Mirror Bingo Review: Player Complaints Galore

Last updated April 10th, 2023

Mirror Bingo ReviewMirror Bingo moved its software from Cashcade’s network to Playtech in July 2014 and this has not been an improvement. There was little communication with players and none with its promotional partners. The latter were also dishonestly treated. Something is seriously wrong at Mirror Bingo and it should be avoided for the time being. Instead we suggest you check through our recommended bingo sites here and join one of them.
Take a look at the Mirror Bingo player reviews and feedback at the bottom of this page. If you have played at the site then please leave your own opinion.

If you want to play bingo online with a company you can rely on then Mirror Bingo is not the place, as this review will reveal. It has become one of the leading sites but there is a constant stream of complaints from players about bullying on the chat, incessant requests for ID, withdrawals just not happening and having accounts blocked.

This famous daily newspaper was big on bingo long before anyone had even heard of the internet. Thousands of people still enjoy the low tech, offline version with printed cards inserted into newspapers.

For their website, the tabloid paper has joined forces with Playtech, one of the biggest and most successful names in the online games industry. The result is a variety of games, both traditional and 75 ball, substantial progressive and coverall jackpots and  bonuses. Both newbies and veteran roomies do play here.

Mirror Bingo Welcome Bonuses

New players are given a 100% bonus on their first deposit which is worth up to £150. To get the maximum you need to deposit £150. It follows that any new joiners depositing £10 will receive an extra £10. You must deposit at least £10 to qualify for this bonus. All future deposits attract an extra 50% giveaway as well.

It is not just about sign up bonuses though. There are other incentives to keep you playing with them and to refer your friends to them once you have enjoyed this site yourself. You will usually find an extensive range of promotions on the home page but, unlike some other sites, Mirror Bingo seem to have a knack of alienating their regular customers as the player reviews at the bottom of this page testify.

Guaranteed Jackpots

If you want to chase the available guaranteed jackpots, just have a look at the Mega Guaranteed Jackpots Timetable. There are seven games a day during the week with the largest prize offered at 9.30pm each day. Three games take place on Saturday evenings and there are even two on Sundays.

These games are all pre-purchase games which are played in the pre-purchase lobby area. The price of tickets for them varies from 25p to £1. Typically it is just 25p to have a crack at a £500 jackpot on a Saturday evening or £1 for a ticket for the 9.30pm game on a Friday that guarantees a £2,000 jackpot.

Big prizes pull in big players

Mirror Bingo claims to offer a good return for players. Certainly thousands of pounds up for grabs in their big games can often attract attention from players who are prepared to invest heavily to increase their chances of winning. A review of the recent winners list often shows people who have won thousands of pounds, two days in a row. That leads to another regular complaint that we hear – that it is the same players winning all the time. People have questioned whether this is coincidental or not.

Equal Cards Bingo

If you want to make sure that you have an equal chance of winning the prizes on offer, they have introduced Equal Cards bingo games. Every day, between 8 and 9pm you can play ‘All’s Fair’ in the room appropriately named ‘Bingo for Britain’ which can be found beneath the 90 ball tab.

The rules are straightforward. No player can buy more than twelve cards (the cards are just 10p each). That means that if you are prepared to make an investment of just £1.20 you will have as good a chance of winning as anybody. A review of the number of players participating will tell you exactly what that chance is.

The website also gives you the chance to win something other than money. They claim to want to to keep the roomies happy and offer special prizes that range from exotic holidays and cruises to a year’s supply of chocolate.

If you are new to online bingo and want to make sure that you understand exactly how it works, Mirror Bingo provides a guide for beginners. Everything is clearly explained with helpful graphics. However, given all the negative feedback, this may not be the best site to join as a newbie.

A quick read through the guide will tell you how the cards are displayed on screen, how to get new ones if you are not happy with your initial randomly generated cards and just about everything else you can think of.

There is even an extensive dictionary of ‘bingo lingo’ so you never have to feel stupid because you do not understand the terminology being used.


As with all similar bingo sites, there is a community that builds up given all the chat facilities and interactive between players and moderators. The chat rooms open about fifteen minutes before the game. The moderators are not faceless entities. There are profiles with pictures so you know exactly who you are dealing with. However there have been reports of bullying and heavy-handedness by moderators.

Our Mirror Bingo Opinion & Verdict

It is a big thumbs down for Mirror Bingo. There are withdrawal problems galore, as detailed in the feedback we have received below. It also seems like Mirror Bingo use the necessary ID checks as an excuse to prevent payouts happening, possibly in the hope that clients simply give up on their money. Apparently ID documents can be demanded repeatedly rather than just the once.

People have stated that the moderators can be quick to shut opinions down. Then there is the thorny issue of the same players repeatedly winning, which has been a recurring accusation. Customer service is reportedly poor and some accounts get suspended quite quickly.

The whole sorry cocktail of complaints points to the site being badly run and poorly managed, leaving a sour taste for too many players. If you still have any doubts, our suggestion is to read through the player opinions below and decide for yourself. As for us, Mirror Bingo is not recommended by Just Bookies and a much safer bet would be the industry-leading Bet365 Bingo.

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Average rating:  
 58 reviews
 by David Clark
Winning Withdrawal

I won £100 but i cant withdraw it. Ask for my ID and details but didn't ask when i put money into my account. Now it won't let me log in to try to withdraw my money.

 by Tammy Sandcraft

Like everyone else very dissatisfied. Can not withdraw my winnings. Wouldn't recommend at all. Total scam. I did not want to rate.

 by Stace

Just like everyone else on here, deposited, which they were very quick to take with no verification may I add, been trying to upload docs for 5 days, no number to call that works, no one responds to email. I feel this is a fraudulent site. Don't want to give it a star, but wouldn't let me post without it.

 by Lolly
Can’t Withdraw My Money

I cannot get anyone on the phone. No one is answering my emails and I can’t withdraw my money.

 by Ann
Not Returning

I joined, sent numerous proof of address, utility bill, bank account, passport then says it is approved, then it goes back to pending and if you have money to withdraw you can’t. I will not be returning!

 by Andrew Shaw
Great Site

This is the best site. The layout is impressive, plenty of detail, unbelievable number of games. Had a lot of fun playing some excellent games. Pity I had to close my account because being a pensioner I do not know how to send my verification details. This is by far the best casino site I have used. I have been with another casino now for three years and have not had to verify my account. Also when I withdraw winnings it is in my account instantly, not even before a minute is up. I would definitely recommend Mirror Bingo Casino as the best site. Very impressive.

So good, yet they didn't help you verify your account . . .

 by Robyn
Great Site

Very good site, excellent payouts, wasn’t aware at the start about ID verification so hadn’t done this prior to getting any winnings, simply sent a photo of my driving license, bank card covering the middle 8 digits, an 02 letter with my address and a screenshot of a bank statement, and my account was confirmed and I’ve been able to withdraw money with no problems since this.

 by Katy
Don't Answer Emails

What a load of rubbish. Don't touch this site - they owe me £205. They don't answer their emails. They are the biggest thieves ever.

 by Linda Isherwood
Fight To Get Winnings

It's a bad bingo site. Don't join and if you do make sure you send ID proof of everything before you win because you wont get it. People are owed thousands because of this ID rubbish. They don't bother about id for deposits. It's only when you try to get a withdrawal you have no chance. I am 70 years old and disabled and they owe me 400 pounds - nothing to the Daily Mirror but a lot to me. Keep well away because you will have a fight to get your winnings.

 by Russell
Taking Them To Court

Complete scam. Won’t let me have my winnings. Will be taking them to a court that I have paid £4000 to get my date in court with this site. Please don’t use Mirror Bingo.

 by Davie
Blocked Account

I have been on the site for a week, and won £6875. I spent all day trying to upload my docs then they just blocked my account. Can companies actually do this after putting money into it, no reason or anything?

Contact the regulator - UKGC. The website is at gamblingcommission.gov.uk. However the UKGC is absolutely useless when it comes to protecting players. Their 'complaints' tab may provide some advice about how to proceed.

 by LH
Won’t Pay Out

Won £2300 - tried for 5 days to get verified - still not accepting anything. Replies are limited and useless from the customer support and now they have blocked my account. Spent £800 in winnings last 2 days whilst trying to get verified. I want my £1500 out asap and this company is a shambles!

Speak to UK Gambling Commission: https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/. They may help. UKGC license these muppets and every other betting operator in the UK.

 by Barbara

This site has become a joke. I've sent loads of emails with my ID and still nothing it was deffo better before the site was taken over by these thieving conmen. No matter how many times you send your ID, you are not gonna be able to withdraw any winnings do yourselves a favour and don't use the site. If you play and win big, you won't be able to get it out. I'm deleting and won't come back.

 by Maureen

I won 1700 and all of a sudden they want ID. I sent in lots of different ID and still waiting as a result I ended up playing up most of my winnings. I emailed 3 times today and no reply. I wonder if I will ever get what is rightfully mine. Not happy.

 by Emma
Absolutely Fuming

This site is not even worth a zero rating but I have to choose 1 star to write this review. I absolutely hate this site and everything about them. They are happy to take your money but giving it to you is non-existent. Documents I have uploaded and declined is a joke. Now not only do they want a photo and screenshot of my card (which I begrudgingly provided again), they have declined this and are saying the reason is because I haven’t provided all the cards attached to my Apple Pay and PayPal. Why the actual f*** are they wanting my other cards when I pay only with one. I am going to the ombudsman, gaming commission and anyone else that can help to take this site down. For me they are meant to be regulated but I don’t see any form of governing body looking at this god awful, scamming site and if this does belong to the actual Mirror paper, I hope one of their rivals uncover the seedy, cheating, robbing t**ts that they are and ruin them once and for all. However if they think I will be giving up on getting my money they owe me, they are on for a very long wait. They want to try and f**k me over and I just go hide under a rock or think it’s not worth my time, they are very very wrong, this will spur me on, idiots.

 by Sjf

Omg I am pulling my hair out they took loads money no problem then when I won £4000 they wanted ID after ID after ID. Nothing was good enough so I started spending it, got to £2000 and they blocked my account (keeping the money). Nearly a month later and I’m still blocked and no help with emailing their no contact number. I’m fuming they took over £2000 fine and about £500 of my money fine.

 by Mark Johnston

Not massive win, but won £15 allowed me to withdraw and all ID submitted and accepted, however still waiting for it to go in the bank. Sent numerous emails and no reply.

 by Dee
Rip off

Do not play this site, rip off site. I have submitted no end of ID but keep saying refused. Had driving licence, bank card, bank statement etc but still not sufficient. I have contacted The Mirror itself today. Someone supposed to be contacting me but I wont hold my breath.

 by Amie

Had the same withdrawal problem. So I spent over £2000. I won just over £1500, not my full deposits back but something back at least. After taking all my deposits they declined my withdrawal. Took too long to process and declined my ID. Only after I spent it all did they accept my ID! If this isn't a scam, I don't know what is. Also contacted 10 times and heard not one reply by any members. I've contacted ombudsman and will be contacting the gambling commission. Also I will be in touch with a solicitor. Please no one else get scammed.

 by Craig
Wow..just wow

I have £1500 sat in my account...can i access it? No, apparently they need to check if I am the same person using the same bank as the person they happily took £20 from only 1hr ago...my point, my gripe...you will take the money without a single question or verification check but when I want my winnings it turns into mastermind. Well not me, it's a fiddle, I will get my money and will escalate to ombudsmen and gaming commission.

 by Maz

Mirror Bingo is a complete scam. I have won £2500 and tried and tried to upload my documents but keeps saying blurred or not recognised done it about 50 times now still no good. No contact number. When you press email, no email address. I will get my money and I will go to the ombudsman complaint service.

 by Terry

I can’t see how these people are still allowed to operate. Clearly it’s fraud but seems nothing can be done about it. It’s so bad you have to give at least 1 star to write a review.

 by Simon

These people are telling me that my payment card and my proof of address are wrong and they are not. They have no shame at all in making people send documents after documents and rejecting them when they are completely fine. I just want my money and I advise nobody to use this casino.

 by Claire
Withdrawal A Nightmare

Had a withdrawal confirmed and documents verified. They have said it will be in my bank account within 1-5 days. Today is day number 6. No other site takes as long to process.

 by Michael

Surely there is something that can be done. I am also having the same issue trying to withdraw £370 after depositing plenty, just constantly asked for ID and I will go above and beyond to get it.

 by Lucia Bogart
It is not a one off that they ask for ID

I have two pending withdrawals. I have been paid before and it does take them a while. I also have £950 credit that I can’t attempt to withdraw as I’m still waiting for the other withdrawals. They do take a long time and now for the 100th time I will wait and see but I have always got my money off them before when sending documents.

 by Loo86

Did anyone ever get their winnings please, as I think I am going to be having the same problem?

 by Zex
The Mirror Should Be Ashamed

Like most on here terrible site. I won £500 four weeks ago. They keep asking for proofs, which I have sent loads of times. Customer service is waste of time. Stay away from them. The Mirror should be ashamed of putting their name to this site.

 by Claire
Withdrawal Problem

I am very upset and left frustrated as this Mirror Bingo site has asked for my verification and has not got back to me. I have pending withdrawals that are being kept from going into my account. Also there is no contact number to ring. I've had no support trying to verify details but have sent them plenty. Surely the documents I sent should be enough. It’s disgusting and I’m going to be taking this matter further.

 by Alfie Smith
Robbery I call it

You can deposit money without a problem. The hard part is trying to withdraw it. They ask for ID, you give it to them numerous times, they charge you to withdraw it as well (never had this on any other site). Then they still say not received any information from you. It is not possible to contact anyone over the issue either. Most dishonest site I have ever come across, needs to be checked by the regulators: Avoid, Avoid, Avoid. Wouldn't give it any stars but have to leave one!

 by Jeannette Woods
Very Sad

I am 83-years-old and love to have a flutter on the slots. On the 20th of November I went onto Mirror Bingo. I played with altogether £60 and won £377. I tried to take it out but I was asked for ID. I sent my picture on my bus pass, a letter of my pension with my address showing, then a picture of my bank card and also a full picture of my passport. The company has not refunded one penny of my winnings. After having played with many other bingo sites I feel real sad that this has been going on so long and I could do with my winnings. If I had been treated well I would have still been playing on this site but I can't bring myself to play anymore.

So sorry to hear this. It is so stressful to have to chase rogue companies like Mirror Bingo. You could speak to the UK Gambling Commission, who license Mirror Bingo. I appreciate that is a hassle in itself and they also have a reputation of not helping much. There is a pretence of regulation in the UK, but actually bingo players are let down badly and the operators like Mirror Bingo get away with despicable behaviour. We are so sorry that you are having this unnecessary stress, especially at these times and at your age. You deserve to be treated with more respect. Link to UKGC website: https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/

 by Luke
Scammed too

I have deposited over £200 pounds. After winning £60 I tried to withdraw it. They will not let me withdraw my winnings. It's The Mirror who should be ashamed ripping people off. After reading this I hope you stay well away from Mirror Bingo - it's a scam.

 by Caz Ramsay

Have I been scammed? Won £1500 and can’t get it. They have closed my account. Can’t log in. No customer service. Email drop box with automated reply. Awful experience. Shocked The Mirror newspaper have their name to the site.

 by Bill
Seems like a scam

Mirror Bingo is shocking. I can’t make withdrawals without ID and I can’t send ID as it just bounces back. No live chat, no contact number. They are holding my money and won’t give it back. It’s theft, you can deposit but not withdraw!

 by Denise
Withdrawal Issues

I have tried to make a withdrawal from the Mirror Bingo site and they have emailed me and messaged me asking for ID. I have sent about 20 emails with my ID and they keep bouncing back stating unable to deliver. I am now getting very worried as there is no contact number for this site. I am uncertain whether this site is properly regulated and once I receive my monies I will not be depositing with them again. Steer clear of this site.

 by Lesley
Withdrawal Problem

Waited two weeks up to now, still no cash in my account, all I keep getting asked for is ID, I've sent passport, bank card, gas and electricity bills, wage slip, they won't supply me with telephone number to call. I wouldn't recommend this site, they take your money in a blink of the eye.

 by Rose
Long withdrawal

Hi I recently won a fair bit of money on Mirror Bingo. Now I withdrew and it and I quickly had an email to say the withdrawals had been processed. These emails were received on 18th and 19th of this month. Now the withdraw was done via BACS. Five working days later and nothing in my bank. I have called bank and they said should be there by now. Mirror Bingo says up to 7-10 days which seems far too long for a BACS payment. I'm not sure if they are actually going to pay but I am getting worried. They just keep fobbing me off. Other players I have spoke to said theirs only took 3 days.

 by Charlene
Rip off

Do not play with Mirror Bingo. I have never been ripped off before by an online bingo site before over 400 quid deposited and they have failed to give me any. Apparently their slots are tested but I believe they are not.

 by Gary from Leics.
Winnings Not Returned

Joined site end of Dec 18, deposited £170, won eight times totalling £443, withdrawals all been declined over bank detail error, told my winnings returned and I had played them! Have reported to gambling ombudsmen as like hitting a brick wall and getting blood from a stone.

 by Miss z shephard
Rip off

After joining, put £10 deposit on. That was fine. Then after depositing another £20. Logged out. Had £10 still in balance but now can't log in. Been on chat help and lots of emails just to be told they cant see a problem with me logging in. Surely this is wrong, they had no trouble taking money from my bank.

 by Joanne Reid

Just joined, deposited £10 (no bonus), it was my own money. I won £50 tried to withdraw it and they now won't answer my emails and have blocked me from sites saying account doesn't exist. Still waiting on reply, will be reporting this to gambling commission as I won it with my own cash not their bingo bonus.

 by L wilson

Deposited via paypal then not credited so contacted chat told to wait two hours for it to process then when not credited told it had been declined but money had been paid by paypal. When told i had transaction id etc i was cut off chat. Emailed, no reply, had to open dispute through paypal. Avoid like the plague, customer service was appalling .

 by Jane Pogson

This is a site that you should only use if you want to lose everything you deposit, for they won't pay out any winnings to you. As others have found if you're lucky enough to win, Mirror Bingo will find a way not to pay you. The card I had registered with had been changed by my bank as they believed it had been compromised. But I never used the site much, then they sent me a bonus, and I won £150. But Mirror Bingo wouldn't pay me, as the card was now cancelled, they refused a bank transfer, and the new card couldn't be used because I'd never deposited on it. Don't use this site!

 by philip

Bingo on the mirror is a rip off. It is always the same winners morning afternoons and evenings. Slots big bounty is a con you only win 1.00 if you are lucky, the big money never comes up so avoid like the plague.

 by janette evans
5 star!

I have only been playing on this site for a couple of months. I mainly play the slots and I must say I have won a lot of money on fluffy favourite. It is very fair and better than any other site I have played.

You work at Mirror Bingo?!

 by Bubble 30

I'd advise anyone to avoid this site, it's terrible, customer service so bad, took my money and refused to credit my account, money just vanished, worst bingo site I've ever played!!!!

 by annoyed
terrible experience so far

Like other players I have sent my ID multiple times, passport, bank card and utility bill and they keep finding more ridiculous reasons not to accept them. I have have lodged a formal complaint with the site and if that has no effect I will report it to the Gambling Commission and maybe write to the papers, starting with The Sun!

 by concerned

Really concerned after reading these comments. Won almost £2000 and sent passport, bank card, council tax letter and they have just rejected all 3 and said they need more, seriously!! I will refer to gambling commission if any issues as this is shocking. Never had a problem with details with anyone else. Flew out the country last week on my passport, good enough for passport control but not mirror bingo.

Yes, go to Gambling Commission if an issue. But to be honest GC is useless, they just want the cash from the license fees and ignore player concerns.

 by alan
Mirror Bingo Fob You Off

Mirror Bingo contact number 0800 5200 356. I have had the same problem registered account won 280 pound and they blocked my account. Keep asking for the same documents which we sent about 50 times but they wont accept it i would never play on this site again. They fob you off with the policy crap but they are arent saying that when you deposit money into their account.

 by Dizzy Jee
Dont Reply

Really disappointing site. They dont reply to my emails. I will be avoiding Mirror Bingo.

 by Tina
It is OK

OK site. deposit £10 play with £40 then got £30 bonus on slots, which I ended up with over £70 balance, Withdrew £50 still have £20 odd to play with.

 by rita
No Issues

I think this site is run by virtue fusion I have played a few of their sites including mirror bingo and have no big issues

 by jacqui
Tacky Bingo

Played couple of times and just find the whole site tacky looking and slots pay out very poor in my opinion compared to same slots on other sites and after hearing other players complain about time it takes to withdraw winnings I wont be playing there again

 by Gemma
Suspended My Account

I signed up with this bingo site about a week ago and won over a £100 and withdrew the money and then I go to login back in about 3 days later and my account has been suspended. I have emailed 7 times over the last 3 days and nothing back so I am going to report them to, they are quick enough to take your money, ridiculous.

 by m gamble
Customer Service Useless

I opened an account won some money they asked me to verify so i send all documents. My account has been suspended as they say they never received my documents and they still have my winnings. Customer support useless and no phone number to ring them on, not replying to emails so i have no option to report it to the ombudsman. I would stay away from Mirror Bingo.

Yes, Mirror Bingo is very badly run. However try their live chat facility & send documents again. As soon as they verify your documents you should have your money released. It is a one-off process that all firms have to do for security. If you want to make an official complaint then contact the UK Gambling Commission and / or the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

 by Mark Gill
Mirror Bingo Con

They are a con do not use them. I won money said money would be in bank in 7 days. Got email saying they want to see my card and address print outs, not a chance so not use them.

To be fair to them, this is the normal due diligence and Know Your Customer compliance that all betting sites have to do. They will only do this the first time you withdraw. If you provide the necessary details you will be fine going forward.

 by Angela
Thumbs Down

Mirror Bingo moved platforms to Playtech and the customer service has suffered. Withdrawals are taking longer. So far the change has been badly managed. Thumbs down.

 by Mirror Reader Joe

I read the Daily Mirror newspaper every day and that is why I tried their bingo site. It seems fine, though I have not played anywhere else online yet.