Scoop 6 Explained: Learn About The Popular Pool Bet

Last updated July 8th, 2020

The Scoop 6 is the Saturday horse racing pool bet that can roll over to seven-figure sums and costs £2 a go to get involved with.

The Scoop 6 is a horse racing bet taken seriously by recreational and pro-punters alike as the fund can grow. In June 2016 the pool swelled to £3.5m, after eight weeks of rollovers, before it was won at Royal Ascot. While in May 2014, after 12 weeks of rollovers, eight winners shared £10.7million in the Scoop6 win pool. They picked up £1.3million each and then got to play for a £5.4m bonus fund the following Saturday, which three of them won.

Other notable winners include cleaner Agnes Haddock, who scooped the best part of a million in 2007 for her £2 Scoop 6 stake. To Find out more keep reading.
Where To Place Scoop 6: The best bookie to place a Scoop 6 Bet with is Bet365. Go to their ‘horse racing’ section, make sure you are clicked on ‘coupons’, look in the ‘UK & Ireland’ section and you will find the link to the Scoop 6 at the bottom of that section, below the UK & Irish racecards. Remember it is only usually available on a Saturday until the start of the first Scoop 6 race.

What is the Scoop 6? The Scoop 6 is a once-a-week bet every Saturday. It involves picking a horse in each of six specific UK horse races. If you pick the winner in each of the six races you win the pool.

There is also a place dividend if you manage to pick a placed horse in each of the six races. This acts as a consolation, so the bet is at least still live if one of your selections places rather than wins.

You can pick more than one horse in each race to increase your chances but that would increase the cost of the bet. The cost is £2 per line ie: £2 to pick one horse in each of the six Scoop 6 races. Like the lottery, if the bet is not won it rolls over to the next week. That is how the pool, and the potential winnings, can grow.

How do you work out the cost if you choose more than one horse in a race? If you do pick more than a single horse in each race then you just multiply the numbers chosen in each race to get the total number of lines that you have. Here is an example explained:

  • Race 1: 1 (ie: one horse chosen); Race 2: 1; Race 3: 2; Race 4: 1; Race 5: 1; Race 6: 3.
  • So to work out the number of lines / bets that you have made just multiply the numbers. Using the example above that is: 1 x 1 x 2 x 1 x 1 x 3 = 6 lines = 6 bets @ £2 each = £12 total stake.

If you land the Scoop 6 there is a bonus chance the next week: If you win the Scoop 6 then you receive the money in the win fund. It doesn’t end there as you have the opportunity to win the Scoop 6 Bonus Fund by selecting the winner of a single race the following Saturday. It tends to be a very competitive handicap horse race for you to have a stab at.

In May 2014, after many rollovers, the bonus fund had reached £5.4million. Three ticket holders shared that when their horse just got up on the line in that week’s allocated bonus race. Each of those tickets won a total of £3.1m. That’s because they had won £1.3m the week before in the win fund and then added a further £1.8m (1/3rd of the £5.4m) when they won the bonus race.

Some More Rules: Before placing your Scoop 6 bet, you need to know about the rules. If you place your Scoop 6 bet with one of the best bookmakers and any of your selections end up being non-runners, your bet will default to the favourite in that race, and if there are joint favourites, to the one with the lowest racecard number.

If you would much rather rely on your own judgement than that of the betting market, it is definitely a good idea to check for non-runners and place your bet as late as possible on the day to ensure you don’t end with your Scoop 6 bet hopes riding on a favourite that you hadn’t actually selected. Your window to place the bet is from 9am on a Saturday morning through to just before the start of the first Scoop 6 race, that is usually around 1.45pm in summer and maybe 1pm in winter.

While the big prize is for selecting winners, a Scoop 6 bet can also pay a dividend if you manage to pick horses that are placed in all of the Scoop 6 races. The Scoop 6 prize fund rolls over to the next week if there is no winner.

If you are chasing a big Scoop 6 win fund week and are struggling between a couple of selections in one race, there is nothing to stop you from betting on multiple permutations to cover all the bases. If taking that approach seems to be getting too pricey, many people will form a syndicate for their entry.
To Place A Scoop 6 Bet: Go to Bet365. Head to their ‘horse racing’ section, click on ‘coupons’, find the Scoop 6 at the bottom of the ‘UK & Ireland’ section. You can only usually place a Scoop 6 on a Saturday up to the start of the first Scoop 6 race.

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