How To Place A Bet

Last updated January 20th, 2021

How to place an online sports bet: The method of placing a bet with an online bookmaker or sportsbook does not change much, irrespective of which betting site you have joined. That is because the software behind each betting site is largely very similar in its operation.

Here is the step-by-step method of placing a bet. It is very simple:

1. Choose your selection: Once you have signed up with an online bookmaker and deposited some money into your betting account, then browse to the event you want to bet on. Use the left-hand menu at your chosen online bookmaker to do this. You may be planning to bet on a football team or a horse in a horse race. It could be anything.

In this case we will choose to bet on a horse and we will add it to the ‘betting slip.’ The following screenshot shows the list of runners in the horse race. We will bet on the selection called ‘Justbookie Dot Com’:

How To Place A Bet

2. Choose your selection & your stake: You need to choose your selection by ticking the box against it. You also need to choose how much money you want to place on it (your stake). Sometimes there may be an option to bet ‘each-way‘. This means betting to win and to place on your selection. Sometimes the option is purely to bet for the selection to ‘win’.

In the following screenshot we have ticked the box against the selection to choose that selection. When that happens the betting slip is populated with its name. Then on the betting slip we put in the stake, in this case £50. We have also chosen the each-way option (‘ew’). So the bet is actually £50 win and £50 place.

So that is £100 total, which is how much money you wish to place on the selection. It could be any amount of your choice, say £2 or €2 or $2 for instance. Fill in the box requesting your chosen wager size on the betting slip. You have almost learnt how to place a bet. See this screenshot for an example:

How To Place A Bet

3. Place your bet: Now that we are happy with our bet details we simply click the ‘place bet’ button and the bet is placed. Then you will see a confirmation screen showing the bet (see screenshot below). You have just placed your first bet online:

How To Place A Bet

This particular set of screenshots, demonstrating how to place a bet, is from the Betfred Online Bookmaker betting site. But to be honest, all online sportsbooks tend to work in a very similar way. You can see they make the process very easy and intuitive.