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Foxy Bingo ReviewFoxy Bingo is no longer recommended. Its parent company has been dishonest with its promotional partners and the breach of trust is far too great to recommend this brand ever again. If they can not be trusted in business then how can they be trusted to treat their players correctly and to the standard we would expect? In the competitive online bingo industry there are plenty of other excellent options, so you really do not need to take the risk. Recent player comments have been negative too. Have you got something to say? Please leave your review of Foxy Bingo at the bottom of this page. Then take a look at this list of the best bingo sites to join and their bonuses.

Here is our Foxy Bingo review, amended to reflect our change of recommendation:

Foxy Bingo’s parent company Cashcade Limited is now owned by GVC Holdings Plc (who swallowed up the disreputable Bwin.Party Plc), a huge publically listed company that has garnered a fair bit of criticism for its heavy-handed approach to business within the industry. There has been a significant amount of negative comment emanating from the affiliate industry, where they have left a trail of unhappy webmasters behind them.

Cashcade was purchased by Bwin.Party for £96million in July 2009 and GVC Holdings Plc bought them in 2016. There has been no discernible improvement for the change of ownership. In fact it went from being owned by a rather boutique, hands-on company with a good reputation amongst its players and business partners to a large faceless conglomerate that is not held in the same esteem.

Foxy Bingo itself has grown into one of the UK’s largest online bingo sites, despite being a relatively late entrant into the online bingo market in 2005. The fairly low-genre TV advertising featuring a predictable fox puppet has helped this come about and created significant brand awareness.

When JustBookies did its most recent Foxy Bingo review, before this brand became blacklisted by us, they were offering all the 75 and 90-ball bingo games you would expect and offers all levels of play to cater for all purses. Bingo cards started at just 1p and increased in price from there. So you could play bingo at the financial level that suits your budget best. There are 40 different bingo rooms to play in and there are plenty of guaranteed big-money bingo jackpots to be won.

Foxy also offers a social experience with the typical chat features found in all bingo sites. The software is the standard fair found in any number of barely discernible competitors, with many easy-of-use options such as auto daubing. It is very easy to play if you are a newcomer to online bingo.

Part of the reason it feels much like any other place is because it is: the Cashcade bingo network that Foxy Bingo is on also includes several other huge online bingo names. One positive is that there are so many other people available to play with, so the games are never under-subscribed and the bingo options are plentiful at all hours of the day including the early morning hours. The disadvantage is that all sites are really just the same, only varying according to the network they are on. They are all identical siblings, with just the superficial branding and logos creating any difference.

  • The Foxy Bingo bonus is 300% Foxy Bingo Bonus (Up To £90 Free): So a £10 deposit sees £30 added as a bonus (£40 in total) and a £30 deposit sees £90 free added to your account as a bonus (£120 total). They also have a bonus for your 2nd and 3rd deposits. These are 100% extra up to £100 extra each time if you deposit £10-£100. Daily Guaranteed Bingo Jackpots: There are £10,000 of guaranteed 75-ball and 90-ball jackpots every day. That is £20k in daily guaranteed jackpots , a total of £600,000 a month. To be fair, these bonuses are fairly standard for the industry and can be beaten. Take a look at the latest bingo bonuses.

OPINION: Our Foxy Bingo review concludes that this is just like any other brand in the business, on a network hosting loads of similar brands and offering very little extra to new players. Its ultimate parent company, GVC Holdings Plc (little more than a new name for Bwin.Party Plc) has a poor reputation within the industry and the impression we get is that they farm bingo without much empathy for the players. Foxy Bingo is not offering anything that can not be found at other bingo sites and in many cases it is beaten by its competitors.

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Average rating:  
 19 reviews
by Gee on foxy bingo

Deposited money to try a promotion when signing up. Fortunately I was up but after waiting 78 hours for my documents to be verified I am pretty sure they would let it stay closed if I don't chase it up. Go check the good reviews on Trustpilot - you can see plain as day the good reviews are paid reviews! They might as well be criminals.

Yes, Trustpilot has many false good reviews for really bad betting sites.

by Teresa on foxy bingo
Same Winners

Same people winning over and over. I have a screenshot of the same names time and again. I suspect some players are working for Foxy Bingo. The odds of winning are terrible. No more for me.

by Catherine on foxy bingo
Worst Site

They don’t have a duty of care. They just want your money. Worst site I have ever played and I won’t be going back.

by Nick on foxy bingo
Bonus Untrue

Deposited amount and wagered. No bonus received. Customer service acknowledged this and told me to check back in 24hrs. Nothing.

by Annemarie Gardiner on foxy bingo

Absolutely sh**. Do not waste your time. Rigged as hell same people win. Angie375 won five games in a row as well as winning one line two line and full house. Same with Karlos, Allison123 and lots more names repeatedly winning game after game even though games had eight people. I believe the company hires people to sit there and play and change the names when needed as it looked suspicious. Can be literally no one in a game then you put money in and it goes up to so many people, when there wasn't that many people in chat? And later in night there was 5 players playing 8-9 players and 22-25 in chat does not work. One time Karlos won once again then his name on winning one line magically changed to areyoureadyforit after I complained in chat! Then same amount of players playing but all new names coming up too many names eventually for the amount it was saying each time! The odds of winning were very high just not possible with scam company mugging people off. I have screenshots of the amount of times the same people win game after game. Foxy Bingo needs shutting down and if you do play, then screenshot everything for more proof of their dishonesty. No one ever wins the jackpot and if they did whilst you were playing then you would have seen them win a run of times before it.

by Bernie on foxy bingo

Would not rate at all. They have two rooms that start at the same time with a maximum of 25 pound in each room with 226 players. Surely the prize money to ratio of players is incorrect. The gambling commision should look into this site as I feel they are trading dishonest.

by Jason on foxy bingo

bad bad bad baaaaaaaad!

by Denise on foxy bingo

Will not even give them a star in ratings. Played for five year on this site. It has changed for the worse.

by P44mag on foxy bingo

This is not a good site. I was playing slots when I got a bonus round the game then froze. I contacted Foxy Bingo's customer service and they weren't interested. This as happened 3 times, even sent them screenshots, nothing was done. They are robbers.

by Bad & Sad on foxy bingo

Ignore the stupid TV adverts with a Fox parading about. When you actually play at the Foxy Bingo site, it is all image and no substance. It is like a supermarket for bingo, no fun and simply loads of people crammed in like sardines. This is possibly the worst online bingo experience I have ever had. The help from customer services is, well, no help at all. Gives a bad name to the already much-maligned fox.

by R. Adam on foxy bingo

I used to like foxy and always felt your money usually lasted well. However, since they stopped the 50% cashback on every deposit it feels like they also tweaked the payout percentage. From a big fan and long time member . . time to move on methinks.

by G Holdings on foxy bingo

A rubbish bingo site. Poor customer service. Generic games that you'd find anywhere. Same people win all the time (what's going on with that?). Really slow to pay out. I even struggled to change my password on the site - does nothing work properly? A bad brand with a juvenile name designed only to attract people with very low IQs.

by Patricia S on foxy bingo

I have been a member of Foxy Bingo for a long time and it just steadily gets worse. Back in the day this was one of the best bingo sites. Now it is fairly impersonal. The players are great but it has lost some of its sparkle because of uncaring management. I think when it was run by a smaller company they bothered more. Customer service going down the drain.

by Not Good Anyway on foxy bingo

I see that you have amended your opinion because of what appears to have been a dispute on the business side of things. What I can say as a player is that Foxy Bingo is not an exceptional site at all and the customer service is poor. I am anti-hunting as a rule, but this annoying fox is pushing things.

by Fix It Foxy on foxy bingo

Why are withdrawals so slow? Any excuse to delay paying my winnings on this site. I know they need to get ID and stuff the first time, but it is just an excuse to delay. Either that or Foxy Bingo is merely incompetent.

by Andy Robber on foxy bingo

Same old, same old. Nothing new to see here. No personalisation at this site and it feels like being part of some huge coach party outing. The software is up to date and top end, but it's a bit like going on holiday at Butlins rather than a stay at the Ritz. I found the customer service abrupt and the initial payout process a pain. Maybe I am being overly fussy but I have had better experiences.

by Shelagh Glover on foxy bingo

I am a long time player at Foxy Bingo and I just find things have gone downhill lately. It is always the same names winning, getting withdrawals has got harder - they asked for ID yet I am not a new customer. The whole aura of the site has changed for the worse. I am going elsewhere now.

by Indigo Wicks on foxy bingo

I was tempted by the No Deposit Bonus they used to offer. After that though I found it slightly disappointing compared to some other sites I have used. Now I have got the free bonus I won't bother with them again.

by Helen W on foxy bingo

Like the site and a big fan of the redeposit bonuses you get. It is a fun community with good prizes.