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Open look to 2018 Celebrity Big Brother betting odds

Rachel Johnson

Celebrity Big Brother has started with a female-filled house to commemorate the centenary of women gaining the right to vote but Channel 5’s commitment to the ‘Year of the Woman’ is a short-lived one, after 72 hours the men show up so we can expect a significant reshaping of the 2018 Celebrity Big Brother odds market, writes Fiora.

Rylan Clark-Neal let slip on Bit On The Side that they were going to try to stay high-brow and focus on the female theme for the first couple of the days suggesting that it will be business as usual very soon.

Ann Widdecombe, the most instantly recognisable celeb for many viewers thanks to her stint on Strictly rather than her time as an MP, was the first woman to meet Emma Willis in the driving rain on launch night. Ann is used to living with only her cats for company since her mother died ages ago. She says exactly what she thinks and snores loudly. She admitted that she would prefer a few men around as she does not want to be around ‘cackling females’. She obviously did not read the small print in the contract and will not have to wait long for deeper voices to arrive in the house.

Emma expressed her surprise that Ann agreed to appear on CBB and the theme was apparently key to her acceptance, she had previously refused to enter the CBB house. The entirely female launch audience seemed to love her. When she walked into the restyled house she thought it resembled an IKEA showroom with no tradition – her house is entirely Sanderson (think bold floral designs). Ann’s complete lack of dancing prowess did not prevent her from finishing sixth in Strictly but she had the inestimable assistance of Anton Du Beke who has his own following and a talent for choreographing comedy. This is a very different challenge and, as a woman known for her draconian views, she may not appeal to some of her housemates and viewers. She is not one of the favourites in the bookies’ early CBB odds.

The second ‘celeb’ was totally unknown to most of the crowd. CBB producers will be hoping that Malika Haqq, Khloe Kardashian’s former PA and close friend, stays around longer than their other Kardashian ‘hanger-on’ recruit Jonathan Cheban. They paid plenty to tempt him to participate but he could not cope with the stresses of the 2016 CBB house and walked.

Malika thinks that women need to be mindful about how they carry themselves and hopes that she will be a fun and emotional housemate. She thinks the Year of the Woman is every year – but the Kardashians are a female dominated operation. Malika says she has watched the UK CBB online. She is happy with cameras but sees CBB as more aggressive. As you would expect she dressed for glamour rather than the rain in a cleavage revealing long, largely transparent dress. She started the show as an outsider in the CBB betting and may need American company to shine or get a word in with this group.

The journalist, author and TV presenter Rachel Johnson is another woman with no shortage of brain power and she generally talks a lot more sense than her brother Boris, the one-time Mayor of London who is now Foreign Secretary. Rachel is following in the footsteps of her father Stanley who recently fared better than many people expected in the jungle. Rachel believes that all the women will be competitive about who does the cooking. She admits to being incredibly intolerant but decided that she would try to say yes to everything in 2018.

Rachel described herself as anti-charismatic and begged Emma to come into the house with her. She had been asked to appear on CBB a number of times but resisted her usual tendency to hit the delete button on her email as she was interested in the female theme. Rachel admitted that she was not exactly looking forward to being in the house with Ann. She interviewed her during Ann’s Strictly spell and politely described her as ‘a one’.

Rachel absolutely loathes snoring and gave her daughter a massive hug before entering the house. Ann seemed genuinely pleased when Rachel appeared on the stairs, conversation must have been tricky with Malika. She probably had more in common with aliens. Rachel is not among the initial front runners in the CBB betting but if she copes with the inevitable boredom she could well outperform her opening 2018 Celebrity Big Brother odds.

DJ, blogger, designer and presenter Ashley James describes herself as a social influencer. Ashley says she is a ‘girls’ girl’ who enjoys male company. She wants an ‘authentic, undiluted experience’ and admitted to being very nervous and excited. Ashley is known for empowering messages and does not like the term feminist as she associates it with man-hating. She is a life-long Big Brother fan so should know what she is up against.

Ashley is viewing the whole thing as a social experiment. She tied back her peroxide blonde locks and donned a white double-breasted trouser suit for the launch with significant cleavage exposure. Her worst habit was reported as constantly tidying up after people – she should not be short of something to do! She seemed very awkward when meeting the others and does not look a likely winner.

Celeb number five was India Willoughby, the first transgender news presenter. In her old life as Jonathan she was almost a professional footballer. She is looking for love and would adore David Beckham if he had dark hair. She has learnt the hard way the importance of ‘being herself’ having lived a double life. She used to be a man and father at home whilst adopting a female persona at work.

For India being a woman ‘is freedom’. She thinks she is like Dr Who as she has regenerated herself. She also thought she was entering IKEA, at least she agrees with Ann on décor. India has a slightly aggressive manner and will probably need the LGBT community to support her in the popularity stakes.

The ex-police officer Maggie Oliver who blew the whistle on the Rochdale sexual grooming scandal believes in standing up for what is right. She also believes in grabbing life and giving things a go. She describes herself as an ‘ordinary woman with four kids’ who found it very hard to keep her CBB participation a secret. She really wanted to tell her Rochdale girls that she was appearing and wrote them all a letter that would arrive on the day after the launch.

Maggie was understandably nervous and Emma reassured her that she would have a great time. She is another compulsive tidier and thinks that she could well end up being the agony aunt in the house. Maggie has a very likeable aura and cannot help but be herself. If she copes with the pressure of the CBB house she should be there in the final.

No CBB line-up would be complete without a glamour model, whatever the initial theme, and Jess Impiazzi is this year’s recruit. She thinks that you can be a feminist (when she can pronounce it) and show your body. She says her mum and her nan brought her up really well and taught her to be polite. She admits that she was never academic and sensibly worked hard on perfecting her body as it was a more productive occupation than focusing on her brain. She says she comes from a family of incredibly strong women, her mother copes admirably with blindness.

Jess must have been freezing in her backless red dress that was described as a ‘Jessica rabbit special’ by one of her housemates. Jess has a phobia of cotton wool and does not do air kissing and rather endearingly shook the hands of the other housemates as she was obviously flustered. She did not appear to have any idea who any of them were and will do well to buck the trend of other glamour models who have entered the house and left it fairly promptly.

The likeable actress Amanda Barrie completed the launch night line-up. At 82 she deserves her billing as a legend having played Alma in Coronation Street for longer than most people can remember. Alma came out as a lesbian in her 70s and says she no longer feels that she is telling a lie, no wonder she refused a marriage proposal from Billy Fury light years ago.

Amanda was told that this year was about ‘strong ladies,’ convincing her to appear. She said she was delighted to be going into the CBB house rather than a nursing home as she recently drank 16 cosmopolitans and was still talking coherently afterwards. Her biggest regret is turning down a shoot for Playboy. She thought it was ‘a bloody miracle’ that she got up the CBB stairs and should be an entertaining housemate. The bookmakers have her as second favourite in the CBB odds at this early stage.

On Friday the men will start to arrive in a house where women hold all the power. The renowned Liverpool footballer John Barnes will be among the first to show-up and break up the hen party. Whatever happens in the Celebrity Big Brother betting a lot of viewers should now know exactly when women were first allowed to vote.

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