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Last updated September 29th, 2022

Betfred Bookmaker has an excellent online sports betting site as well as an online casino section. The firm is run by their famous CEO Fred Done (the self-styled “Bonus King”), has in excess of 1400 betting shops (formerly called Dones Bookmaker), 7000 staff and an annual betting turnover of over £3billion. It is the UK’s biggest independent bookmaker. Betfred Bookmaker is an excellent destination for all your online gambling requirements. Just Bookies regards them as a safe pair of hands for UK players.

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OPINION: The Betfred Bookmaker betting shops are famed for the bonuses they offer punters and the internet betting site reflects this, offering different bonuses on a daily basis. We joined for testing purposes and were so happy with the service we got and the site in general that we continue to bet with Betfred. The easy to work, well designed website is very good and we highly recommend it.

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Restricted Countries: Everyone can join Betfred except residents of these countries: America, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine.

More Detailed Betfred Bookmaker Review

The inexorable rise of the Betfred Bookmaker brand continued unabated with the purchase of Totesport, formerly the Tote, in June 2011.

The Totesport brand will slowly weaken as Fred Done’s eponymous Betfred organisation fulfils any egocentric tendencies the founder may have in the UK betting world. Even the world famous Cheltenham Gold Cup will now carry the brand before its hallowed name.

For many in racing the purchase of the formerly state owned Tote betting company was a bad dream that left racing without the organ that would otherwise have provided its financial heart and salvation. The more pragmatic realise that British racing’s downward spiral would continue unabated even if they had managed to loosen the self-made Mr Done’s steely grip from the prize. As always, badly-run UK racing failed to impress their case and the company was sold to the highest and most suitable commercial bidder. Sold for a little over a quarter of a billion pounds, it was a bargain of daylight robbery proportions that fell the way of the ever-shrewd Betfred Bookmaker.

But back in 1960, a year before it all became legal, Fred Done was already in the business. Even this fiercely ambitious youngster could not have known the heights to which he would take his company. When the game turned legitimate he started his first betting shop. It is truly a story of a company that started with nothing. Fred heralds from the North West, and that is where he grew his business, organically. Then later on he bravely bought a couple of small bookmaker chains. He realised growth by acquisition was the only way forward and his biggest prize to date has been The Tote. If a bookmaker was going to get the Tote, surely better a gritty entrepreneurial independent with a gambling nature than the faceless accountants of the big public betting companies. Now Betfred has nearly 1400 outlets on the high streets of Britain, and it will not stop there.

He was quite late to the online arena, but that is often a clever move. Done knew he had the marketing muscle to catch up the deficit quickly and he had learned not to make the mistakes some notable early movers, such as Coral did. With a call centre established earlier than that, Dones, as they were once called, now has the full gamut: shops, online sports betting and internet casino.

Fred Done can look back on a job well, erm, done with his firm. But that is not his style. He looks forward and ever upwards in his quest to make the good name of Betfred Bookmaker even bigger.

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 7 reviews
 by Donut
Better Than Some

Some of the bookies online are not good. It is hard to get on with them and they remove bonuses, like best odds guaranteed etc. In fairness to Betfred I have found them fine. The leave me alone and let me place my bets and pay out. It's all you can ask from a bookmaker. Watched the Derby and thought the town of Epsom had been renamed Betfred. There is sponsorship and then there is ramming a brand down everyone's throats. They've lost a star for overkill!

 by Danny

I honestly can't fault Betfred aside from a certain support personal who is obnoxious and patronizing and extremely rude, but they offer spins accumulator across the casino, Vegas and games side you can potentially earn 600 spins every week that are credited on a Monday (200 across each platform). They do some great weekly offers and even cash drops! I have withdrawn large amounts several times from here with absolutely no issues. I've played with these for 2+ years and never had any problems really! They process payments at 12.00am so payments made to Paypal credit at 12.01am and payments back to your card are also credited back to you in 24 hours, so fast withdrawals. I find the slots have high return and I always land features etc every time I've deposited. I find Betfred slots to pay generously and frequently. I've even recommended them to others and they have mentioned how much better the games pay out compared other sites. My only issues is they can be notorious for not replying to emails, I've had emails I've sent months ago that haven't ever had a response and live chat is horrible for long waits always a queue of people waiting to speak to live help and 10 people waiting can sometimes take 1-2 hours to finally get to speak someone. Apart from that overall it's one of the better sites out there. I will say when I joined I had not entered a newbie promotion correctly and spoke to support. The person was extremely rude to me and spoke in an extremely unprofessional manner. I was gobsmacked, I spoke to another live support later on to see if they would be able to help me and they saw the last chat (without me even mentioning it) and was extremely apologetic and told me she will be getting this sorted instantly and this isn't how Betfred support run and treat customers. Within 20 mins a manager called me and was extremely apologetic again and said that person will be getting dealt with the appropriate action and he credited 150 wager free spins at 50p on the casino for me and 100 wager free spins on games for me and credited my account with £50 cash and assured me it will not happen again. I've never seen that person again on live support since, so he may have been fired. I thought they handled that in a fast manner and made sure I was compensated as well which I appreciate.

 by Mr Green

It is horrible how Betfred tried to get away from paying £1.7m in winnings to a punter of their's called Andy Green. It took the poor guy three years of fighting and taking them all the way to the High Court in April 2021 to get his money. It really shows how dishonest this firm is. My experience is that I had stakes limited to an amount where I could not longer bet. I mean I want more than £4 on a horse. Nauseating Betfred owner Fred Done, who appears in his own horrible TV adverts, obviously has small man's syndrome and an ego to feed. More than that, he is a hypocritical disgrace. What a nasty, sneaky little worm, trying to part Andy Green from his rightful winnings.

 by Neil

My first online account. Initially regularly losing and topping up the account at £50 a time (perhaps £600/£700 in total). Then a lucky streak which topped the account up to £1,000. As it was quite a lot to have in an account I withdrew £600, almost immediately I was restricted to a tenth of my desired stake. If I asked for £1 on a horse they would offer me 10p! Needless to say I had no option but to close the account. It riles me when I am in a Betfred shop and Fred's on the TV bad-mouthing Ladbrokes, Hills etc for not taking decent bets when I couldn't even have a £1 bet!

 by Ash
Scoop 6 Haven

I place my Scoop 6 bets every week with Betfred on their totepool section of the website because they add an extra bonus most weeks if the winner has bet on the Scoop 6 with them. I had the place dividend up a couple of times - waiting for the big one!

Yes it is a good place to do your Saturday Scoop 6 bets. Betfred also have competitive football World Cup betting odds at the moment. Roll on Brazil 2014!

 by Justin Patel
Helpful Service

I don't see how anyone could fault the service they offer. I have not had a bad experience since I started using Betfred and I do sports betting and play poker there. It is really good and impressive. The help desk person I spoke to at Betfred was great on the one occasion I had a question & rang up.

 by Josh Warner

One of the best online bookies and believe me I have accounts at them all. Slow to limit winning runs and good at taking big bets.

We would go along with that.