WEBMASTERS: List of Betting Affiliate Programs to Join

A high-profile independent online sports betting, casino and online poker company. Famed for giving lots of bonuses to its players. An easy company to convert to your affiliate traffic. Great brand recognition due to Betfred’s TV adverts and high-profile sponsorship. Offers revenue share commission to affiliates at generous rates via a tiered structure. Also offers affiliates a CPA deal, though rev share will always make you more money in the long term. Fast monthly affiliate payments. Excellent affiliate software managed by Active Wins, a company owned by Betfred. A tremendous brand to promote as they offer players everything in one place and the site is well constructed and simple for your referred players to get to grips with. The ideal destination for your UK or Euro traffic. All in all the Betfred Affiliate Program, which is now run by Active Wins (a Betfred company), has to be joined.

All the various William Hill betting brands are promoted by AffUtd, which is their own affiliate program. This includes William Hill sports betting, poker, casino and bingo and other brands also owned by either William Hill or Playtech. The affiliate software is thorough and reliable. William Hill have a joined forces with one of the world’s best affiliate software companies, Netrefer, to produce their affiliate software and it is excellent. The William Hill affiliate program offers generous revenue share terms (30%+ revenue share with a 70% introductory rate) and you are rewarded for all your introduced clients’ activity. This is one of the best betting affiliate programs and a ‘must-join’ as William Hill have one of the most famous gambling brands in the world. For webmasters that matters a lot as it helps convert your website traffic from mere traffic to profitable, paying conversions.

One of the biggest names in betting in the UK. Victor Chandler (rebranded as BetVictor) runs a massive online sportsbook, casino and poker site. They are in the top five online betting companies in the world. They are licensed and based in Gibraltar and their target market is the UK and Europe. They have a reputation for taking a bigger sports bet than most companies. Their betting affiliate program is well worth joining. It pays up to 35% revenue share and the webmaster is rewarded across all products (not single channel). This means when a client you introduced to the sportsbook plays in the casino you are paid for that activity. The most important thing is that if there is a negative month then it is not carried forward. We can’t emphasise how important that condition is to an affiliate, otherwise one bad month could ruin the next four good months as you struggle to cover the carried forward negative. Victor Chandler’s affiliate program runs on the excellent income access software. At JustBookies.com, we find BetVictor’s program very good and they are one of the fastest payers in the business. We are paid usually before the 10th of the month for the previous month’s affiliate activity.

This may be a surprise inclusion for some, but Unibet really is worth promoting. They have excellent sports betting and this now includes all the UK-focused events. They are excellent for soccer and also some of the more obscure sports. Historically they aimed at mainland Europe, particularly the Scandinavian countries. However with casino, poker and bingo to offer as well as the bookmaking side, Unibet should be promoted. They have excellent Netrefer affiliate software. Unibet was started in the late 1990s and is listed on the stock exchange, so they know how to look after your referrals. Again they offer the revenue share structure you should have come to expect and that we like.

Betfair is world’s biggest and best betting exchange. They offer their affiliates a great revenue share deal and clients are easy to convert to this excellent site. Betfair does not accept USA clients and is mainly focused in the UK, Europe and Australia. Betfair’s affiliate program is much improved in recent years. They now offer a sportsbook (competing directly with traditional bookmakers), casino, bingo, poker as well as what they are famous for – the betting exchange. The Netrefer affiliate software is great and they do offer lots of ongoing promotions for affiliates to promote. It all helps those conversions. Obviously they have one of the most high profile names in the business. Worth promoting.

Uffiliates is the betting affiliate program for 888.com, arguably the largest online casino in the world. 888.com is listed on the London Stock Exchange and does some high-profile TV and offline advertising campaigns so its brand awareness is high. This will help your conversions as people are more ready to join betting companies they know. You are rewarded for clients introduced to the 888.com casino and/or poker section (Pacific Poker) as well as 888Sports (their sports betting side) of their site. They also have an online bingo section, 888 Ladies. 888.com pays their affiliates a profit share of between 25% and 35% of the lifetime of the introduced clients, depending on the volume of turnover you are contributing. Uffiliates promotes other famous brands, also owned by 888’s parent company, and you can do it through the one affiliate account.

The biggest bookmaker on the planet runs a good webmaster program, called Ladbrokes Partners. Here you can promote the UK based company globally. The commission is for lifetime of the referred players activity and, as long as you refer just one player a month, then you get a minimum of 25% revenue share commission. The commission rises to 35% dependent on the number of clients you send to them in any given month. Obviously you can promote the sports betting, casino, poker, bingo and more. All client losses, irrespective of which product they come from, do generate revenue for you. Some of the other good points are that there is no negative rollover, meaning if you have a bad month when customers win then any loss does not come out of the following month’s commission due to you. Also, the fact Ladbrokes do so much advertising offline, including on TV, helps conversions. This is one of the most famous brand names in the United Kingdom and so potential clients that click through to them via you are more likely to sign-up than if you refer them to a firm with an inferior public profile. One negative is that we don’t like the Mexos affiliate software they use. It is vastly inferior to both Income Access (that they insanely migrated away from) and Netrefer. It is the reason they are at the bottom of this list.

Stan James was once a great company to promote as it is a brand well known in the UK. This firm offers webmasters the typical revenue share deals and they work with the superlative Income Access affiliate software. The problem is they have closed lesser performing affiliates and that is a massive negative and sends out warning signals. Unless you can guarantee them lots of sign-ups (at least 20 a month) from the start then avoid them for now. After all what small affiliate just starting out can possibly provide that level of traffic?

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