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Last updated September 29th, 2022

BetVictor BookmakerBetVictor, originally known as Victor Chandler Bookmaker, is licensed in both Gibraltar and the UK. Established in 1946, it is a large and well-known independent bookie. BetVictor’s turnover exceeds £200m per month and it serves players in over 155 countries. It continues to be a major sponsor of sporting events. In 2014 Michael Tabor took control and the firm has never been more financially solid that it is right now. This JustBookies’ review recommends it as a reputable online sports betting and casino site.

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OPINION: Established in its current form over 60 years ago, but with roots going back to 1925, BetVictor remains one of the most famous brands in UK bookmaking. It was known for the majority of that time as Victor Chandler. The last chairman of that name retired in 2014, selling out to Michael Tabor, a well-known name in UK horse racing circles. BetVictor is in safe hands financially as Tabor is one of the richest men in the world. At JustBookies we did bet quite regularly at their website and, while we can personally recommend it, we had a few winners and our bets were limited. However BetVictor is no worse than any of their UK rivals in that respect. It is a solid and reliable bookmaker that is honest and fair with its players.

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In-Depth Review of BetVictor Bookmaker

BetVictor Bookmaker was run by the eponymous Victor Chandler until May 2014. His vanity in later years persuaded him to be the rather wooden star of his own TV ads. He was a far better bookmaker than screen idol, but it was his grandfather (the first of three Victors) who started the business.

Upon his retirement, the most recent Chandler sold his shares to Michael Tabor. The latter is better known as a phenomenally successful racehorse owner, but he earned quite a reputation and his first fortune as a bookmaker. Not only did he have betting shops, but he liked nothing better than to lay bets as a rails bookmaker on the racetracks. Goodwood, particularly in the era of jockey Michael Roberts, was a profitable haunt.

Stepping back in history, the latest outgoing Victor Chandler was the grandson of the man who set up Walthamstow dog track soon after the First World War – and that was the start of this bookmaking journey.

The most recent Victor took over the mantle in the mid seventies. For a privately-educated man who inherited the company, he did prove entrepreneurial and forward-thinking, navigating the changing business terrain with admirable dexterity.

He switched the focus of the company from retail to online much sooner than any other large firm. While the big high street chains – like the reluctant William Hill – stagnated and stayed out of the internet game, Victor Chandler made what was a very brave move at the time and took the whole operation offshore to Gibraltar in 1999. It was the start of tax free betting and ultimately led to a wholesale change in the way the industry was taxed.

The firm was also represented in the Far East, with the management recognising the untapped potential of that huge market. Never afraid to negotiate the regulatory challenges of these emerging markets, BetVictor reaped the benefit and the company now takes wagers at the volume of billions of pounds a year.

A shrewd man, Chandler could adeptly manage the media to his advantage and, because of his undoubted charm and charisma, he was lauded as the ‘gentleman bookmaker’. Some might describe that phrase as somewhat of an oxymoron, we couldn’t possibly. It is interesting to reflect that the brand of such a goliath of the world betting industry was wrapped up so deeply in the persona of its one chairman.

BetVictor has always gone its own way, realising the importance of personal service and keeping clients happy so they return to bet again. The reputation for taking huge wagers does not hold as strong on the internet as it did when they dominated on-course betting. But BetVictor Bookmaker remains a company that all punters must still have an account with.

So our BetVictor review concludes with the thought that you are safe to join this firm now we are in the Michael Tabor era. But if you ever meet the shrewd man, after you shake his ageing hand, be sure to count how many fingers you have left.

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Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Alexia
Hardly Any Bonuses

This site supposedly is one of top 5 but I wouldn’t even give it a star. When you win it is like winning the lottery because it hardly gives any bonuses and when it does it gives you maximum to £5. I’ve played other sites too and I have defo have had more winning than I had in this site in the last 2 months (actually I only won once while I spent it and never won a penny since). I don’t know why the reviews are so good which is the reason I am starting to think that I am either unlucky of those reviews are fake.

 by Kristen Medway
Useless Nowadays

BetVictor is a joke bookie nowadays. Can't get on for love nor money. They only want £1 bets and run scared of anything that might win more than a fiver. Pathetic. Avoid these useless charlatans.

 by Anonymous

Star man both Victor and Michael Tabor. Had some big bets with both back in the day, same era as Tony Morris John Henwood? Born in St Johns Wood, I was an early punter. You could always get on sometimes with no money in your bin!

 by Vic Ross
BetVictor Bookie Fan

I actually think this bookmaker has improved since the change of chairman. The odds are more competitive. I can get bigger bets on and, the football markets particularly, are well worth a look.

 by Disappointed

Just tried to get £400 at 5/6 with BetVictor on Arsenal v Marseille half-time/full-time market and they refused the bet and immediately shortened the odds to 8/11. Utterly pathetic bookmaking. They may as well pack it all in now. Victor Chandler - you should be ashamed.

 by Andy Packham

I had problems getting a largish bet on their website at night and they offered me a fraction of what I wanted. I tried again during the day and got the whole amount on at the odds I wanted no problem. I suppose that does make sense. I find BetVictor to be one of the best for my regular betting.

 by William Furnival

I have read mixed reports on if BetVictor takes a big bet or not. My experience is that they do, but for how long that would be if you went on a winning streak I dont know. I hear they do limit people. Not my experience at all. I bet regular and withdraw funds all the time instead of leaving it sitting in my acccount. Found BetVictor impressive so far.