What Is A Win Bet?

Last updated February 12th, 2020

A Win Bet is best explained by example: You may place £10 (or $10) on a selection with odds of 5/1 (shown as 6.0 in decimal betting odds display) and you would receive £60 (or $60) back if it won. This is 5 x stake of 10 = 50 + your 10 stake returned.

In this example of 5/1 betting odds, the ‘5’ is what you would win to your ‘1’ stake. So a stake of 1 would win 5 and then you would also get your stake back. Hence 6 (5 winnings + 1 stake, hence 5/1) would be returned to you.

What is a Single Bet?

A ‘single’ is a ‘win bet’ or an ‘each-way bet’. These bet types are known as singles purely because they are not ‘multiple bets’ and they are not place bets.