CBB: Celebrity Big Brother 3rd Eviction Preview, Betting & Tips

Last updated March 1st, 2016

Chloe JasmineIt’s a double eviction from the CBB house tonight, with only four housemates up for elimination. This preview will concentrate its efforts on who will be the first to be evicted this evening, as it is an interesting betting market.

We’ve had a bet here because we reckon there just may be a spot of value given the way the bookies have framed their book for this third eviction.

Up for the chop are the annoying Chloe Jasmine (pictured) & nice-guy Stevi (counting as one housemate), rapper Fatman Scoop, frail Gail Porter and neurotic Janice Dickinson.

Fatman Scoop (biggest at 5/1 to go first this evening) has to be the nicest guy in the house and it is surely a crime against fairness that he faces eviction at all. He would not stoop to abusing porn stars Jenna Jameson and Farrah Abraham (Jarrah) to earn immunity. Indeed, Scoop has all the attributes of a series winner except that he is American, and just one of that nation has ever taken the crown. Nevertheless we don’t see the honourable Fatman going tonight despite the fact he is as short as 3/1 to be the very next out.

Vying for favouritism to be first out tonight are Stevi & Chloe Jasmine and Gail Porter (biggest at 7/4 to be evicted). The angst-ridden Porter cuts a pitiful figure on occasions and certainly seems to be battling her demons. While she is intense and serious, we can see people ringing to ‘save’ her from the humiliation she so wants to avoid. A certain section of society will surely see an injustice in her demise. She is an underdog and just wants to be loved, and on this occasion people may be picking up their phones to save her from the dire fate she no doubt expects.

[quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]The dimwit invents her own reality[/quote]

Stevi & Chloe (biggest at 7/5 to be eliminated first tonight) might have a modicum of public support. The cons are that they are annoying, well Chloe Jasmine is. The pros are that they are British and they were popular, albeit untalented, on the X Factor. Stevi is a nice guy and Chloe is plain irritating. Nothing about Chloe is genuine from the sounds she makes, to the tears she sheds, to her reactions to situations. Stevi has become quite distant as he, somewhat vacuously, seems to have taken on board what other housemates have told him – that he is great but Chloe is a pain. So their relationship appears to be on the rocks and whether that is manufactured to give them some much-needed interest or not, it may save them from being first out tonight. We expect to see the back of them, but as the last of the two evictions this evening.

Janice Dickinson (16/1 to be evicted first tonight) has to be the most annoying housemate of all (time?). She brings little to the house beyond her moaning, griping and petty insanity. She has an inflated view of her own worth, believes she is the ‘queen of reality TV’ and appears to inhabit a permanent state of delusion. She has forgotten the abuse she heaped on Jenna Jameson the moment that larger than life character was ‘fake evicted’ from the house. We don’t reckon Janice actually thought she was lying when she denied everything she said, the dimwit just invents her own reality. While this cocktail of madness should be interesting viewing, it is actually just boring.

We can not see people bothering to pick up the phone to save Janice. The bookies plainly disagree, so perhaps there is some mass appeal in this dreadful human being that we at JustBookies just don’t see. Deluded, dull, stupid, emotional and fake old American ladies just aren’t our cup of bourbon.

Janice is the rank outsider of the four to be the 3rd eviction of the show, as large as 16/1 (but as short as 8/1) to go first tonight as we write this preview. We’ve had a piece of that and so we recommend a bet on Janice at 16/1 to go first tonight (ie: to be the third eviction) and those odds are only available with Coral Bookmaker. The next best price is with Bet365, who have Janice at 14/1.