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Last updated December 5th, 2020

Compare 2020 I’m A Celebrity odds on outright winner, next elimination and more betting markets from the top bookies plus claim bookmaker free bets.

Im A Celebrity Odds – Outright Winner Betting
To Win I’m A Celebrity TV Show 2020; Best odds bold; Each-Way Place Terms: Win Only.
Bet365 Betfred William Hill Paddy Power Betfair BetVictor Boylesports
Giovanna Fletcher – Won in 2020
Im A Celebrity – Next Elimination Betting Odds
To Be Voted Out of I’m A Celebrity, Next To Leave.
Bet365 Betfred William Hill Paddy Power Betfair BetVictor Boylesports
No odds
Im A Celebrity – Top Man Odds
To Finish Top Male.
Bet365 Betfred William Hill Paddy Power Betfair BetVictor Boylesports
No odds
Im A Celebrity – Top Female Odds
To Finish Top Woman.
Bet365 Betfred William Hill Paddy Power Betfair BetVictor Boylesports
No odds
Im A Celeb – Gender of Winner
Winner’s Sex / Gender.
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No odds

I’m A Celebrity Odds Guide & Preview 2020: Richie Strong In Betting

Richie: Fancied in I'm A Celeb OddsThe Australian jungle is out of bounds and no one knew what to expect from a Welsh castle but three celebrities were strongly fancied in the I’m A Celebrity odds before the launch show aired, writes Fiona Derek.

The Radio 1 DJ Jordan North was initially at the top of the betting with some firms. Does this 30-year-old graduate of the University of Sunderland have the strength of character and charisma to follow in the footsteps of the first ever I’m A Celebrity winner, the veteran DJ Tony Blackburn? Jordan has experience of the chilly northern climes which should be helpful but has already been found wanting on a number of fronts.

He had promised himself that he would not be a screamer but admitted that he is seriously scared of spiders, snakes, vermin, heights etc. He was not joking and was spectacularly sick when presented with the edge of the cliff but coped fairly well in the first trial. He should provide entertaining viewing but slipped down the #ImACeleb betting odds board after the opening show.

Shane Ritchie, the actor best known for his lengthy stints as Alfie Moon in EastEnders, was also strongly fancied. He wants to be king of the castle as he has already been voted Sexiest Male in British Soaps for a number of years.

Shane took the lead in the group of five contestants who landed in the same place as him almost immediately and has also taken the role of camp/castle clown. He was the first to test a hammock and promptly hit the deck. His antics propelled him into the position of the I’m A Celeb favourite immediately after the launch. He and Jordan were elected by the public to participate in the second trial suggesting they want to see more of them.

The multi-talented Giovanna Fletcher probably deserves to be the top woman in the initial I’m A Celeb odds. She is a CBeebies presenter, author, actress and blogger and the sister of Mario Falcone from TOWIE. She is married to Tom Fletcher from McFly whom she met at theatre school when they were about 13. Giovanna is half Argentinian and half Italian and admits to being emotional.

Giovanna wants to prove that mums can be tough, loves adventure and thinks the ability to change her underwear in a sleeping bag will be handy. She thinks she could cope with a coffin full of rats but is not keen on heights. She immediately overcame that issue with minimal fuss and was the first to abseil in pursuit of her kit bag, pointing out where the other bags were as she went. She seems to have appropriate emotional responses as well as enthusiasm for the task which should serve her well.

Beverley Callard aka Liz McDonald from Coronation Street said on her intro VT that she has never needed any survival skills and thinks she may not have any. She has never been camping and never thought she ever would. She cannot bear the thought of anyone going to the loo close by, hates spiders, rats, enclosed spaces and insects. Oh dear, perhaps the motivation to sign up to this was financial.

Beverley was unimpressed with the castle shower facilities, describing them as ‘minging’ and struggled with the ambient filth of the place. She was asked to inspect the toilet facilities and said they smelt very clean. Wait until someone uses it, I doubt there is air freshener. She looked absolutely horrified when it was announced that everyone would be involved in the first trial ‘Gates of Hell’. She was the conspicuously weak link in the trial chain but that may be because it was fiddly and demanded dexterity that is not often easy for 63-year-old fingers.

The TV presenter and host Vernon Kay reckons he can cope with hunger and most challenges but claims that the fear of the unknown scares him to death. He says he is doing this for his kids but is looking forward to experiencing the mental and physical challenges. He is an alpha male type and not the most naturally perceptive. He thought Jordan was exaggerating his fear of heights until he vomited violently in the bushes.

Vernon was the second over the cliff and was accused of showboating on his descent. He seemed to enjoy it so much he is either an adrenalin junky or had done it before. He wanted to be the one to light the ‘camp’ fire in the castle and likes taking the lead. He was ridiculously happy to get the fire going even though it was much easier than usual. He was extremely competent in the first trial too. His ego could become unmanageable soon.

The former Strictly Come Dancing pro AJ Pritchard claims he has always watched the show and is excited to be part of it. He never lifted the Glitterball but is much more resourceful than is immediately apparent.

AJ triumphed where many others have failed in a celebrity version of Hunted, a programme in which participants are pursued by trained surveillance teams. They have to stay under the radar in every sense (mobile phones are traced) to reach a checkpoint that is not disclosed until the last minute. AJ knows how to coach people and cope with cameras in an informal setting. He may do better than suggested by his opening I’m A Celebrity odds.

The paralympian javelin star Hollie Arnold MBE has not let the lack of a right forearm stop her from achieving great things in her sport. She is not a fan of rats or snakes but has the commitment of a serious sportsperson to the task.

Unfortunately the initial impression created was not likely to further her chances of victory. When the group were introducing themselves on the walkie talkie she gave her name as ‘Hollie Arnold MBE’. She also said ‘I got you down safely’ when handling the ropes for another contestant on the abseil challenge. There were no words of congratulation for her partner. Hollie is an amazing athlete but her interpersonal skills look to need more work.

Sir Mo Farah needs no introduction with his four Olympic medals but says he is not the bravest. Cats and dogs apparently scare him. He claims his only survival skill is his ability to run, away from anything that frightens him, but that is not going to be an option here. He wants to prove to his wife and kids that he can be brave.

Mo is already so lean that he may struggle more than most with the cold and lack of food. He has a sweet tooth, sticky toffee pudding is his favourite, and he cannot afford to lose much weight. He made a good job of cooking the first batch of rice and came across extremely well. If he achieves the necessary air time amongst noisier contestants, he could be a contender.

The soap star and former songster Jessica Plummer thought she could be the biggest scaredy cat of the season but she has humour and asked Jordan not to be sick on her head when preceding him over the cliff. She was tearful, thinking about her daughter, when exploring the castle but strongly encouraged others down the cliff and initially came across so well that her price shortened to single figure odds. She did well in the first group trial too.

The 52-year-old newsreader, current affairs broadcaster and journalist Victoria Derbyshire is naturally outspoken. She only said yes to this because her perceptions on life changed after she suffered from breast cancer. The trials are a concern for her. She probably regretted her opening outfit choice of a long purple skirt when it became apparent that abseiling was on the agenda but she got through it with minimal fuss. Black leggings were procured for her descent.

Victoria coped well on the first food trial but, choosing to take part after a personal crisis, she may struggle with the conditions and the company long term. If she copes she may well do much better than her initial odds as the outsider of the field in the 2020 I’m A Celebrity betting suggest.

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