Compare I’m A Celebrity Odds: Outright Winner 2017 & Next Elimination Betting

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Im A Celebrity Odds – Outright Winner Betting
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Im A Celebrity – Next Elimination Betting Odds
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I’m A Celebrity Odds Guide & Preview 2017: Who Wins jungle Crown?

Jennie McAlpineThe bookies’ initial favourite in the I’m A Celebrity betting odds was the red-headed actress from Coronation Street Jennie McAlpine aka Fiz Brown, writes Fiora. She loathes hot weather and will burn if not smothered in factor 50 so Bob the medic will have to be on standby if it stops raining in daylight hours. She is concerned about coping with the heat and missing her son’s third birthday but wants to be an example to him by being brave enough to take on a challenge.

Jennie is refreshingly pragmatic and is not expecting the jungle experience to change her life or to come out of it a different person. Afterwards she just wants to get back to Corrie and carry on as normal. She sounds more sensible than most and may well deserve to be one of the jungle favourites. She conquered her fear and passed the first task of walking the plank off the top of a 32-storey building, adding to her chances of getting through this with credit. Hailing from the north of England, Jennie might emulate Scarlett Moffatt and Vicky Pattison and become the third consecutive northern-born Queen of the Jungle but she is already missing her son.

At the other end of the Jungle betting odds table is the WAG Rebekah Vardy. This 35-year-old is reportedly hungry for fame of her own now that she has the benefit of her third husband, star footballer Jamie Vardy’s fortune. He earns about £80,000 per week so that should cover any cosmetic surgery procedures, basic clothing and handbags. Anyone can make a mistake or two but Rebekah sold her story after her ‘night with Peter Andre’ some years ago when she did not even desperately need the money.

If the rumours are correct ‘Becky’ likes the good things in life and might struggle with rice and beans. She wants to show people that there is more to her than meets the eye. In her case this could well mean that she wants to overcome the general consensus that she is a manipulative user. She coped well with her first task, searching for tokens hidden among various critters, but she has a negative image to overcome and did little to dispel it. Her initial jungle odds of 20/1 doubled to 40/1 after the first programme was aired. A personality transplant will be required for her to feature.

Georgia Toffolo is already known to some as ‘Toff’ from Made In Chelsea. She sounds posh but must be the only cast member who went to a grammar school in Torquay. The disingenuous Georgia likes to play the dippy blonde but is no fool and has a law degree from the University of Westminster. She said she felt like ‘jungle Barbie’ as she went into the camp and entered the show dressed as Barbie too. She has appeared on a celeb dating show – the genuine toffs of Made In Chelsea have presumably not been convinced by her.

Georgia says she wants to show people that posh girls can ‘get down and dirty’ provided it does not include washing up. She seems unaware that the late, incredibly posh and impeccably connected Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was the I’m A Celebrity runner-up in 2002. Georgia made plenty of fuss before tackling the plank declaring it ‘hideous’ but got on with it and reached the end long before her wobbly-legged partner, the vlogger Jack Maynard.

She even managed a spot of high rise flirting with Jack whom she had ‘met somewhere before’ that neither of them admitted that they could remember. Georgia scored points for her honesty when she admitted that she was hungry when the meal tickets were being allocated. She may irritate some viewers and provoked enough of a response to be nominated for the first trial. Her starting price was halved but ‘real’ people tend to win this show and she may not fit the bill.

Jack has 1.2 million followers online but his I’m A Celebrity odds doubled after the first show. He admits to having no survival skills and took so long to walk the plank that the camera crew probably sent out for sandwiches. He is single and would not mind finding love in the jungle but he might need to get a move on. If he is ever sent on a trial starvation rations will be the result. He got freaked out when touched by a small leaf and lost his chance to secure a meal ticket.

Stanley Johnson, the 77-year-old father of the Foreign Secretary Boris, is the oldest campmate ever and the genuine article on the posh front. He grew up on a farm and looks likely to be a major source of entertainment as he has natural wit and no shortage of knowledge or opinions. He has been a politician, author and environmental campaigner and says the only things we have to fear is fear itself but admitted that a maths exam would be his worst nightmare. He was extremely pragmatic when a critter bit his hand, drawing blood and was crestfallen to discover that he was the only person to fail the first task.

Stanley has little idea what he has signed up for and did not know who Ant and Dec were. Rebekah was horrified when she told him she was married to Jamie Vardy who played for England and Stanley assumed that he was a cricketer. Stanley is going to miss wine and cheese the most but hopes to lose some weight. His odds shortened dramatically after the first show was aired and he is not without hope of becoming the oldest King of the Jungle.

Despite dissing the show in a Tweet in 2012, the boxer Amir Khan now admits that he has never watched I’m A Celebrity but is expecting it to be ‘hell in there’. He has had a tough year on the emotional front and it may not get any easier as he does not like heights or creepy crawlies and is horrified by the thought of sleeping on the ground in the jungle.

He thinks his main attribute is his mental strength and he showed some when getting into the necessary zone and silently walking the plank ahead of Vanessa White from The Saturdays. It is a shame that he did not bother to watch a single episode of the show to find out what he is up against. He was not impressed with the number of trees in the camp as things might fall out of them. Did he not realise that trees are an occupational hazard of being in the jungle?

Khan failed badly in his second task, pulling a snake – instead of a star – from its hole and immediately capitulating. His partner Toff was unimpressed when he got scared, panicked and demanded to get out of there. The viewers pounced on the weakness of this self-proclaimed ‘hard man’ and immediately nominated him for the next task.

Khan has a well-earned reputation for arrogance, but is not be as tough as he pretends and could be in for a hard time.

Vanessa is another celeb who claims to have no survival skills and admits to being a worrier and a screamer. She was delighted when the men decided to undertake fire lighting duty in camp and struggled with the plank but eventually got the job done. Vanessa usually lives her life around food and may struggle with the shortages of it in the jungle. She is another who looks unable to contribute to supplies in bush tucker trials.

The Mancunian actor Jamie Lomas is a typical alpha male who likes playing baddies. He was most recently seen in Hollyoaks and does not suffer fools gladly. He appears to be relatively physically fit and has the swagger of a man who thinks he can handle himself but admitted to Jennie that his big fear is rats. Jamie dealt with the challenge of walking the plank with aplomb. He kept his cool even when wobbling dramatically and managed to encourage Jennie as well as other celebrities as they struggled with the same dilemma. If Jamie can keep his temper and restrain his tendency to take charge of situations he should be in for a fairly long stay.

The stand-up comedian Shappi Khorsandi is a working single mother of two very young children and claimed that she is going into the jungle for a rest. She immediately had to confront one of her two recurring nightmares, jumping out of an aeroplane. Once she had stopped screaming she asked her skydiving buddy if he kept cats. She has a theory that ‘leap and the ground will find you’ and almost kissed it when she exited the lake and found terra firma. Her other is being eaten by lions so she should be ok on that front. Shappi seems pretty tough and has humour which is an invaluable commodity. She could do much better than her double figure opening I’m A Celebrity odds suggest.

The confrontational former Chelsea and England footballer Dennis Wise was also selected for sky diving. He said this is the most ridiculous thing he has ever signed up for but that he is not going to let the jungle beat him. He admitted to having a wobble moment before jumping out but loved the experience and seemed to be a strong swimmer leaving the lake. He is not among the leading contenders if the jungle betting is any indicator but is one of the few ‘celebs’ that most people has heard of.

It will be interesting to see if Wise, who earned a reputation for a short temper and aggressive behaviour in his playing days can keep up the Mr Nice Guy act. This is the man who assaulted a taxi driver in 1995 and was sentenced to three months in prison, but the jail term was dropped on appeal.

Calling the winner of this bunch is tricky especially as more ‘celebs’ are imminent but Jennie, the initial favourite in the I’m A Celebrity betting odds, already looks to be struggling. If we had to pick one tip at this stage, Jamie Lomas ought to give a good run for your money.

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  1. Denise smith November 17th 2017 at 1:46pm #

    I think Vanessa White will win. The reason no one is putting money on her is they don’t know who she is. Just watch, she will shine.