Odds Converter: Fractional Betting Odds To Decimal To American

The Just Bookies’ Odds Converter can change fractional odds to decimal and American betting formats. It will also display your odds as a percentage probability and work out your profit on a winning bet.

Use the appropriate field below and enter the odds you want to change. Then hit ‘submit’ and it will display the equivalent odds in all other formats.

Guide To The Just Bookies’ Odds Converter

Fractional / UK Odds: While fractional odds are also used sometimes in America, this is the preferred format widely used by UK punters.

Decimal / European Odds: This odds format includes the stake as one unit. So 3.0 is actually 2/1. This format is used widely across mainland Europe.

American Odds / Moneyline: This is a format of odds mainly used in America. It can sometime be confusing to non-USA residents who are used to decimal or fractional formats to see, for example, +1200 (which is 12/1) as a measure of odds.

Percentage / Implied Probability: This converts the odds to a percentage. For example 1/1 (also known as ‘evens’), which is like a heads or tails coin toss, is a 50% chance.

Bet Size: In this field, just enter the amount that you bet and the net profit will be calculated. If you win, the bookmaker will also return your stake. So while the Just Bookies’ Odds Converter gives the net profit, your return will be the profit plus your original bet amount. For example: £10 place on a 3/1 winner = £30 profit, but you get £30 + £10 stake returned = £40 returned to you by the losing bookie.