JackpotJoy Bingo Review

JackpotJoy Bingo ReviewWe used to have a positive JackpotJoy Bingo review, but we have fallen out of love with this brand. Their regular players seem to think the site has gone downhill (read on for independent validation of this fact). In addition they messed JustBookies around on a business level. Every aspect of their business is attracting a ton of negative sentiment. We have lost trust in this firm, so we no longer recommend JackpotJoy. In our opinion there are far better options for your bingo leisure time, check out these top bingo sites instead.

Why has JackpotJoy got one star on TrustPilot? With nearly 600 reviews on the independent review site Trustpilot, JackpotJoy scores a rating of just one star out of five. That is abysmal and it would be a whole lot worse (yes, worse than one star!) if there were not a peppering of obviously planted, false reviews giving the site five stars. When you start to read the reviews you can see that there are claims of JackpotJoy failing at every level. Words and phrases that are repeatedly used to describe the site include: ‘scam, despicable, disappointed, con, poor, used to be better, going downhill’ and ‘bad customer service’. You get the idea, JackpotJoy gets a massive slating from hundreds of people. A lot of their competitors do not attract such poor independent reviews, so this bad publicity is significant and unique to JackpotJoy.

What are they like? JackpotJoy Bingo, Casino & Slots is the largest bingo and casino games site in the UK, but they also appeal to other nationalities. There are over 50 different games with chat facilities. JackpotJoy won eGaming’s “Bingo Operator of the Year” award several years ago, but they don’t seem to have progressed since. Even their telly advertising is the same as it has been for years. It is a company seemingly resting on its laurels and not caring about the goodwill of its players or business partners. This arrogance is a recipe for failure.

How big can I win and is it simple to use the JackpotJoy site? The cash jackpots can be big and the JackpotJoy website, including its casino, pays out more than £2million every day, but obviously they are raking in more than that. The proprietary software is fairly easy to use. They have created a welcoming online community, but then so have a lot of major bingo brands and it is a very mature and saturated market, so shopping around for better bingo bonuses may be the best option.

Are there penny bingo rooms? Yes, like all its competitors, JackpotJoy can be played at any level. There are 1p, 2p and 5p bingo rooms so you can have some fun and a chance of winning big for tiny stakes. You can also spend a bit more and buy tickets for 50p if you like.

I know there is online bingo but tell me about the games on JackpotJoy? As well as seventy-five and ninety-Ball Bingo and various other Bingo games and variations they also offer casino games such as blackjack and roulette. Plus there are lots of different slots and progressive jackpots and also instant games like scratch cards. However their offering is not as novel as it was several years ago and it is all available on other sites anyway.

Bonuses: Our JackpotJoy Bingo review can reveal that these are fairly typical, but certainly not industry-leading. We advise that you click this link for the best bingo bonuses.

JackpotJoy’s Points Loyalty Scheme: Much like any other major bingo brand, you are rewarded for sticking around at JackpotJoy. There is a points scheme where the more you play the more points you get. The loyalty points can then be swapped for cash.

OPINION: JackpotJoy does not have a particularly unique offering. When they first came on the scene decades ago they seemed to offer something new with their proprietary games. Now even their TV advertising is jaded. The tidal wave of complaints from players, as we have detailed above, is disconcerting. The company has even shafted many of its business partners, falsely claiming that it is in the name of ‘compliance.’ This is not honest behaviour. So the conclusion of our JackpotJoy Bingo review is to avoid this brand like the clap. You don’t want to join the hundreds of dissatisfied players posting on Trustpilot about what a miserable time you had on their website. Their business-to-business dealings with us reek of arrogance and that attitude appears to have has permeated every aspect of their brand.

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 14 reviews
by Honest Reviewer on jackpotjoy
JackpotJoy Awful Site

Jackpot Joy is an awful awful cheating site, it turns out on Trustpilot that they have flagged my review up. This is because my review was factual and they don’t like this. I have been playing on their site for years and I have to say my eyes are finally open. No wins no bonus games wow. They claim to look after problem gamblers. By law they have to provide them with tools to help. However this does not stop them from contacting people who are having issues and tempting them back with free bonuses. Watch BBC iPlayer on them or YouTube them. Also, Facebook posts about scams and cheating. They don’t want people to know. Trustpilot allows businesses to reply to reviews meaning that they can talk their way out of trouble. Please don’t use them.

by Rac on jackpotjoy
Terrible used to be better

I would give zero if I could. Used to be better. Now it is terrible.

by Leonard on jackpotjoy
Avoid JPJ, Trust Me

I have been member of JackpotJoy Bingo for many years and loved the site. But over last two years my feelings changed. I started to have big wins for a very long time and over the period of these wins started getting calls with requests asking very personal questions about my life, how I made my income and I told them 'none of their business'. It is a fix they harass you when you are taking their profits. If you don't answer their calls they block you and put restrictions on your account. I don't play anymore . . . definitely changed. They think people are stupid. Just glad I took my winnings. Disappointing JPJ.

by Tee on jackpotjoy
Misleading Bonuses

Misleading! I signed up to jackpot joy thru google because I wanted to try a new bingo site. I was enticed by the "deposit £10 and receive £50 bonus" there was also an option to receive free spins but I opted for the bonus. So I deposited spent my £10 and didn't receive my bonus instead got some free spins. I feel this was misleading and they shouldn't advertise unless they are able to fulfil what they are offering. I contact the chat live help desk and KAREN J was not helpful at all stating that what i received was correct and that there was no mistake. I have decided to escalate this because they need to understand that what they advertise is misleading and I wont be depositing again. Stay away from JackpotJoy.

by E Carter on jackpotjoy
Professional gamblers spoilt this site

As a member for 15 years this used to be a great site and most players had small wins regularly to keep the interest. These days the guaranteed game jackpots attract the professional gambler who max and win every day, leaving us small social players crying ‘same old’. They no longer offer loyalty points on deposits but winners points, along with additional win bonus tickets for daily and weekly winners games. Again all ok if you win but it is nigh on impossible with all the professionals. There are now better sites out there that offer the genuine social player 1 or 2 rewards, roll on house prizes and deposit bonus points. So if you want to be part of the same old names and are of the professional gambling mindset of outlay and reward then jump on. If you’re looking to get a small win more than once a month, or a little bit of consolation prize this is not the site for you. I don’t spend one tenth of what I used to on this site, there are ones out there who appreciate my custom and don’t come across as all take.

by Mkent on jackpotjoy
rip off

If i could give 0 rating i would silly 3p for a 20p spin and if you want a bonus you have no hope .. same winners winning bingo and chat games are a joke I have been with this site for years and now it is so fixed you can name bingo winners before the game starts.

by Gill char3 on jackpotjoy
Same winners

Supposed to be random but same winners daily so it cant be random. I think its rigged and only a few names are put in the computer.

by shakesheff on jackpotjoy

I have played this site since it started. It used be best site, no 1 for me, never big wins but always steady wins. Bonuses used to be good but now bonuses are no existent. I have to stop playing when on another site won more in 1 day than I won on this for months. Sorry jackpotjoy but I think you are a rip off site now.

by Britt on jackpotjoy
They have changed

I have been a member for many years, but have noted they have definitely changed. No longer going to waste my money on non existent wins and now play elsewhere.

by gill on jackpotjoy

Absolute rubbish bingo site. Keep off it. Regular players saying same people winning, would not play any jackpot joy sites again.

by Elaine on jackpotjoy

Stay away from this site deposited nearly £1000 since Christmas and have only won £40.

by David Mortimer on jackpotjoy

Avoid JackpotJoy Bingo like the plague - that is the best advice for this site I deposited over £600 over a 3 month period my grand total of withdrawable wins were £20. It has the worse bingo rooms imaginable and the slots love to eat your cash without spitting any wins your way. All the slots on this site are well known as non winning slots, that's why this site has them. Think before you deposit on this site, give your intended deposit to charity and not to fat cat bingo sites like this one. I was forced to give this site a rating of 1 star before I could leave this feedback my real rating would be -100.

by Diane Facey on jackpotjoy
No Joy Here

This site should be avoided like the plague. Slots are terrible, players moaning about no wins or said they have a bonus which pays pence. Stay clear.

by rachjay82 on jackpotjoy

This is a very big site with loads of games. I enjoyed the slots and cards and getting small wins. The Bingo was very difficult to win with so many players playing. Got bored not winning but slots worth a go. Bet small to gain small wins.