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Celebrity Big Brother Betting Odds – Outright Winner
To Win CBB 2017; Best odds bold; Each-Way Place Terms: Win Only.

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Celebrity Big Brother Eviction Betting Odds
Next CBB Housemate To Be Evicted (To Finish 6th).

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CBB Top Man Betting
Odds to be the top male.

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CBB Top Woman Odds
Betting to be the top female.

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Celebrity Big Brother – Sex of Winner Odds
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CBB Betting Preview: Sarah false favourite as Shaun & Sam value in CBB odds

Jemma LucyLooking through the CBB odds, the bookies appear to have it wrong in our view, writes Ross. At time of writing the current favourite is Sarah Harding, yet it seems she can not win.

While she is not horrendous, she is not exactly a pleasant human being and her relationship with Chad has not gone down well with the general public. They don’t like the fact she is cheating on her boyfriend outside. It can be irrelevant that a person is largely disliked by their peer group housemates, but in this case their antithesis to her does her no favours with the public either.

Despite her support as a member of Girls Aloud, which gives her claim to being one of the only true celebrities in the Celebrity Big Brother house, she could be under threat when next she goes to a public vote. So there may be some value there in the CBB eviction betting odds when she is next up – which will be soon if the votes of her housemates count.

Given the CBB outright winner betting is patently wrong with a false favourite at the moment, there will be value elsewhere.

Sandi Bogle, a lady from Gogglebox, has a chance. She has actually been very quiet so far. Indeed she is the third most invisible housemate after boring Helen and devious Derek. Sandi was the early leader in the bookmakers’ winner market only to be usurped by Sarah.

Shaun Williamson must have a big chance of winning the show. While he may not actually be ‘Barry From Eastenders’, he has a character that could go far. He seems reasonably likeable and sane, a character trait in short supply in the house. Given his appealing personality, he has to be one of the major players and would be a more deserving favourite at this stage of the game than sour Sarah.

Sam Thompson has lost his evicted pal Jordan (the duo known as ‘Jam’), but that should do no harm to his chances. He appears intelligent, level-headed and likeable, despite Sarah’s protestations that he is vile (mainly because Sam requested Jemma kiss Chad in the spin the bottle game). Sam has a support base judged by the cheers he gets from the ‘studio’ audience. In contrast it is Sarah who is currently treated like the pantomime villain – “Get Sarah Out” they chanted almost in one for the third eviction, when she was not up for the vote.

Made In Chelsea participant Sam seems to have a touch more personality than his older and previously better-known sister Louise, and he definitely has a big chance of going a very long way in the process. He is aided by his attitude to love interest Amelia Lily, whose ‘fame’ is thanks to a third place in the 2011 series of X Factor. Sam and Amelia have an old fashioned hand-holding romance where they are avoiding a ‘showmance’ in the house. Sam wants to take her out for dinner and get a romance going outside the house instead. This little sub-plot is helping both housemates, particularly Amelia who otherwise appears pleasant but bland.

Chad Johnson is an American with big muscles and little personality. He would have been a high school jock and has found a tiny amount of fame for such vacuous programs as The Bachelor and Famously Single. You don’t need to have seen a second of those programs to get the gist. His sole purpose in both life and the house is to be a love interest. His relationship with Sarah is rather grubby for a number of reasons. From his angle it is all about having a role and purpose in the house. Without it, he would be very vulnerable to eviction while Sarah struggles to control her lust, especially once she has had a drink. Her motivation is genuine, if base, while his is purely calculated to extend his stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Paul Danan was in Hollyoaks but now scratches a living in low-paid Reality TV shows such as this one. He was favourite for a while with the bookies but has drifted badly after various minor meltdowns. He is super sensitive and doesn’t appear to realise that the word “goading” is not his invented word of “goating”. That outburst spawned a few articles in the gutter press and a frenzy of jokes on Twitter.

Jemma Lucy is an interesting character and worth keeping in the house for her hatred of the self-absorbed Sarah alone. Jemma claims to say exactly what she thinks and for once this is not an idle boast. She never shies away from an argument or fight and is sharp with the one liners. Don’t judge a book by its graffiti cover, because this witty and foul-mouthed tattooed lady might just have the highest IQ in the house. She was an odds-on favourite to go at the third eviction (to be fourth out after Trisha walked), but survived with ease, not even being in the bottom two of the four (Jordan was outed). She is great TV viewing in our opinion and the voters must agree. It was a huge confirmation from the public and was good TV for Sarah’s sour-faced expression alone.

Jemma could go a long way in the game and her apparent lack of angles might see her all the way to the final, but she is an unlikely profile of winner.

Derek Acorah has made a career talking to ghosts. He seems a bit of a two-faced worm and one tweet read out to the house during a game said as much. He looked shocked and surprised at that, but he has gone low-profile since. He had nominated those he was mentoring but perhaps only JustBookies and that tweeter have noticed what a corrupt individual he is. Given he has based his career on lies and distortion, it should not be a surprise. If there is any justice he will be out soon.

Brandi Glanville looks fairly good for 45 years on her planet. In America older ladies struggle for airtime, however the former model has found her niche on programs such as The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills and other Reality TV rubbish, oh, like CBB UK.

Brandi has been working hard trying to keep up with Jemma and getting some airtime, but really it is just a waiting game until she gets evicted. Americans like her and Chad will always struggle in the UK version of the show. We would expect Brandi and Derek to be favourite in any CBB eviction odds come their time.

We almost forgot to mention Helen Lederer, hardly a surprise given how invisible and consequently boring she has been. She is described as a comedian, which is fairly laughable on this dour performance, but she has acted in some popular TV shows over the years. She can’t be underestimated because she was saved by the public in the third eviction and definitely has a silent goundswell of support, probably from older viewers. That should not get her all the way unless she comes out of her shell in a house dominated by much louder, albeit less worthy, characters.

CBB Odds Guide Conclusion

A lot can happen in a short time in the house, but JustBookies firmly expects both Sam Thompson (9/1 in the CBB betting odds at time of writing) and Shaun Williamson (6/1) to go a long way. An each-way bet on both should see you safely into finals night with a live chance of collecting. As for the eviction betting, Brandi, Chad and Derek look solid favourites to go when next up for the chop.

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