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Last updated November 26th, 2020

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Ryan & Roxanne favourites in Celebrity Big Brother betting odds

Roxanne Pallett: Near Top of CBB betting

The 2018 summer Celebrity Big Brother is billed as the ‘Eye of the Storm’ as all the inmates have found themselves in trouble with the media, writes Fiora. The house has been redesigned to resemble a retreat but with more cameras than ever, the scrutiny will be intense.

The Celebrity Big Brother odds are sure to change complexion over the coming weeks, as the bookies know about as much as anyone else regarding the chances of this disparate bunch of ‘celebrities.’

First into the house was Kirstie Alley the American actress best known for her roles in Cheers and North and South. She was attacked by the media for putting on a lot of weight but went on to star in a show about her attempts to lose it. She obviously lost her battle with the bulge and rocked a long purple coat to hide her generous curves and balanced them with outsized hair. Emma seemed genuinely delighted to welcome her into the house. Expect to see Kirstie spending the day in her pyjamas and wanting to go to bed at 8pm. Now 67-years-old, Kirstie seems a little hard of hearing and may struggle to keep up with the pace.

Hot in Kirstie’s footsteps was the actor Ryan Thomas, the early favourite in the bookies’ CBB odds, who played Jason in Coronation Street for years. Ryan found fame early and earned plenty of money but spent even more. He found himself in trouble with the taxman and was declared bankrupt. He said he could not believe that he was on the show and seemed extremely nervous. He even thanked the crowd for being so kind. Ryan topped the first public vote to become vice-president of the house and looks very likely to be there until the bitter end.

Jermaine Pennant, the ex-footballer who was purchased by Arsenal for £2 million, found himself in the public eye for all the wrong reasons. He was caught drink driving while already disqualified. He served a brief stint in prison but that did not stop him making a similar mistake seven years later. His brown checked suit was certainly a fashion crime and he is not fancied to get anywhere near the final.

Next in was the glamour model Chloe Ayling, the woman no one had heard of until she was allegedly kidnapped when booked to attend a photoshoot in Italy. She was held captive for six days before escaping. Chloe was widely accused of faking the incident as a PR stunt but her captor was sentenced to 16 years in prison suggesting it was genuine. Chloe thinks she will be fun but says she has never seen a single episode of Big Brother. If that is true she might learn the value of research in future.

Rodrigo Alves, aka ‘the Ken doll’ ought to appeal to the many plastic surgery fans out there. He carries the four ribs he had removed, so that his jackets hang better, around in a jar. He resembled a wax work in his pink suit but managed to be rather annoying from the moment he opened his mouth. He is a creature of habit who always sticks rigidly to his routine, eating his Ketogenic diet at precisely the same time each day. It has been written into his contract that he will only drink champagne, cava or prosecco. Could his demands annoy other housemates?

Former TOWIE star Dan Osborne claims his run-ins with the media have made him a better person. He became a hate figure when a recording of him shouting at the mother of his child reached the public domain and he was axed from the show. Next Dan was in trouble for reputedly cheating on the mother of his two children. He admits that he is very competitive and wants to be the last out, his CBB starting price suggests he could reach the final.

Osborne was followed in by Love Island’s Gabby Allen who is allegedly known to him. She hit the headlines as a victim when her Love Island partner Marcel cheated on her. Marcel responded by accusing her of cheating on him with Osborne. She denies any involvement with him. Gabby’s entrance outfit was interesting, the main event was a black bra largely unconcealed by her jacket. Gabby has taught performing arts and is a health and fitness freak. Her reality tv experience will come in handy and she initially came across reasonably well. The Big Brother betting suggests that she is not without a chance.

Hardeep Singh Kohli comedian, chef and former The One Show tv presenter found himself in the public eye for the wrong reasons when he was accused of inappropriate conduct by a female colleague. He immediately apologised unreservedly. He describes himself as a ‘left wing people person’ and is ‘over the moon’ to be doing CBB. His opening show outfit of a kilt topped by his pink turban was an interesting combination. Hardeep enjoys the idea of a social experiment and has useful skills if his humour and culinary expertise are appreciated, unfortunately his snoring could become a reason for housemates to put him up for eviction. He was actively disliked by the CBB expert panels and did not appear to make many friends inside the house on the opening night.

Married at First Sight’s Ben Jardine cheated on his new wife after a week and claims he found being billed as a love rat in the tabloids a bit much. It cannot have been that bad or he would not be going into the CBB house. Ben is a hyperactive, non-celebrity who obviously loves attention. He seemed completely over the top when talking to Emma, resembling someone who had taken medication. He is a qualified electrician so he could probably help out if those extra cameras fail to function.

Emmerdale’s sexy siren Roxanne Pallett, second favourite in the CBB odds as the show started, has been subject to trial by social media. She was involved in a serious accident in a stock car and received a lot of abuse. She is a bit hyperactive too but is delighted to be engaged. Her friends have warned her not to ‘unravel’ as it resembles ‘Disney going wrong’. She entered the house with the prophetic words ‘I’ve already buggered me costume’. It wasn’t much of one anyway. She does not drink or eat fish as she believes in mermaids. Her fiancé says she is easy to live with but will her housemates agree?

Psychic Sally Morgan is very popular with some real celebrities but was labelled a fraud and accused of using an earpiece in her live shows. She admits to being an old bird at 67 but likes having fun. She has recently lost a lot of weight and seems to be enjoying life unburdened. Her psychic powers could prove very useful in the house. She predicts that someone will walk out very quickly, though if the bookmakers’ Celebrity Big Brother betting odds are correct then it is Sally who won’t last long. She had trouble walking in, removing her heels to descend the stairs into the house.

The US reality tv star Natalie Nunn is a self-styled bitch who was sacked from ‘Bad Girls Club’ for getting into a fight with Kendra James et al. Her extreme antics were so popular that she was reinstated and she has understandably continued to develop the negative side of her character. Her launch ensemble included a crown and a translucent dress with a feather train. She said she was the queen of the UK now, which did not go down well. She also claims to be the twerk queen and demonstrated her proficiency at the top of the steps. She could be the housemate that viewers love to hate but surely cannot win.

The 13th and final housemate on launch night was Nick Leeson the ‘rogue trader’ who was 25 years-old when he became famous for bringing down the well-established investment bank Barings after running up debts of over £800 million. He went on the run and became the most wanted man in the world before he was arrested in Germany and spent years in jail in Singapore. Nick was released early as he was suffering from cancer of the colon. Now 51-years-old, Nick is a motivational speaker and donned City dress, entering the house in a grey three-piece suit. He is hoping that the house is not ‘full of tossers’ and chose to drink water rather than champagne. Nick is nobody’s fool and has some fascinating stories to tell but may struggle for air time in this company.

Predicting the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 winner at this stage is an impossible task, especially as some ‘celebrities’ have not yet entered the house, but Ryan Thomas looks a worthy favourite in the CBB odds. UK soap stars, with their massive fan bases, have a good record on this show.

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