Tombola Bingo Review – No Longer Recommended

There are better sites than Tombola Bingo. They have attracted a lot of criticism on the independent review site Trustpilot, where anyone can leave their opinion of a firm. Tombola score two stars out of five based on a total of nearly 700 reviews. The only high-scoring reviews we could find were affiliates leaving bonus codes (ie: people trying to make money promoting Tombola), so the real score would actually be nearer one star out of five.

In our dealings with Tombola we have found them far from fair, changing the basis of promotional arrangements unilaterally on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis. The UK online bingo market is very competitive and Tombola have not moved with the times, so we no longer actively recommend them. For a full list of bingo sites we do rate highly, see our bingo bonuses page.

More Info on Tombola Bingo

Tombola is possibly best known for their former high-profile sponsorship of the rural ITV soap opera Emmerdale. They claim to be the biggest bingo website in the UK, though this does seem a vague boast and hard to prove. They operate their own software and are not part of a network, as most of their rivals are. That makes it a unique place to daub but it also means there is an element of the poacher turned gamekeeper about the set-up. Many Trustpilot reviews state it is hard to win on this site.

The games at Tombola include the mainstays such as 75-ball and 90-ball online bingo plus Bingo 80. There are also all sorts of other games with the opportunity to win cars and holidays as well as cash. There are chat rooms and the chat managers apparently deal firmly with any criticism of the website.

At busy periods of the evening the site has up to 20,000 players at any one time. It means there is demand at all levels of the games and you can’t really play bingo without other people playing along too.

Tombola Bingo pays out nearly seven million pounds every week to its players. They have fairly big jackpots and tickets can be purchased from two pence upwards. There are the typical ongoing promos that you might find on any bingo site.

Tombola Licensing & Tax Status

Tombola is licensed in the UK, so that means it can advertise in the UK. Tombola (international) Plc is a Gibraltar company, so it can avoid the full force of British corporate taxes.

OPINION: Tombola Bingo is based in the tax haven of Gibraltar, but with a UK license can advertise in the UK legally. That’s quite sneaky. Their Trustpilot score is 2 out of 5, despite numerous fake reviews giving the site 5 stars. There is a criticism of their software, which is proprietary, the fact people just can’t win and that the chat managers quickly stamp out any criticism of the site. In our opinion, there are better options than Tombola and they can be found on our bingo bonuses page.

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tombola bingo
Average rating:  
 24 reviews
by Zeti68 on tombola bingo
Account Disabled

Tried to log in and my account was disabled. Nobody call me or send me a email. Anyway for playing over 2 year lost lot on there as always are same winners, rude chat groups also rude cms. Not happy with their behaviour at all. A scam. They also ask me again and again for id proof and want from me bank statement. Sorry, but nobody else want to see my bank statement and I am not sharing my personal details to a gamble company.

It is normal for them to check these items. In fact they have to do these checks as part of their licensing and banking obligations. Just Bookies hates to defend Tombola Bingo because they are very poor for other reasons, but they are not doing anything unusual in this respect. All UK betting companies must do the ID checks.

by Kate on tombola bingo
Waste of time and money

I was a brand new player to this site. Have played for only 2 weeks and haven't even won a pound of my money back. Being a new player I've not been welcomed, or given any bonus funds or incentives to carry on playing. Already I've seen the same names winning the jackpots and after reading these reviews, I'll be deleting Tombola altogether! Complete waste of time and money.

by Debs on tombola bingo

This site is 100% fake... I reviewed them because I believed the bombardment of ads was a clue. What I have discovered, while investigating this terribly illegal website, is that they are posting the same names, over and over again as winners. I was abused by some chat room bots while on the site because I dared to mention that the same person was winning jackpots over and over again. This sort of website should be banned from the internet. There are people in this world of ours that are simply looking for a place to play and more so a place to meet like-minded people and have some fun... what they get? Nothing of the sort, they get an insulting condescending robot calling the numbers and a link to their bank account that could possibly bankrupt them. In the chat rooms, pro bots who come in and exclude anyone who questions the validity of the website and its practices. Please remove your bank accounts from this site and take comfort in the knowledge that, while we all understand the need to have fun and win a bit sometimes? This site is not the place to do that. I saw the same username win 12 jackpots in less than 2 hours... Gambling is indeed an addiction just like drug addiction and alcoholism but people beware this site is geared by robots not real people and it is absolutely legal, but absolutely a rip-off.

by Nikki on tombola bingo
Tombola Closed Account & Kept Winnings

Had exactly same thing again - Tombola have closed my account and kept my £150 winnings. After 11yrs of playing on there and stupidly depositing £1000s+ they disabled my account and wont give me my bit of winnings saying exact same reason as they've said to a lot of unhappy players. They have done this for two reasons: They say you've either created another account or self excluded so cant give your winnings or reopen your account to try an get what little money you've won." An absolute thieving scam of a site. They nformed me on Nov 2 2020 that I'd done a lifetime self-exclusion ban in Nov 2019 (one year earlier). Yet they let me deposit £1000s of pounds and withdraw on a few occasions. I did win for a whole year on an account that I'd used the safeplay exclusion tool on, that they have in place to stop you gambling. Then they decide a whole year later not only to disable your account but to keep your money that's in your player account. Then they ask for all types of proof of identification when clearly they have had proof of ID from you before also that they can see your banking details are the same as what you've been depositing with for many years. They need to be held accountable and also investigated for their very corrupt, very dodgy behaviour. Thieving site - so many people are complaining about this site and having same problems with them.

Our advice is that you complain to the UK Gambling Commission, who license Tombola. You will find the UKGC online or via this link: . Tell them that Tombola let you play for a whole year after you self-excluded. If you push it you may be able to recoup your losses for that entire year - other people have achieved this. Also, they have broken the terms of their license if they let you play after you self-excluded. That is a very serious breach and the UKGC should punish them.

by TWN on tombola bingo

Someone posted on here they had just won, and won last week as well?! Proves the point everyone on here is complaining about!

by Winner on tombola bingo

I disagree. I've just won €1060 and two weeks ago €396 plus lots of smaller wins. Rather than complain 🙅‍♀️ stop playing 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Well done Tombola 👌😍

by Lisa on tombola bingo

Used to enjoy playing but not anymore. Absolute rubbish. When you get bonuses they give you nothing so just not worth bothering. Go and play elsewhere where at last you can sometimes win. How can the same players win top prizes all the time? Also note the chat rooms full of people complaining? Def would not recommend Tombola site to anyone. Gambling is what it is and you cannot expect to win all the time but this site is a total con and no fun anymore.

by Abbie Dennehy on tombola bingo

Tombola is absolutely shocking. I have had an account for four years and suddenly I couldn't log in. I rang customer services and was told that four years ago I self-excluded permanently so now I couldn't play anymore. I am absolutely shocked at this as I have been playing for four years no problem. Avoid at all costs . . . they will take your hard earned money and then deactivate your account. I can't say how appalled I am by this site.

by Freddie on tombola bingo
Something Fishy

Tombola is losing the plot nowadays. It just doesn't seem to be honest anymore. No wins, same people winning. I agree with the other comments that it gives the appearance of being rigged. Maybe I'm a poor loser, but I do think something fishy is going on.

by Honest Maid on tombola bingo
Rip Off

Total rip off. Spent £150 on spin in arcade the biggest win was 60p. If you say anything in chat the cm says no win is guaranteed. A cop out for not giving any wins. The chat room is full of people complaining. A player said once welcome all new players, I said how do you know there are new players they said the cm said so earlier. The cm had not mentioned anything about new players, this player went on to win the top prize funny that, proves to me they have their own players playing.

by Kathryn on tombola bingo
Waste of Money

I have been a member for a number of years. The arcade on Tombola has shocking wins if you stake £1 most wins are 20p and 60p. The chat room is full of people complaining about the lack of wins. My advice would be keep your money.

by Loyal Tombola Player on tombola bingo
Not The Same Anymore

I’ve played on Tombola now for over 10 years and I can honestly agree with what’s been said on here. The site used to be good and very fair but not anymore, I rarely go on there now as I know it’s not going to be fun, no game play no wins. Why hasn’t the site been investigated? I just don’t understand. All of those younger ones getting ripped off. I wish the site was boycotted and Tombola would crash and burn. It deserves to after the way it’s treated people and is still doing. They are greedy.

by shocked on tombola bingo
waste of money

I have been a member for a long time it used to be a good site a fair chance of winning. But now all you ever do is deposit. The same names are winning all the time. Arcade is a joke if you stake £1 biggest win is 60p. When will this site be investigated? The chat room is full of people saying about their lack of wins. Was on the site one morning and a person on chat said welcome all the new players nice to see new people. I commented how do you know there is new people? They said the chat manager put a list up of new names. I said they did not - it was obvious they worked for Tombola. They went on to win top prize. I leave you to make up your own mind.

by Kerry on tombola bingo
Tombola arcade

Tombola Arcade used to be good but not anymore. You only have to be in chat to see how many players are unhappy. The amount of no wins and total lack of bonuses is unbelievable. They constantly promote their safe play tools which is a brilliant thing, however i feel that this is done to cover up the fact that Tombola no longer promote fair play. Of course its gambling you win some you lose some but here on arcade you are pretty much guranteed to lose 90% of the time. For example 40 no win scratches is unacceptable and if you do get a win say £4 on a 20p stake i can almost predict that it will be followed by 20 plus no wins in a row so your not actually getting a win at all. You get the same repetitive play day after day. There is nothing random about the games as Tombola would lead us to believe. Random means a mix not the same gameplay on repeat. TPs are not random in the game they are chosen by username. You see the same names constantly winning a top prize. I really don't know how they get away with it. Such a shame because this site was once one of the best. But like them all they get greedy and want more and more at the expense of the loyal players.

by khan choudhury on tombola bingo
one big fraud

Cut a very long story short, fake names and fake winners. Register with any bingo site and you will see the same names winning as you do on Tombola. It is all rigged. They are all in it together. The winners are NOWHERE to be seen and do NOT comment on chat. The CM will always say they're in another room. Wake up people. Go and take a look for yourselves on any other bingo site.

A lot of bingo sites share the same network, so you will see the same winners as they are effectively playing on the same site even if they came from different bingo brands.

by Loyal Player on tombola bingo

I have been using the Tombola Bingo / Arcade site for nearly 9 years now, something really needs to be done about this site, I can't believe it hasn't been investigated sooner. The site is so greedy it turns my stomach. It's got to the stage now where I know I'm not going to win anything of worth, so I just play and make sure I don't spend a lot. Their games are not fair and don't roll right especially spin, the wheels stick, and slow down and the winning icon will change right in front of your eyes. The number of unsatisfied customers that moan every single day, and you so can't blame them, I feel sorry for them, it's crazy it really is and wish everyone would boycott the website then Tombola will crash and they deserve to.

by Oneman on tombola bingo
Disgusting .. don’t waste your money

Absolutely appalled by the payouts on this site. Three (was 4) of my family members have accounts with Tombola and none of us can win a thing despite seeing the same names win every day. The site used to be fun and you had a good chance of winning something or at least getting a decent play but now it has gone to pot! The software has definitely changed despite CMs saying it’s the same, it’s definitely not! Of course it’s a gambling site so you can’t expect to win every time you play but a win occasionally would be nice. As others reviewers have already said, you can’t say anything about not winning in game chat as the CMs threaten to remove you from the chat room and the cliquey members jump on you like the Tombola police! Not surprising Tombola’s profits are in the millions whilst mugs like us are filling their pockets. Greedy site, steer clear!

by Scott on tombola bingo
Horrendous Service

Disgusting. They have not followed their own self exclusion policy. I had raised awareness of struggling with gambling and this was never honoured nor any assistance given. Over £7000 later falling in to horrendous debt, I'm told by their complaints team that a request for self exclusion is not a responsible gambling issue. I've had numerous calls with their customer service team who have used intimidating acts to prevent me from taking this to the press as well as conversations with management not noted on their systems or actions taken. I've pointed out where they have gone wrong and provided evidence but their COP OUT response was a letter of deadlock. I have also been told during three phone calls that as I have raised one complaint, there is a note on my account which states I'm not allowed to raise another complaint, despite it being a separate issue. One complaint? I've never heard of someone being allowed to raise only one complaint and no more. Unbelievable behaviour from what is meant to be a responsible operator who thinks that requests for self exclusion are "Not a Responsible Gambling issue". Thankfully I have all call recordings and emails from them to take this via the mainstream press.

by Marion on tombola bingo
Do NOT waste your money

Anyone reading this please do not waste your money on Tombola. You may win on occasion but please do not be fooled by this as this is just a ploy to get you to believe that you can win, however in reality they just take that win back with added interest, you will always deposit more than you have won. The main thing that you will notice if you do decide to play is the same names winning daily, I mean they always appear to win on the maximum stake £1 when others playing the minimum 5p stake don’t get a look in. I deleted my account ages ago for this reason but my mum still has an account so over the past month we have logged in to Tombola daily just so I can convince my mum to delete her account and stop wasting her money. Every single day we logged on to Tombola especially Tombola Arcade it was the same names were winning. No one can be that lucky... it’s gambling after all! Also the chat is cliquey and if you say anything about not winning the local bandwagon jump on you and you are threatened with being removed from the chat room.

by Sarah Jane on tombola bingo

I first discovered Tombola Bingo when they were sponsors of Emmerdale. I know Bet365 do that now, but I still played at Tombola but recently they have gone downhill. Others have said the same. Can't buy a win and customer service not so helpful.

by Terry on tombola bingo
Poor site

Tombola is one of worst sites I have ever played on. I don't always win on other sites i'd be lying if I said I did but I can't get anything from Tombola.
The process of withdrawal is slow and difficult. With other sites it can be in my bank the next day. There is a poor selection of games in both bingo and arcade. You need to watch what you say on the chat or the cm's will come down on you, on other sites there is some great banter.

by Pamela B on tombola bingo

Found bonuses hard to achieve at Tombola Bingo. More than that, disliked the community and chat compared to other sites. I have registered and tried out several spots, and Tombola is not a great site. If I had to be negative about something else then it'd be that there is a lack of choice with the games. Also I didn't win anything, but I don't blame them for that.

by Jeanette McVey on tombola bingo

Very good bingo site. Really enjoy playing the variety of games. Roller coaster is my favourite.

by Hedgehog on tombola bingo

One of my least favourite bingo sites. Never enjoyed my time at Tombola.