What Is A Patent Bet?

Last updated October 25th, 2020

A patent (or twist) bet is seven bets and it applies to three selections. The seven bets are the three singles on the three┬áselections, the three possible doubles on the three selections and the one treble. This could also be placed as an ‘each-way patent’ which would provide seven each-way bets. That would be seven win bets and seven place bets.

If just one selection wins, then you do get a return for a patent. The value of this very popular wager is when all three wins and the odds really accumulate.

What is a trixie?

A trixie is the same as a patent but without the three single bets. So a trixie is four bets: three doubles and one treble. This could also be placed each-way. In that case it would give you eight separate bets: 3 x doubles & 1 x treble to win and the same again to place.

Obviously the place element of your each-way bets on either a patent or trixie depends on the specific place terms for each betting event.