Scoop 6 Explained: Scoop A Fortune For £2

Scoop 6If you want to win a lot of money from a small stake, then JustBookies recommends the Scoop 6 bet as your first choice. This is the Saturday horse racing pool bet that can roll over to seven-figure sums, but costs as little as £2 to get involved.

The Scoop 6 is a horse racing bet taken seriously by recreational and pro-punters alike as it can win you millions. In June 2016 the pool swelled to £3.5m, after eight weeks of rollovers, before it was won at Royal Ascot. While in May 2014, after 12 weeks of rollovers, eight winners shared a record £10.7million in the Scoop6 win pool. They picked up £1.3million each and then got to play for a £5.4m bonus fund the following Saturday, which three of them won.

Other notable winners include cleaner Agnes Haddock, who scooped the best part of a million in 2007 for her £2 Scoop 6 stake. To stand a chance of joining the ever-growing Scoop 6 millionaires club then read on.

[quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]The Best Bookie to Place a Scoop 6 Bet with is Betfred (found in their Totepool section)[/quote]

What is the Scoop 6? The Scoop 6 is a once-a-week bet every Saturday and it is nearly always on ITV Racing. It involves picking a horse in each of six specific UK horse races. If you pick the winner in each of the six races you win the pool.

There is also a place dividend if you manage to pick a placed horse in each of the six races. This acts as a consolation, so the bet is at least still live if one of your selections places rather than wins.

You can pick more than one horse in each race to increase your chances but that would increase the cost of the bet. The cost is £2 per line ie: £2 to pick one horse in each of the six Scoop 6 races. Like the lottery, if the bet is not won it rolls over to the next week. That is how the pool, and the potential winnings, can become very large.

How do you work out the cost if you choose more than one horse in a race? If you do pick more than a single horse in each race then you just multiply the numbers chosen in each race to get the total number of lines that you have. Here is an example explained:

  • Race 1: 1 (ie: one horse chosen); Race 2: 1; Race 3: 2; Race 4: 1; Race 5: 1; Race 6: 3.
  • So to work out the number of lines / bets that you have made just multiply the numbers. Using the example above that is: 1 x 1 x 2 x 1 x 1 x 3 = 6 lines = 6 bets @ £2 each = £12 total stake.

If you land the Scoop 6 there is a bonus chance the next week: If you are fortunate enough to win the Scoop 6 then you get all the money in the win fund. It doesn’t end there as you have the opportunity to win the Scoop 6 Bonus Fund by selecting the winner of a single race the following Saturday. Betfred, whose bet it is, tend to choose a very competitive handicap horse race for you to have a stab at.

The Bonus Fund is definitely a prize worth having. In May 2014, after many rollovers, the bonus fund had reached a record £5.4million. Three ticket holders shared that when their horse just got up on the line in that week’s allocated bonus race. Each of those tickets scooped a total of £3.1m. That’s because they had won £1.3m the week before in the win fund and then added a further £1.8m (1/3rd of the £5.4m) when they won the bonus race.

What is the appeal of the Scoop 6? Well, there’s always the option of paying a pound for a lottery ticket but, if you can stretch to £2 (the minimum Scoop 6 bet), isn’t it more interesting to take an active part in your fate? With a Scoop 6 bet you can use your punting skills to choose your selections and increase your chances of success. Isn’t that more rewarding (and more likely to deliver a return) than picking numbers at random or using birthday and anniversary dates and leaving everything to chance?

Secondly, a Scoop 6 bet can potentially offer you some extremely exciting entertainment in the comfort of your own home – at least until one of your selections fails to reach a place position. Fortunately, ITV Racing not only gives you the benefit of their ‘expert view’ on the early Saturday Morning Line program if you prefer a bit of professional help with your selections, but also usually show all the Scoop 6 races live, on terrestrial television.

So you don’t have to subscribe to specialist sports channels to enjoy cheering your Scoop 6 bets home. ITV Racing also keep you updated on how many Scoop 6 punters are still in with a chance of winning, race by race, as the afternoon progresses.  You will know if you are likely to be sharing the prize with quite a few others and booking a luxury holiday for the family and buying a new car or if you are going to be receiving an amount that really is totally life-changing.

Watching a race is always much more interesting if you have money riding on it. If you get even half way through the Scoop 6 bet, surely that’s more exciting than buying a lottery ticket.

There is the heart-stopping mistake over a fence and the sheer exhilaration of a breath-taking close finish (provided your horse wins). Isn’t that just a bit more exciting than watching small, numbered table tennis balls roll out of a transparent plastic machine that resembles a dysfunctional kitchen appliance?

Thirdly, you have more chance of being struck by lightning than winning the lottery. If you know a little about horse racing and follow the form, surely you have a better chance of making a winning Scoop 6 bet?

Finally, if you are fortunate enough to win the Scoop 6, you have that golden opportunity to win the Scoop 6 Bonus Fund by selecting the winner of a single race the following Saturday. If you win the Lottery then that’s it. No chance of getting anything other than press coverage and begging letters the following week.

The six races chosen for the Scoop 6 every Saturday are carefully selected to make a worthwhile challenge for punters, but that’s part of the fun. Like the Lottery, if you are not the only person with a winning ticket, the Scoop 6 prize fund is shared between the successful ticket holders.

Perhaps it is just as well that they don’t make it easy. It wouldn’t be nearly so exciting if you had to share half a million pounds with three hundred other people.

If you are aiming for a Scoop 6 bet win that’s potentially life changing, it doesn’t make sense to follow the crowd via the newspaper tipsters or to pick short priced horses in every race. The chances are that the rest of the world will be selecting them too. If you can use your analytical skills to find value outsiders, they are the ones that will be most likely to help you to achieve a major, hopefully unshared win.

Before placing your Scoop 6 bet, you need to know about the rules. If you place your Scoop 6 bet with one of the best bookmakers and any of your selections end up being non-runners, your bet will default to the favourite in that race, and if there are joint favourites, to the favourite with the lowest racecard number, so there will still be everything to play for.

If you would much rather rely on your own judgement than that of the betting market, it is definitely a good idea to check for non-runners and place your bet as late as possible on the day to ensure you don’t end with your Scoop 6 bet hopes riding on a favourite that you hadn’t actually selected. Your window to place the bet is from 9am on a Saturday morning through to just before the start of the first Scoop 6 race, that is usually around 1.45pm in summer and maybe 1pm in winter.

While the big prize is for selecting winners, a Scoop 6 bet can also pay a dividend if you manage to pick horses that are placed in all of the Scoop 6 races. Typically, this can yield around £500 for a £2 stake. It may not be life changing but it’s more than a conventional bet is going to yield for a similar stake.

Like the Lottery, the Scoop 6 prize fund rolls over to the next week if there is no winner. So you may prefer to make your Scoop 6 bet when you know that the prize is worth winning. Sometimes, over a million pounds is up for grabs. In January 2009, for example, a prize of £1.5 million was won by a single punter. In May 2014 the total amount reached a record £10 million – now that is getting into lottery rollover territory.

If you are chasing a big Scoop 6 win fund week and are struggling between a couple of selections in one race, there is nothing to stop you from betting on multiple permutations to cover all the bases. If taking that approach seems to be getting too pricy, why not form a syndicate with friends and spread the cost of increasing your chances?

Certain syndicates, albeit rather large ones, often with a professional gambler at the helm, boast multiple Scoop 6 bet victories. Other large scale (in more ways than one) individual punters, like Harry Findlay, have wagered tens of thousands each week and have claimed the spoils on a number of occasions.

On the other hand there are frequent winners who have a single £2 Scoop 6 bet, some of whom choose to make their selections rather less scientifically than the pro-punters, who have had life changing wins. As we explained at the start, 51-year-old Agnes Haddock of Cheshire had a winning Scoop 6 bet that paid out £700,000. She consequently sold her ironing business and now lives off her Scoop 6 betting profits.

So how do you place your potentially life changing Scoop 6? The easiest way is through an online bookmaker like Bet365. Also Betfred (in their Totepool area) is a good spot to do it. They provide a special Scoop 6 race card. All you have to do is make your selections online, tick the boxes and hopefully watch your horses romp in.

Scoop 6

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22 thoughts on “Scoop 6 Explained: Scoop A Fortune For £2”

    • No. That is because if a bookie is offering 1-5 a place, that is not the normal place terms. That is a special concession. Fifth place can never count for the Scoop 6.

  1. I’ve registered an acc and added funds but cant figure out how to select? Is it only certain runners in the scoop 6 or can I choose from any race/runner/rider? Sorry, first time and it seems complicated? Have missed todays racing but will try next saturday!

    • Go to the Scoop 6 section, which will be in the ‘horse racing’ section and then within that maybe ‘tote’ or ‘totepool’ section, depending on particular bookmaker. Then you must find, within totepool / tote section the ‘Scoop 6’ – it is basically a coupon and it is six specific races. It will not be there until 8am on Saturday morning and disappears when 1st Scoop 6 race starts. So that is your time window to place the bet. Choose one horse in each race (if you are doing one line only) by ticking the box (or dial) next to its name.

  2. my horse on the scoop 6 in the 2.00 at goodwood today was 5th and all bookmakers were offering five places does this apply to the scoop 6 as the rest of my selections won and one was second?

    • No, the extra place offered on single bets is an enhanced offer and not usual place terms. Normal place term rules apply for the Scoop 6, so I am afraid your horse did not place for Scoop 6 purposes. The Scoop 6 place dividend paid £108.60 today, so you haven’t missed out on anything life changing.

    • No unfortunately. You have not won the win bet and you have not won the place bet. You need a place in all six races to get the latter. If it is any consolation, the place bet today paid just over £12, so you haven’t missed much. The win part was not won and so rolls over to another week.

    • Yes. If you have placed horses in all six races then you win the Scoop 6 place dividend, which today is just £7. That’s the worst place dividend I have ever seen, but so many favourites did place. The one winning Scoop 6 ticket won £250k.

  3. Hi, if i have four place and two non-runners in the Scoop6, but the favorite in one of the non-runners’ race came last, do i win anything? Also i know a non-runner is replaced with the favorite. Thanks.

    • No. You lose because one of your selections (the favorite that came last that replaced your non runner) did not place.

    • Yes. Syndicates of friends are a great way to get more lines and increase your chance of winning. Maybe not so good if you just want to contribute £2 considering picking just two horses in each of the six races will cost £128.

    • Yes you do – the place dividend which pays anything from £200 – £1000 only depending on the popularity of the placed horses. If lots of favourites place then it will be a lower dividend. If lots of favourites are out of the frame should be on the higher side. But if you get 5 winners and a placed horse in the Scoop 6 then the placed dividend is scant consolation!

    • Hi Susanne, Yes anyone from Ireland can join the Totepool / Totesport website and can place a Scoop 6 bet. We just rang them and double checked that fact for you. They have a lot of Irish account holders they told us. For your information the only countries that are restricted by Totepool are: Canada, France, Italy, USA, Spain, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, China & Turkey.

      Please be aware that obviously you can join at any time you like but they only start taking Scoop 6 bets on Saturday morning up until the start of the first Scoop 6 race. Good luck!


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