I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Preview 2022: Scott & Tindall Early Favourites

Jill ScottAfter a two year stint in Wales, I’m A Celebrity has finally returned to its natural habitat in Australia and Mike Tindall is the initial favourite in the 2022 I’m a Celebrity betting. The former rugby player is the first member of the royal family to appear on the show and will be better known to viewers than many of the ‘celebrities’. He regularly attends major events with his wife Zara, King Charles’ niece.

He says ‘fear is a choice’ and did not show any after volunteering to dive into a river to get under an upturned boat as he was the only member of the waterborne team of three without hair. He was totally calm in the confined, spider-infested environment, even when one took up residence on his head. He quickly lit a fire on entering main camp and is odds-on to be a machine in trials.

Mike is clearly capable and great with people but is likely to struggle and go quiet when food is scarce. That could make it difficult for him to match the entertainment value of the only two sporting stars that have won the show, Phil Tufnell and Carl Fogarty. Many more have appeared and failed to feature in the final – possibly because their determined attitude made them less entertaining than the drama queens.

The same sentiment applies to Jill Scott who retired from football after the Lionesses triumphed in the European Championships. She is also popular in the I’m A Celebrity betting but it will be her personality rather than her ability to score goals for her country that will keep her in the jungle.

Jill said she was a bit scared of her own hamster and may not enjoy trials involving rats but smashed the first challenge to gain a meal for camp. After she had ‘walked the plank’ off the edge of a skyscraper and jumped off it at the allocated time with the minimum of fuss she admitted she was afraid of heights. If that performance is any indicator she will be great at ensuring her campmates eat but will not make great television.

Boy George, the lead singer of the 80s band Culture Club has finally agreed to sign up for a stint in the jungle and could provide a unique viewing experience. Previously known for his androgynous style of dress as well as his music, the producers will be hoping that he spills the beans on his ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’ years. He once said that he would rather have a nice cup of tea than sex.

Boy George has had to overcome heroin and other drug addictions and is now relying on Buddhism to keep him on the straight and narrow and is concerned that his chanting may irritate his camp mates. He describes himself as a natural born show off and admitted that ten years ago he would not have appeared on television without make-up. He also claims he is a very insecure person. He ought to make interesting viewing.

DJ Chris Moyles says he doesn’t like heights or flying and jokes that he might appear to be less of an arse than people think he is. He admitted that he didn’t really know what he was doing, he has already lost a load of weight having previously been morbidly obese and does not need to diet. He has a talent for making fun of himself which should go down well. He did not enjoy the helicopter ride and made plenty of noise but laughed and shouted with delight on landing. He said he would eat a sheep’s anus any day of the week rather than repeat the experience.

The Love Island star Olivia Attwood is already out and she’ll be missed. She may not have been the academic type but she would have been sharp and good at reading people. She also knew exactly what she was getting into, having grown up watching the show, so her untimely departure needs further clarification. She was immediately voted as a ‘jungle VIP’ by the public and chose Chris to join her at a sumptuously laid table. She was both flattered and unnerved to be voted as a VIP. It ultimately involved jumping out of a helicopter in a tandem skydive which she rated as one of the top ten experiences in her life. Reality stars have done well in this show but she had to withdraw from the programme “on medical grounds” after just 24 hours but the suggestion is that is not the full story.

ITV newsreader and Loose Women Charlene White has not had a full night’s sleep in years after having her children and is looking forward to catching up on it. Camping has never been on her agenda and she has arachnophobia so that may not be as straightforward as she thinks. She says she wants to push herself and achieve ‘something incredible’.

She is not bothered by thought of eating trials but does not fancy being buried alive with a load of critters. She was very impressive in her first trial, walking the plank with aplomb.

Babatunde Aleshe is a diminutive stand-up comedian known best for his appearances on Celebrity Gogglebox alongside Mo Gilligan. He admits he has never camped but, being from Tottenham reckons he has survival skills. He knows he is not the fearless type though and hates frogs, spiders and rats. He looked very nervous just meeting his fellow ‘celebrities’ and, unlike Jill and Charlene, failed miserably in the skyscraper challenge. If he had made more of a song and dance about his fear you would fancy him to win but he said very little before throwing in the towel.

Hollyoaks actor Owen Warner knows what he is getting into after appearing in the I’m a Celeb Extra Camp programme. He is obviously very proud of his physique and showed up with his short-sleeved shirt barely buttoned to display his chest and gym pumped arms. He hates snakes, especially ones that can swim. He made his team mates laugh with his extreme reaction to the nasties he encountered in his first challenge, unblocking a drain whilst being showered with critters. The public will enjoy watching him endure trials.

Television presenter Scarlette Douglas can reportedly sing and dance but is known for presenting A Place In The Sun which she left after seven years in August. She now fronts Worst House On The Street with her brother, an ex-footballer. Scarlette says she can cook and will have plenty to do in camp if she is not too busy admiring Owen Warner’s muscles. She recently became single and likes the idea of a Tarzan type. If her opening odds in the 2022 I’m a Celebrity betting are any indicator she would do well to move quickly.

Sue Cleaver, aka Eileen on Coronation Street, is 59 and wants to challenge herself and do new things but is worried about the effect eating beans may have on her constitution. She was wonderfully pragmatic when searching for fish eyes in her first challenge, commenting that the cockroach bites sting rather than screaming. She is also a qualified psychotherapist and hopes she will be useful to her campmates if they are struggling.

The one-time Health Secretary Matt Hancock has caused a stir in the Conservative Party by choosing to desert his constituents in these trying times, Rishi Sunak is apparently ‘disappointed’ in him. Hancock has disappointed before, he was caught snogging a colleague on camera and breaking his own Covid rules. His wife was disappointed too, she thought that they had a good marriage. Viewers who were appalled by his behaviour can get their revenge by voting for him to do the most gruesome trials.

The other late arrival in the camp, comedian Seann Walsh has form as a philanderer too. Being in a long-term relationship did not stop him kissing his Strictly pro partner, Katya Jones, who was married at the time. If the public can forgive the Strictly curse they should find him fairly entertaining. Comedians have a decent record in this show.