I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2023 Preview & Betting Tip: 11/1? You Can Not Be Sirieix

Danielle HaroldWith most of the campmates already in the jungle, Just Bookies previews the 2023 renewal of I’m A Celebrity and identifies an early betting tip.

Bristol’s Josie Gibson won Big Brother in 2011 and is understandably fancied to triumph again as the initial 7/2 favourite in the 2023 I’m A Celebrity betting. She has become a television personality and part of the This Morning team since her win. She admits that spiders and anything scary are not her thing and that she was very poor in the Big Brother tasks. She claims she was lazy and puts her victory down to her ability to have a laugh, an invaluable skill in any scenario.

Gibson agreed to appear on the show for the money and was excited about flying business class to Australia with unlimited free champagne. Her main concern is that this will be the first time she has been away from her five-year-old son. She is likely to provide entertaining viewing in tasks and if her sense of humour survives in her son’s absence she should do well. She immediately gave Nigel Farage a hard time about Brexit and nailed her first two challenges. Her position as the I’m A Celeb favourite was retained after the launch show.

The 2015 NME Villain of the Year and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage was reportedly tempted by an offer of £1.5 million to take part in the show. The potential for camp conflict has been particularly expensive this year as the former Health Secretary Matt Hancock was reputedly paid just £320K last year. Farage says he has experience of snakes in the European parliament and can cope with them. He likes his food and knows he will struggle with minimal rations.

He was not fazed by the presence of snakes in his first challenge and gained the maximum number of tokens with no fuss. He also tried to encourage his fellow contestants. It was not a bad start but he is less likely to win than his opening odds of 7/1 suggest.

Nella Rose is a YouTuber who has never been camping, ‘doesn’t do nature stuff’ and usually follows an extensive beauty routine. She wore green as she wanted to look cool in the jungle but found herself dumped in a desert landscape where burnt orange was the prevailing colour.

On her first challenge she screamed ‘there’s a snake!’ repeatedly with increasing volume as she ran away. Unlike Farage and Robson she failed to get any tokens but was quick to point out that ‘collectively’ they had got six out of a possible nine. If she continues with that attitude she is not going to be popular with her fellow celebrities but will appeal to the public who love a screamer.

Rose was more effective and less noisy on the second challenge where she sensibly volunteered to tackle filth rather than critters and could do so with moral support from Farage again. It was no surprise that she was nominated by viewers to participate in the first proper trial with Farage and for the second one solo. Farage was amazed that he escaped it. Watching him in the first eating trial did not make entertaining viewing. Rose’s more dramatic performance was television gold. She was a 28/1 shot before the launch show and her price has contracted slightly since. That trend could well continue as she is a drama queen who makes great viewing.

The super smooth, relentlessly charming Fred Sirieix is known as the host of the First Dates restaurants and appears on ‘Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Road Trip’ with Gordon Ramsay and Gino D’Acampo. He is usually the sensible one in the trio and has had nightmares since agreeing to do I’m A Celebrity but has worked on his fitness in preparation for coping with the hardships of jungle life.

Sirieix describes himself as determined, focused, competitive and lacking in patience. He admits he is not brave and dislikes heights but managed to overcome his fear in the first challenge. He is set to be popular in camp as his culinary skills are hugely appreciated. Unlike Farage he stands a chance of winning and is currently offered at a tempting best odds of 11/1 with Bet365.

JLS singer Marvin Humes is also a radio and television presenter now. He claims appearing on the show was on his bucket list even though heights are a big worry for him. He failed to sky dive when the band were required to do so, letting the team down. Sky diving was his first challenge but he did it this time and soon admitted he was scared about nothing, loving the view. He was delighted to have conquered one of his major fears and did well in the second challenge.

He has drifted in the I’m A Celeb betting from 12/1 to 20/1, possibly because he is a relatively quiet character in a camp with many more noisy ones.

Sam Thompson is a Made in Chelsea chap and now does podcasts and some radio work. He claims to be a massive fan of the show so should know what he is up against. He says he can be annoyingly lively and was most recently seen on television actively supporting his partner Zara McDermott in the Strictly Come Dancing audience.

He was not the best in the initial trial at a height but got the job done and compressed Ant and Dec afterwards in adrenaline-fuelled hugs. He is in awe of Humes and boosted his ego by wanting to learn his dance routines. His chances of winning have been cut from 11/2 to 9/2 and he may reach the final but it is difficult to imagine him taking the jungle crown.

Danielle Harold is known for playing Lola in EastEnders. She looks like a high maintenance lady but was impressive on the first trial, making her way down the building faster than Sirieix and inspiring him to continue. He was suffering from the confines of the harness at the time. She was shaking like a leaf afterwards and has proved extremely popular with punters, her odds halved after the launch show from 7/1 to the 7/2 joint favourite.

She is engaging, intelligent and easy on the eye but will she be confined to the background with such large characters in camp? The reason for this massive market move is not obvious.

The food critic Grace Dent was extremely rude about the show in her column years ago, describing it as puerile. She must have needed the profile boost or the money because, unlike many in her profession, she doesn’t need to lose weight.  She immediately said that ‘failure is not an option’ and got on with the first challenge with minimal fuss, unlike Thompson who suddenly discovered he was afraid of heights.

Dent is very unlikely to win but her down-to-earth approach to life and humorous comments will probably get her further than her opening odds of 40/1 suggest.

Jamie Lynn Spears says she is an actress and singer, failing to mention that she is best known for being Britney Spears’ sister. She says she is not good with anything she has seen on the show and does ‘not love heights’. Halfway through the tandem skydive, when she had stopped shouting ‘Oh my God!’, she started enjoying it and thanked the expert she was attached to.

She has been missing her kids and suffers from self-pity in a serious way. Half the camp got involved to cheer her up by running a hot bath and serenading her in it. She is the 66/1 outsider in the I’m A Celebrity betting for good reason.

Actor Nick Pickard is known for his role in Hollyoaks. He is used to roughing it but loves his food and will be seriously disappointed if no stars are won. He looked much more relaxed than Humes or Spears when the need to skydive was announced and seemed to enjoy himself, laughing and kissing the ground on landing. He also did well in his first challenge and could be a valuable source of humour in the camp but is not fancied to win at 20/1.

The Italian jockey, Frankie Dettori, recently retracted his retirement from racing, deciding to continue in the US. He hates rain and probably appreciates the assistance of ponies on the way to the start making it a sensible decision. He has done reality tv before, appearing in the Celebrity Big Brother house 10 years ago. He was banned from racing at the time after testing positive for cocaine and was the fifth person to be voted off.

Dettori is appreciated by many racing fans for his talent, charisma and showmanship. He enjoys the luxuries in life and may find it difficult without his creature comforts but a restricted food intake should pose less of a problem to him than many others. He has failed to shine in an environment full of big personalities before and does not look to provide value at 8/1.

The former professional boxer Tony Bellew enjoyed over a decade of success in the boxing ring before retiring in 2018. He has worked as a pundit and thoroughly enjoyed appearing in the Creed films with Michael B Jordan since. Bellew lost his grandmother shortly before he was due to join the show and she was a strong influence in his life. Unfortunately he will have plenty of time to contemplate her loss in the jungle. Boxers have yet to succeed in the jungle and at odds of 20/1 in the 2023 I’m A Celebrity betting, he seems unlikely to buck the trend.

I’m A Celebrity 2023 Betting Tips’ Conclusion

Josie Gibson is an uneasy favourite in the 2023 I’m A Celebrity betting, immediately challenged by Danielle Harold. Neither seems to provide decent value at 7/2 at this early stage. Fred Sirieix may well outperform them both and is currently available at 11/1 with Bet365.