Sun Bingo Review – Not Recommended

Last updated January 27th, 2022

Sun Bingo ReviewSun Bingo was dishonest with its business partners and as a result we have lost all confidence in this brand. Instead we suggest you check through our top rated bingo sites here and join one of them. The Sun Bingo review that follows is from before they became untrustworthy. It will be updated to reflect our change of opinion shortly.

Sun Bingo is the online bingo site of the UK’s best-selling tabloid newspaper, The Sun. With 75, 80 and 90-ball online bingo, it has everything you need for a great experience. Our Sun Bingo review can reveal that bingo tickets start from just a penny. There are games starting all the time. It never stops. There are also guaranteed prizes, like the £1000 guaranteed full-house 90-ball bingo game every night. Our JustBookies’ reviewer was certainly impressed when he played at their site.

Everyone says the best prizemoney is at this site and the statistics back that up as it gives away £15m a week to its numerous winners and they pay out fast. But it is not just bingo that is on offer, there are also some fabulous slots, scratch cards and instant win games. Plus it costs so little to get involved and give yourself a chance of winning a lot.

As well as the amazingly generous offer to treble your first deposit (more details below), they have so many different ongoing promos. In the past they have given away cars and holidays to their players. You can be sure there will be more of the same. The promotions never stop coming.

Sun Bingo has 30 different chat rooms and even in the chat rooms you can win prizes for no cost. There are little quizzes and competitions all with different rewards. It all goes to give a great sense of community and fun. Read on for their amazingly generous first deposit offer.

The customer services is also great at Sun Bingo. It is unlikely you will ever need it, but if you did there is an 0800 freephone number to call them with any queries you may have 24hrs a day.

£30 FREE: They will give you a 300% bonus on the first £10 you deposit and spend. How does this work? Well it is very simple, just use that tenner and they give you an extra £30, leaving you with £40 to play with. This £30 freebie is made up of a £20 Bingo Bonus (which can be used on any bingo game) and a £10 All Games bonus (for all slots or bingo mini games). There are wagering requirements of x 3 for the bingo bonus and x 30 for the slots bonus. Sun Bingo also offers bonuses on your 2nd (up to £30) and 3rd (up to £50) deposits, which are paid at a rate of 50% of your deposits.

On top of those offers, their website has loads of other ongoing extras and promos. These include: Buy One Get One Free (Bogof Bingo) offers; Cash Ladder Rewards (the more you play the more free cash you earn) and £1000 guaranteed full-house bingo. There is a lot more besides and all the details can be found by clicking the ‘promotions’ tab on the Sun Bingo website.

OPINION: Our Sun Bingo review concludes that this is a great place to play. JustBookies found that there are thousands of bingo players online with games starting all the time and chat rooms galore. It’s just great fun! Hopefully you can also make some money too. There are no end of opportunities to do that and the promos keep getting rolled out. That counts for a lot. It’s great giving away money to new players but once you’ve been there a while you want the freebies to keep on coming, and at Sun Bingo they do.

More Info About Sun Bingo

It is owned by News Group Newspapers, owners of the newspaper of the same name. It is part of the huge Virtue Fusion bingo network, which is licensed in Gibraltar and run by Playtech. Sun Bingo players are pooled with other sites on the same network, which creates a larger volume of daubers. That is good for everyone playing at the site because it keeps the prizes huge!

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Average rating:  
 20 reviews
 by Liz Goldthorpe
Robbed My Money

Withdrawn my money, was asked for all my proof - sent it all, was accepted, opens my  account coz it got locked, withdrawn my money again locked the account again was only back open 2 hours. Still not got my money - scam.

 by Kylie
Frozen Game on Big Money

I was playing deal or no deal perfect play and went into the bonus and it hit the big money box as soon as it did this it froze. I tried numerous times to chat live they then ended the chat. I then called up and spoke and sent emails with screenshots with the evidence and nothing done. Just told to clear my cache and reset my phone. What a joke - this is the third time it’s happened.

 by Susan Woodcock
Frozen Out of Jackpot Bonuses - Part 2

Thank you Just Bookies for your Response. Just like to fill you in with an update to my situation. To confirm I do have several photos of the game being frozen from approximately 10.30 to 4.10 in the afternoon clearly showing the 5 Mega symbols on the screen and the length of time it was frozen. When the game became active again it showed a winning amount of £15. This amount was the amount that Sun Bingo said I had won, even though I hadn't had any spins after the 5 symbols dropped in and at the same time it came across the screen that the MEGA Jackpot had just been won. This is an unlikely coincidence that 2 people would win it at the same time, but Sun Bingo did say it was possible in their game rules. With regards to the game rules: On returning to the Sun Bingo Mistress of Egypt game rules just to make sure I was understanding them, I find they have removed the rules on 2 people winning, or that they pay out an automatic Jackpot if the game freezes. I must have caused them concern with my complaint, unless it has been moved somewhere else on their site. If it has been removed is there anyway I can get that information back? I appreciate your help and will try to pursue my claim but feel I am a little fish in a big pond, without backup I will struggle. As you have advised I will speak to UKGC.

With regards the old rules, maybe "wayback machine" (aka: can help if the rules are not behind a password protected area: That website takes copies of pages of all websites at various intervals and keeps them forever. So you may be able to see the old rules there, assuming it was accessible to

 by Susan Woodcock
Frozen out of Jackpot Bonuses - Part 1

I have in the past three weeks had several Jackpots that I have been frozen out of, one being the Mega Ways Mistress of Egypt where I had the 5 symbols and froze the game for several hours. At the same time my jackpots dropped in, it came across the screen that the Mega Jackpot had just been won, an amount in excess of £513,000. Sun Bingo in their rules state that it is unlikely that 2 people would win the Jackpot, but, it is possible, stating that they would pay both players. They also state that in the event that the game freezes at this point, that they would also pay the Jackpot. I have sent numerous emails and photos giving them all information to prove this. Sun Bingo have auto-replied to my queries and I have spoken to an advisor and received an email stating that it has been escalated to the necessary department. Nothing has come back yet. How long does someone have to wait in these circumstances, and if they don't deal with my complaint where do I take my complaint next? It has also happened on Meg ways Fishing Frenzy freezing me out of 3 Jackpot wins and again several minutes later freezing me out of a 4 Jackpot win. I am wondering if Sun Bingo are acting honestly or have done something to the coding in the Mega way Mega Jackpot games because they have never honoured my wins as yet. I feel that Sun Bingo are not reputable when and if they don't abide by their own rules.

To answer your question "where do I take my complaint next?" You could contact the UK Gambling Commission. They license these jokers (and all betting companies operating in the UK). UKGC does have a lousy reputation to be honest and only seems to self-serving. However, in theory, they should help with your query. At the very worst, you could always challenge the renewal of Sun Bingo's licence if you have documentary evidence they have conned you (ie: screenshots - which your review suggests you may have). However in that circumstance it would be best to be represented by a solicitor. In fact, I believe you could even take them directly to court. Certainly sports betting complaints have ended up in court - we are not sure of the legalities regarding bingo. Perhaps the first stop would be to try and speak to someone at UKGC. Their website is here: Good Luck.

 by Joemash
Stay Away

All that's missing is them wearing masks and cloaks. Stole my money, stay away.

 by Rachel
Number calls not random

I have watched the ball calls when I play their bingo games and it doesn’t look random to me. They call specific lines of lines in close succession, and although they would claim their numbers are regulated and checked, I think they sell certain tickets to the more favoured members and leave the unlikely to win tickets to the members they think don’t deserve a win. I have started playing on another site and you can actually tell that the number calls are random as they don’t just call clusters of the same line of numbers, and you seem much more likely to win - which I have done several times. And their session games are a complete waste of money as I one once in god knows how many months and other members seem to win all the time - how can I be randomly but regularly lucky on one site and not when I play on The Sun Bingo? I don’t trust them anymore and will stop using their site. I think they need to be thoroughly investigated to be honest.

 by Minever

This site is worst then any other gambling sites. Spend over 2k on 50p or £1, didn't got any scatters. Tried to get in contact with customer service - not available. Never, ever been having so bad experience with any other sites. Horrible games, only take, take, take! Ridiculous. I hope they will be controlled as they are a proper scam. Not recommending to anyone. Bad.

 by Alara17
Bad experience, rip off

I have really bad experience with Sun Bingo. I played on slots on 50p and £1 stake, deposits after deposits until I lost over £1900 and there wasn't a single bonus, not a single win. Always same pictures, getting stuck - unbelievable how bad this site is. How is it possible on over hundreds of spins not to have a single win? I will report them! It is gamble but isn't fun if you just putting money in and don't get a single bonus. If I give them 0 stars it would be best. I am not recommending Sun Bingo to anyone because I played very long time and saw how bad this experience was. Stay away, keep your money for yourself 🙁

 by Marlene

Been with Sun Bingo over a year. Became VIP, got loads of perks etc then got a small win and lost VIP etc. Got penalised for getting that small win so don't waste your money like I did.

 by Brian
It's a con

If you play buzz bingo and the sun bingo at the same time you will see it's the same numbers that are called and the same people that win on both sites. How can that not be a con. If you don't believe me try it and see.

They will be sharing a network. Lots of bingo brands are on the same network. It increases the number of players, liquidity and in theory the level of prizes that can be offered.

 by Vinnie Ladd
Beginning to think it's crap

Can't win, can't speak to them and finally can't even log in. Don't bother. They don't.

 by Joanne
Do not join

After being made a VIP, promotions were not received and they closed my account rather than issue the promised promotion.

 by Graham
Sun Bingo

Bonuses have like x20 multipliers when do get. Any bonus winnings from rainbow riches or bouncy balls are impossible to spend as uses cash first, so if £5 to spend on spins from bonus and win 40p it will start using cash again. Meaning you have to load out of it buy bingo tickets for later then carry on with slot, repeat over and over until used up bonus. Zzzzzz
Recent withdrawal is now at 3 weeks, even after sending more id than needed for passport and having chat team say over and over my address is changed but somehow it gets changed to old address so over and over telling them no! I'm at new house and excuse not to pay. Complaints are divided between those who have decent feedback to ch's and those who win 1000s a week, game after game after game (even same 1s on free games with 1000ppl there) these jump down anyones throats who dare say anything about bonus or tickets not playing etc. Does have session and newbie room but rest can be played better elsewhere. Over 3 years only down £700 on here so not sour grapes, just change from gamesy to virtue has no listening to players in majority just the big winners

 by Lorraine

Stopped using Sun Bingo cause depositing money and same people winning. Getting emails so decided to go back to Sun Bingo, just called and was told he had my account but I had to send all sorts of ID. Well, Sun Bingo you lost a customer there, I wanted to spend money and was told by the man who took my call he would take me off the system, great for business.

 by Meercat402
Deal or no deal 75

I played all day trying to win a house and have a go at the box when finally my number came up but another player claimed and got the full prize I was gutted - no more sin bingo for me.

 by Jenwin
Verification nightmare

Less than one star. I am battling to retrieve a few hundred in winnings and their proof of identity and address verification is rubbish. Nothing I send is good Enough. This is a strange runaround as I have been a customer for over 7 years. So far no one is able to tell me why my verification is failing and I now think they have begun to ignore me. Steer clear as something is badly wrong.

 by Tuffle87

I persevered through the migration to the Virtue Fusion network from Gamesys. I don't like change and thought things might take a turn for the worse but actually the place is better than before. I play on Sun Bingo for the core games, but I have been drawn to the slots lately, which are so much fun.

 by Beryl

Since they changed software to Playtech this site has improved. The customer service was poor, but seems to be better. If you stopped playing here then it is worth giving a second chance now it is on a different and better network.

 by Georgie G
Sun Bingo good

I have been playing at the Sun's bingo site for a long time now. I like the chat, games, prizes and how easy it is to use and get going. I have won a bit recently so thought I's post a favourable review. I have never had any problems getting my money back fairly quickly.

 by Anne Machin

Tried playing at Sun Bingo and had a great time. Seems a really social place and it's just a bonus if I happen to win anything. Hope that doesn't make me sad!