Surely the Gambling Commission will ensure bookmakers in the UK act fairly? Surely bookies must be made to lay a bet to lose a specific minimum amount of money - like in Australia for example - rather than refuse bets left, right and centre? No. The Gambling Commission does not give a damn about punters' rights. They just want to rake in money from massively-increased license fees and create its own empire of dirt - jobs for the boys. Punters? Who remembers them? Who cares about those losers? In the absence of any meaningful regulation, all the UK bookmakers get away with despicably behaviour to a large section of its clientele. Which UK bookmakers are at fault? All of them. To name names: SkyBet is shocking, closing accounts at will. They deserve to lose their license for their corrupt and dishonest business practices. Stan James - owned by equally poor Unibet - is very frightened of anything over a tenner. William Hill won't take a bet and has some of the worst offshore customer service of the lot. Betfred, run by an ugly old ego-maniac who appears in most of the firms TV adverts, is a touch better but quickly limits bets. BetVictor are at the worse end of the scale, limiting and restricting tens of thousands of punters a year. Boylesports are absolutely pathetic and ought to close down they are so scared of laying a bet. Hey BoyleSports, there can only be one winner of a race, get out from behind that settee. Ladbrokes and Coral are as bad as any of them and are now - under the one awful parent company - really badly run and managed. Such a shame to see such big names reduced to jokes. What has this got to do with Bet365 and a review of that company? Well I will get to the point now: All UK online bookmakers are corrupt, dishonest and heavy-handed. The Gambling Commission have let them go down that path. They limit and close punters accounts at will. They refuse bets if those bets aren't small and aren't from consistent losers. Bet365 is guilty of all of the above too, there is more than enough in the newspapers about Bet365's rogue behaviour towards the punters it has restricted or slow-paid to verify the points I am making here. However they still get three stars from me because they are, grudgingly, the best of a very bad and disingenuous bunch.

 by Mark Wales

I just had a query about my betting account and rang their telephone helpline. The staff were so knowledgeable and helpful. I couldn't believe that I was actually talking to a guy who knew exactly what he was doing and wanted to help. I have done the same with William Hill before and they were clueless and it was a very depressing process. Well done Bet365 for running the only top notch internet bookmaker that I have ever used.

 by Betting With Them For Years

I use their casino more than I do the sports betting but have found everything super efficient. No nasty shocks. They pay me out fast when I want my winnings and I have never met any nasty limits. One time when placing a sports bet the message came up that it had been sent to a trader who would manually check if it was ok and within seconds it was accepted. It was a three-figure bet with a fair liability, so no problem that they had someone cast their eyes over it. I also use their poker room, which is truly great. Credit where it is due, Bet365 is the best bookie or online betting company I have dealt with and I am older than I care to mention.

 by pyscho

Used B365 for many years, all was ok until I got on a winning streak. They then restricted my bets to £5 and took all the offers away. They are not nicknamed 'bet three pound sixty five pence' for nothing.

 by Sebastian

Did all my Euro 2016 betting with Bet365 and intend to get involved heavily with the Olympics, especially the football tournament where I fancy Germany could deny favourites and host nation Brazil.

 by Nobby S
Bet365 Great

I have tried so many of the bookies and no doubt in my mind Bet365 comes out on top, mainly through ease of use. They just don't give me any problems, unlike the others who have restricted bonuses and things like that.

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

 by Jimmy Kurt
Cheltenham Winners

I just kept backing the winners at the Cheltenham Festival with Bet365. I backed the favourites and they just kept on winning. I think Bet365 is a lucky site for me and I am not going anywhere else for the moment!

 by Benny Halfpenny
Bet365 BOG

I joined Bet365 in 2008 and since then I have not bet anywhere else. Particularly like their BOG (best odds guaranteed) on the nags and competitive odds. Now I play a bit of poker there too, really good.

 by Gary McCabe
5 Star

Five star rating for a bookie with a 5-star service all round.

 by Dickie The Spiv
Best Of The Big Bookies

The best of the mainstream bookmakers for me. B365 don't knock you back as badly as the others. Best customer service by a mile. Nearly gave them five stars.

 by Orla
Happy With Bet 365

As a newcomer to their website I loved Bet365's range of free bets. Also seems they have a lot of promos for existing players too. Happy I joined them.

 by Judd Bell
Simply Fair

At last I have found a bookie that doesn't mess me about.

 by Marilyn West

I joined to bet on the Cheltenham Gold Cup & being new to it all I felt a bit intimidated. I need not have been. What a breeze it all was. Very impressed with my initial experiences.

 by Joseph Engle

I can not fault Bet365 for anything much. Customer service is friendly and I have never had a problem with them. The website has lots on it. I am a regular there.