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Last updated January 27th, 2022

Tombola ReviewThere are better sites than Tombola Bingo. They have attracted a lot of criticism on the independent review site Trustpilot, where anyone can leave their opinion of a firm. Tombola score two stars out of five based on a total of over 1400 reviews. It is interesting that 53% rate them as “bad”, giving just one star.

The only high-scoring reviews we could find were affiliates leaving bonus codes (ie: people trying to make money promoting Tombola) and other obvious fake feedback trying to boost the score. There have been recent reports of a flood of fake 5-star reviews. So the real rating would actually be nearer one star out of five.
It is the same story here at Just Bookies, where Tombola player feedback to date has been very negative. If you already have experience of their bingo site, please leave your opinion below. Otherwise read on for our guide to their disappointing website. 

In our dealings with Tombola we have found them far from fair, changing the basis of promotional arrangements unilaterally on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis. The UK online bingo market is very competitive and Tombola have not moved with the times, so we no longer actively recommend them. For a full list of bingo sites we do rate highly, see our bingo bonuses page.

More Info on Tombola Bingo

Tombola is possibly best known for their former high-profile sponsorship of the rural ITV soap opera Emmerdale. They claim to be the biggest bingo website in the UK, though this does seem a vague boast and hard to prove. They operate their own software and are not part of a network, as most of their rivals are. That makes it a unique place to daub but it also means there is an element of the poacher turned gamekeeper about the set-up. Many Trustpilot reviews state it is hard to win on this site.

The games at Tombola include the mainstays such as 75-ball and 90-ball online bingo plus Bingo 80. There are also all sorts of other games with the opportunity to win cars and holidays as well as cash. There are chat rooms and the chat managers apparently deal firmly with any criticism of the website.

At busy periods of the evening the site has up to 20,000 players at any one time. It means there is demand at all levels of the games and you can’t really play bingo without other people playing along too.

Tombola Bingo pays out nearly seven million pounds every week to its players. They have fairly big jackpots and tickets can be purchased from two pence upwards. There are the typical ongoing promos that you might find on any bingo site.

Tombola Licensing & Tax Status

Tombola is licensed in the UK, so that means it can advertise in the UK. Tombola (international) Plc is a Gibraltar company, so it can avoid the full force of British corporate taxes.

OPINION: Tombola Bingo is based in the tax haven of Gibraltar, but with a UK license can advertise in the UK legally. That’s quite sneaky. Their Trustpilot score is 2 out of 5, despite numerous fake reviews giving the site 5 stars. There is a criticism of their software, which is proprietary, the fact people just can’t win and that the chat managers quickly stamp out any criticism of the site. In our opinion, there are better options than Tombola and they can be found on our bingo bonuses page.

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Average rating:  
 99 reviews
 by Bobby
Disabled Account

My account has been disabled after years of playing because I won’t give them any more private and personal details about myself! They want 3 months worth of wage slips with my NI number, bank statement with my account number and passport with photo and personal passport ID number. Absolutely ridiculous, we are told never give personal details to anyone because it could be a scam, yet they want every detail about you that could get into the wrong hands. If there was any fraudulent activity on my bank account it would and should be up to the bank to investigate, not down to a bingo site, absolutely will not be giving them my details and absolutely wouldn’t want to use their site anymore.

 by Amanda
account disabled

I enjoy Tombola but recently won one of their Jackpots £1250 (lucky me) so rather than give it all back to them I took a 2 week break and withdrew the cash. After the break, I have tried to log onto my account and hey presto my account is disabled! And I have to speak to someone in a call centre to decide whether to let me play again! Why is that I wonder? Because I won or because I took a break?

 by Tasha

I have recently been 'banned for life' from Tombola for no reason. Obviously there is a reason, but the 'team' said they where unable to tell me. My address hasn't changed, nor have my bank details and I haven't attempted to create another account. Eventually I managed to get out of a CS Advisor that they pick accounts at random based on age, area and how much is played & staked and cancel them. I was a sensible player - no more than £50 a month. The CM's or ' bots' and customer service staff are horrific - rude and unhelpful. Garbage site.

 by Suzanna Valentine
Account Disabled

My account has been disabled for days with no action because I am being treated for depression after the death of my daughter. Got a phone call as many do asking very personal questions and one was on health. It is perfectly normal to be suffering with depression after the death of a child and it of course, as all trained medical personal would know, does not affect my intelligence. However, my account was disabled days ago and I was told because of it, it was going to be passed to a senior safe play person to see if I could continue to play or if it would remain closed. This is a very serious breach I feel. Of course they can allow or not allow whoever they want to play on site but to now wander into the realm of mental health that should only be touched on by professionals is in my opinion showing clear prejudice against those who have mild mental health conditions that do not affect decision making or intelligence. It has left me feeling humiliated and I have been given no timeline as to when the decision by bingo operatives will be made on my grief-connected depression. No doctor has ever even hinted at anything like this. It has been disabled for days and is no longer about playing for me but is about standing up for those with mental health problems and ensuring we are not treated any differently from everyone else. It has gone from safe play to intrusive and humiliating probing into personal lives that has nothing to do with finances etc.

 by tony
it's rubbish

Don't download it to your pc because the cookies keep opening it up after closing other apps. Their help line says "clear all cookies to stop this", some cookies are useful. You never win, i've been banned from chat for pointing this out (without swearing or aggression) I'm now going on the silly little games to win 5p and 10p at a time in the hope that my "free" £50 gets my £25 stake back. I cant withdraw at the moment as their rules will take ALL MY money as admin fees.

 by Kaja
Double Standards

Total no stars. Same names win same times of the day. CMs are useless. never win. Account has always been verified. Chat rooms are full of WDW, GL & all that rubbish. I stopped chatting in them years ago due to complaining saying: Does anyone ever win? Watched winners 🏆 over and over in the same rooms at same times of the day. You are only allowed 2 plays at 1 time. But how can the same winner win 4 games in 4 different rooms. Rigged total rigged and I am no sore loser far from it. I have won a few hundred quid in past months but that has been it in years. I know there is a 18 limit gambling awareness protection from youngsters. For instance my sons nursery is closed due to covid so my usual play times are between 1pm and 4pm. So when a new game started the other day . . . before the game starts there is these whack a mole you try and hit as many as you can so I lost it when I was trying to hit them my son came running jumped on the sofa beside me and said 'can I try' so he was hitting the small moles with me. 28 seconds later he lost interest went on with himself. The initial game had not started yet... So I jumped into the chat room and made these comments: There should be a cash prize for the amount of moles you can whack... now I said it verbatim as above. CM said you need to try harder. I commented under saying my 4-year-old helped me get 70. That was it. Then I couldn't play and couldn't log in. Big red notice said: your account has been disabled. I instantly knew why, those comments. So now safe play are looking into it. Customer service could not handle that I was on phone asap and wanted my balance back. And also calling out certain chat room CM . . . telling him that I dont chat in them, that I just watch their chats. One room serious derogatory towards some players, Saying that people comment all the time oh the kids are all over me and one saying she was allowing her little one watch her play. Yes be aware of the guidelines and gambling awareness is serious. My son is only just turned 4. He can barely read, let alone take my device log in and jump on bingo 90. I knew that comment would flag so I in turn called tombola. Explain the situation around how the comments came about. No the wee incompetent dude was humming and hawing. I work with compliance, I know they monitor calls in business. He was saying now have this call as evidence. What that I am being truthful and aware of the rules. And yes I am speaking as a human player and not a bot.
And yes I am telling you that tombola is rigged and your CMs Aare obviously not doing a proper job. Pulling me aside in a email would have been better rather than this because I am now on this and no trustpilot because their reviews are fake. Also tombola don't like when an actual human is making noise. I will happily take my money somewhere else. But more folk need to come over with more human responses. If tombola think that the single mums, dads and all parents keep their playing aside, it is impossible. Like me, my wee one knows I play games and tombola. He does have a wee nosey at times mostly when I am shouting at my phone again and again at he same winners 🏆. But he does not sit with my device and log in and play. Was reading most of these comments and yes same complaints. Sort your shizzle out Tombola.

 by Bev
Out of pocket

Down almost 15k on a site where £2 is highest bet? Deposit, deposit no withdrawals hardly and playing in rooms with low players makes no difference. Total rip off. I thought this site was UK based.

 by Jon

If I could give it a 0 I would, they disabled my account because they wanted my bank statements, they banned me because i transferred money from one account to another account, and they said I was money laundering lol, and someone else was using my account they said. They disabled all my friends and family as well. They want to know everything what goes in your bank everything you earn. If you have got CCJs or paying so many direct debits they will disable your account, saying you haven't got the funds to afford it. They will have thousands off you for a few months then just disable your account. They sent me somebody's bank statement, I don't even know.. since they sold the bingo they have been idiots... Also noticed as well the people that always winning they've not been disabled. Makes you wonder doesn't it....

 by Colleen

Slots well up to now I've played 30 pounds and I've not had a payout and I don't know who makes these free game. Only won on the Christmas free game and that was 10 pound. Not won a penny since.

 by Wayne
Obvious bots

I've just come from the website after a CM tried censoring me twice when i told the room i have noticed patterns and obvious bot usernames. But when i mentioned that if i did win i could put it to good use they censored me again saying "we don't like that kind of talk here". So now they discriminate against poor people too.

 by Tracy Craigon
Same old same old

Used to play tombola a few years back. Came off the site as it seemed sane people constantly winning! Came back for another try same-people still winning it’s a bleeding co. Should have known better than to waste my money so that’s last time I sign up for it

 by Maureen

I love tombola they have helped me loads over the years the CMs are fantastic and always there if you need a chat. I've made some fantastic friends over the years. Yes you win and lose like on any site, but I think tombola is the best friendliest site around

 by Sammy
Disgusting site

I have been playing tombola for about 9 years on and off. Used to love it, got a few wins and losses weren't massive. It was an enjoyable hour or so that didn't break the bank. That is until the last year or so. No idea what has happened since covid started but this site has become so corrupt it's unbelievable. Same winners time and time again. Very rude and nasty CMs. Say anything about your losses in the chat and you get bullied. They close your account without letting you know and expect you to provide evidence that you can afford to play i.e bank statements and personal information (wtf). That has got to go against your human rights. I hate that site and will never play it again. It's the biggest con. Please stop making evil people rich.
Let's also look at facts. They say to participate on a gaming site you are required by law to show your personal information, even your bank statements yet you can walk into any gaming shop, bingo hall, arcade and not have to show this sort of personal information. You are required by law to show proof of age but not your personal bank and spending situation. That is just against human rights. I will never play online again as long as I live. It is back to the local bingo hall for me where I don't need to show them anything and I spend less.

 by Brooks
Terrible treatment after years of playing

I also played on tombola from when it was the Sun. I think asking for my bank statement after all these years is a joke. I never went over my limit and could understand if they thought I could not afford to play. Just to stop my account just like that is a joke. Don’t mind as I am playing back on Gala bingo without any hassle so goodbye tombola.

 by Thousands Gone
Terrible Site

I was on Tombola since it was The Sun. I played nearly everyday on cinco & arcade, I'd won bits but nothing exciting and last year I had a real run of bad luck, maxing my account several times and won nothing so as it was getting near Christmas I thought it best to cool off for 3 months, whilst I was on a cool off they disabled my account and requested my passport & bank statement for a certain month. I sent these 2 weeks ago and I've heard nothing. Having read all the other comments I'm expecting my account to remain closed. I've spent over 24k on the site.

 by Jane Doe

If you play on this site you will see the same named winners coming up all the time, the RG is not for Random Generator but Rigged Generator. They know the ones spending big bucks on their site & they lure them into a false sense of security with a few wins here & there for them to keep depositing. These sites are money motivated obviously keeping the fat cats happy & wealthy, they are not going to invest in something that loses them money. There will only ever be one winner & that is not the punter, for the punter it's just an adrenaline rush living in hopes that the next lot of tickets they purchase will give them a win just to keep them in the game. It's like a gambling addiction / compulsion / a fix but the same results at the end. These sites prey & rely on the vulnerable such as ones that cannot get out & only have the computer as their only means of contact, whether they are are tied down with kids or disabled etc so many reasons for these fat cats to have gaming sites to attract the vulnerable. Yes I have played the game depositing the minimum amount once every Preston guild & have seen the same names coming up all the time. They are introducing so many of these gaming sites not just bingo but other gaming sites which should be so obvious to people that they are all just money-making rackets but some people are just not educated enough to realize they are all rip of merchants at the end of the day. People just need to be educated & aware to stop joining these sites & put their money to better to use, like I said there is only one winner & it's not the punter. People please take note or you will find yourselves in dire straights to where you have spent a whole week's house keeping money playing bingo in the hopes of having a win only to be deflated but will have contributed to a luxury holiday for the fat cats who haven't got a conscience as to where your next meal is coming from.

 by Kathryn

I feel I need to write this review. Whilst playing on this site in the pulse room there were 26 players and if you press the players icon it will reveal all the names of the players and there was 26 of them. Then I checked when a name won out of 10 games only 2 names were on the list, so where are the other players? To me it shows that Tombola have their own players or random made up names. This site needs investigating - it is a scam site full of made up names winning.

 by Judy
Abused Financially

I haven’t had a win on tomboys for about 18 months, not even a line. Why keep playing? Because I want some money back. If I have a decent win I will never use tomBola again. I think I’ve easily spent approx 2k over the time I would settle for a third back. I feel abused by Tombola, it’s so bad it has got to be rigged. I’ve tried playing at all different times but not a sausage, I just want out now it’s disgusting.

 by Blackkbeauty
I'm Not Fake

This site is better than most. Their RTP on their slot games in the Arcade are high, much higher than most of their competitors. Please check this out. There is a ceiling on the amount you can win per spin. I think the most is £500.00 on a £1.00 spin (£250.00 on a £0.50p spin, £25.00 on a £0.05 spin). And because the RTP is high, you do have a chance of winning unlike other sites who’s RTP is much lower. This makes a huge differences to the odds of winning. Bingo 90 linked games (all bingo 90 rooms within this site link) can sometimes reach the 5k mark. Non linked games pots are around the £1k mark . I am confident that winners are selected on merit ie: with the winning bingo card. Their bingo games are unique and I am glad that they stand alone from their competitors ie: not linked with another company. A lot of people play on this site per day so to increase the odds of me winning, I play in rooms that have fewer people and usually later on in the night. In the end, it’s about luck!

 by Connor

If I could give this website 0 I would. You never win anything or if you do you only win little amounts. You will come close to win, so they make you want to come back.

 by Sam
Treat Players Like Nobody

I give tombola 0 stars as they treat their players like a nobody. I've been playing on that site for 9 years and they disabled my account wanting bank statements and other ID and if I don't send them they will close my account. I played every day 7 days a week and they treat you like that. Why do they want to know what's in your bank as it's no concern of their's? I've just closed my account myself. I'm not giving them bank statements. I don't mind giving them ID at all but not bank statements the way they treat you on there is horrible but they take money off you for nine years then diddle you.

 by MissC

You win once and then won’t win at all until they’ve had all the money back and more. When you play 50p or £1 spins you get no bonuses and when you do they are empty. I’ve played this site for years and found the last 12 months it’s been absolutely shocking. I really would not recommend it. Please don’t waste your money people.

 by M
Only win if they want you too

Awful, awful site. Years I've been playing hoping its just bad luck. The more I've played, the more apparent it has become. Unless you are made of a four leaf clover, there's no way you'll win. Don't get me wrong you may get small wins but all it seems to do is take, take and take more! As far as bonuses go, there's absolutely no point, Tombola gives you nothing. Maybe a fiver once a year if you are lucky. Also you'll notice in the chat there seems to be a click of a certain number of supposed players who constantly win a top prize. Please find another site. Any other site just not Tombola, unless you like to set fire to money.

 by Kel
Win Absolutely Nothing Day After Day

How can someone play for 28 days and win absolutely nothing day after day? Didn't even get close to 20.00, doesn't matter what stake u bet on just lose lose all the time while seeing the same names and ppl winning all the time. Seriously think site needs investigating, seriously fixed and if u even have an opinion abt it to them then they block your account saying ur a danger, wtf. Seriously just for asking them to take the account off lose wow obviously using the account to pay winners, become a disgusting site to play on, used to be good site. The ppl who constantly win all the time, I actually don't think they are real ppl either.

 by Stacey
No Thanks

I’d give 0 stars if possible. Last 5 months seen massive massive reduction in payout and bonus spins. So bad I’ve closed account tonight after being a loyal customer for some years. Not only that people are having accounts suspended left right and centre for ridiculous reasons so I was probably headed that anyway due to me not giving out information I consider private and quite frankly nobody else’s business. Site has seriously gone down the pan. I’ll just do without it. Thanks but no thanks.

 by Gill
Tombola Vile

CMs are vile fly people, ban you for nothing, all the same old players getting barred for nothing to make way for new players rtp is shocking since they introduced limits.

 by Ellenm
Beyond Awful / Same Winners Every Day

I’d give tombola zero stars if I could as 1 is too much for them. There’s something not right about this site. There’s just no way you should lose every single time you play. I haven’t withdrawn a penny in months playing every day but yet you see the exact same players winning constantly day after day, week after week. It never changes. Tombola tells you the wins are random but if they were you’d expect to win sometimes and the same winners lose sometimes but that’s just not the case. You can’t say anything in the cliquey chat either as you get spoken to like you’re a child and the CMs allow other players who win constantly to jump on you. It’s such a shame this site has gone down hill as it used to be a great site where you could win occasionally and I’m not saying I've never won as I have but that was before they updated their software and since then it has just been ridiculously awful. All the negative reviews say the same thing (SAME WINNERS) so we can’t all be wrong. Please don’t go by Trustpilot reviews as they must be fake or left by the same winners, of course they have nothing to complain about in fact they must make a living out of tombola they win so often. Shame on you tombola!

 by Mr Shepherd

I wouldn't waste your money on this site. I have never known an arcade that only pays 20p and 60p on £1 spins - when will this site be investigated? I was playing pulse and if you click on the players icon it will show you who is playing. Most of the names winning were not there. It shows that tombola is fixed.

 by Sasha
Unreal same winners, avoid

If I could leave 0 stars I would. Actually played quite a bit on there, win a bit lose a bit, but my word the chat is extreme, watching my money on arcade get no winning spins or bonus rounds ever, yet the same usernames have win after win after win and not pennies either. How's that random, its unbelievable that a select group consistently get bonus rounds, and all the scatters to have a spin pay them hundreds, yet I can play all week and have zero bonus rounds they get it day after day. I've screenshotted chats all week same names, same big wins, at all times of the day. I even looked in at 2am one morning - same names winning - surely the cannot play and win 24/7. If it was random as Tombola says then I would have at least triggered one bonus round, and those players would have a spell of not winning. Chat room is cliquey and if you dare say anything all the winners jump on you, actually watched them ridicule some poor player who was desperate to get a win and then all posting their £45 ty, £20 ty, £546 ty - awful. I was on the verge of leaving anyway crunch point was a 'player' in chat discussing patients' private information (she's a nurse) like it was a hilarious giggly chat with her buddies on Friday night drinks, even mocking the patients. My advice Google reviews but don't join. They need investigating, something's not right.

 by Gloria
Fake Reviews

Sorry but I had to laugh at all the fake 5* reviews on Trustpilot. Nearly all of them have got spelling mistakes and abbreviations, trying to make them sound genuine. The real reviews, with 1* are far more articulate.

 by Mumzy21
Play anywhere else!

Tombola use to be enjoyable to play. I've been with them for about 11 years. They completed an update and since then.... the wins are minimum to none! You feel like you cant chat in case you say something wrong and get your account closed. The older, regular players seem to get chucked aside and all the newbies get put at the top of the list. Just avoid playing them and play anywhere else! Good luck 🙂

 by Hayley

Been with tombola for a very long time and this last year a lot of things have changed. Wanting all your personal details such as 3mths bank statements proof of your income or benefits and even asked to see my inheritance I had. I know what I can and cant afford. I have better things to waste a lot of money on than Tombola. I only used to go for a bit of fun but now they have suspended my account till I provide all the evidence they need. Well, guess what, Tombola you are getting jack s**t. Rather take my custom elsewhere. So many people are quitting and hopeful they will go down the pan. They are very greedy. PS: If could not give you a star I wouldn't. Tombola don't deserve 1 star - absolute shambles.

 by Dave Buffery
No Wins

Have been playing tombola for 5yrs. Not a single win on anything. Also I think the chat is computer generated.

 by Kerry
Something has changed

I am giving 2 stars because in the past I did win some decent amounts. I've had 13 top prizes in arcade and 3 jackpots on the bingo side. However, they "updated" the site, I think maybe the start of the year and since then the wins are non existent. Deposit after deposit watching it disappear within minutes. I used to play a lot in arcade and sometimes my luck was just not there, fine....but now its everyday for 8 months. I did a check on what I had spent since the start of the year and its up into the thousands and I have banked £130. That's scandalous, especially when they're claiming such a high RTP. In my opinion RTP doesn't stand for return to player, more like rip the p. I'm absolutely scunnered playing on there to lose every single day. I used to be able to get small builds and keep playing for a bit but not now, it doesn't want to pay out a thing and its utterly soul destroying to see what I have spent. I'll be emailing the Gambling Commission so they can investigate this so called "update" because I'm not convinced its legit as are many players. Lots of folk saying the same thing and the chat moderators assume its bitterness if its mentioned in chat. I don't expect to win all the time nor even big money but 8 months of watching my deposits disappear is disgusting.

 by Leanne

Scammers. All I am gonna say. Robbing folks money. Same winners. Nasty chat and bullies. Horrible. Stay away, don't waste your money. You will only win pennies on here. Scam rogue site.

 by KF
Awful Scammers

Been on this site for 13 years, since 2008. It used to be brilliant, lovely cms, a few wins now & then. But over the last year it has just got too big for its boots. There are now pretty much 18000+ players every time you log on, meaning that it is so hard to get a win. Yet despite the high amount of players there are multiple 'same name' winners day after day. Tombola just give you an automated response saying it's all random though.
The final straw for me is that in the last 2 months my account has been "disabled" twice, the last time being last night. I had just withdrawn twice then I missed a phone call at 8.30pm last night. I went to buy tickets for the next game and I got a pop up saying they needed to verify me. So I called back to be told that they have "a moral duty" to players to make sure they can afford to gamble. I told her that I have used the site for 13 years. I regularly make use of the safe play features such as having a deposit limit set, having "frozen" games that I don't like, I voluntarily shut my account every so often for 6 months so that I don't spend too much time on there etc but none of this was good enough and she said I must provide 3 months worth of bank statements. I told her this wouldn't be happening so just put my balance back in my bank account. I was then told that the passport that I had provided in 2014 had expired so if I wanted my balance back I also need to provide a passport or drivers license plus a utility bill. Well, guess they are fraudulently keeping my balance then because they are not having all of that confidential info off me where I could be opening myself up to identity theft! I am disgusted with the site.

Contact the UK Gambling Commission, who license all UK-facing betting firms, to complain about Tombola:

 by xannyyx
Tombola Scam

Been with this site for years. You never win. Same names coming up: every player should keep a name log.

 by Wendy
Same Winners

Same winners all the time.

 by Rachel
Same winners all the time

I played on Tombola for quite a long time and found the usual regular winners coming up time after time. Having now played on another bingo site it is very clear to see the difference in fair play and different winning names coming up, which is how it should be. The site I now use don’t just call certain clusters of the same line of numbers - you can see the are truly random. I win sometimes and not other times but it’s a more consistent amount of losses and gains, which gives me more faith in the bingo site and experience. I would not use Tombola again and have excluded it - not due to a gambling problem - but because that’s the only way I could remove my account a such. Don’t waste your money on Tombola.

 by Sez
Tombola keep flagging my reviews and getting them removed!!

In the last 5 weeks Tombola has flagged my reviews to Trustpilot and I have had 8 reviews removed. Why? Cause I speak the truth about the sly thieving site. Tombola keep asking for my details after I leave a review even though I have asked them not to bother because im not giving them my details as we all know why they want me details...its so they can shut down my account. I must be a pain in their ar**s because i will keep leaving 1 star reviews and i will keep letting the public know how shady and sly the site is. The wins are non existent and they are bullies. They cannot handle the fact when a player leaves a negative review on their site on trustpilot their honest review warning others who may want to join up so they flag your reviews to Trustpilot (who are as bad as tombola) and say if you do not provide information from your account you are not a real player. Ermm yes i am! How dare they.. they cannot bully me here on JustBookies though. I also left a review last week on trustpilot telling players just to come and look on Just Bookies and they can see why tombola is no longer recommend and to see for themselves and guess what? Yep tombola have flagged my review yet again. Trustpilot is as bent as Tombola if you ask me because I whistleblown Tombola to trustpilot due to the flurries of fake 5 star reviews and finally got a reply from trustpilot saying they were closing my case. I asked why and they said tombola has done nothing wrong. So I no longer support trustpilot if I want a review of a business. Tombola needs investigating as I've said time and time again. Something is not right the lack of wins and penny wins are unreal. I want more and more people to see what a horrible sly sneaky online gambling site Tombola has become. Three years I have been a member and you get nothing for loyalty. Never won on the two daily free games . . and my overall spend age is £2.5k my withdrawals in that period £256. They do not care about any of its players unless you are a CM brown nose. Please avoid the crooked lying thieving scamming site at all costs if you value your money and self worthiness because tombola will strip that all away from you then disable your account as I've seen many players say on a Facebook group called clovettes.

 by Karl
Definitely rigged

I complained that in 2 years of being on the site I've not once won on their daily free games ever despite depositing over £1.3 k in 2 years! I have won lots of times and even won £500 twice on Arcade (top prizes they call them) so I can't say I didn't win because I've always been lucky in this site but there is definitely manipulation in the software. For instance I left two genuine positive reviews on tombola and called out that the majority of bad reviews all stem from players who lose a lot but play a lot etc and I didn't have any complaints and jokingly said it would be nice to win a jackpot, tombola responded saying they was thrilled about my review and they have my fingers crossed for me.

Anyways that day I deposited and ended up winning a £500 top prize they randomly emailed me like a hour later and asked if I would like to be featured on the site homepage and would I like to leave a few words... Lol the money obviously was great for me but it was too calculated for it to be random. Anyways like I mentioned earlier I mentioned about not winning ever not even on the Christmas game (your guaranteed £5) but they told me I missed a day after they checked (you need to have played every day to get it! Anyways the next day Plays the Daily free game I win £5 on bingo side and £50 on Arcade side lol... I've also seen same names winning over the years. There is definitely a group of names that seem to be extremely lucky. I've seen two/three of these names mentioned online several times I played around 2-3am every day one week (quiet at work lol) and all the rooms link up so they is like 4-900 playing yet every night for 4 days straight a user Sarah (something) kept winning 40 days straight and one night she won 1 line and the FH, or 2 lines and the FH several times (the money's huge early hours coz of the links) and over 4 nights she must of won about 3k on bingo despite been there being 700 players at times. I then didn't play for a few weeks. I logged on one Sunday night and this Sarah user won two Link games in a hour! I then saw her win two back-to-back Full houses at £300+ a pop early hours that morning. Sorry but That's far to excessive for someone to be that lucky on these big money games despite there been 6-7 hundred players.

I once played Cinco and they was 31 players in the room I once won 6 games in a row (honest truth) and 13 games in 2-1/2 hours. Like I said I won lots but there is absolutely manipulation going on with the software.

 by Emma

Doesn’t even deserve 1 star. I’ve been playing tombola for a few years now and used to enjoy the site. £10 deposit used to last quite a while with good gameplay but not now. Everyday is the same losses on there. 20p stake and you constantly win 4p or 8p and your deposit gone in under 10 minutes. I’m not a disgruntled gambler I’m a genuine player who knows something on this robbing site is fixed. Cm’s are rude when you say your losing constantly and sprinkle huge amounts of “lucky dust” to block out your negative comments so others can’t read them. Pathetic. God forbid you say something against the site you get all the cm’s little minions jump on you. Too cliquey in chat and same people winning all the time. Seriously people, save your money as you will not win on this site. Some independent investigation needs to be done as they seem to be getting away with pure daylight robbery.

 by Hannah

Having been a custom for over 6 years. My account was suddenly suspended after I complained about not having one single win in £40 on 50p plays. They wanted bank statement & photo ID. Sent this and they then emailed back saying someone else was funding the account due to my partner sending me a sum of money, despite me explaining I’m paid weekly into his account as I didn’t have an account at the time of me taking on the job and showing evidence of this.

 by Kathryn Houghton
Waste of Money

I have been a player for many years and always thought it a good site, until the past year. The wins are laughable the most you win is 60p on a £1 spin. It is very rare a bonus comes up and if it does you win pence. I mentioned it in a comment one day and that day Tombola rang me and asked me not to comment negatively on chat. How dare they call me on my private phone. Trustpilot will not post my reviews either saying I am not a genuine player. Are they being paid by Tombola to give all those reviews that have been invited to boost their score? Please be careful when depositing on this site, they block wins from players that have been on the site for years.

 by Saz
Just cannot win anything - daylight robbery

I dont know where to start. I've just come off tombola arcade. I played on every game and watched my deposit go down and down to 2p left from £30. I swear hand on my heart the last 4 deposits of £15 each time. It took almost all my money to win £1.02p. I was playing 10p a go that is a lot of games from £15 that's the gospel truth. I could cry. How is that fun? 4 deposits and 2 bonuses in total and no win over a pound! I wish I could attach the game plays or games transactions. Also their ratings on Trustpilot have gone from very poor to excellent in a matter of weeks from months and months of poor reviews.. hmmm very fishy ... I mentioned this on trust pilot and tombola flagged my review and my review was removed. They used to be a fair site about 2 years ago and now they have gone extremely greedy No win no win time after time. I always come off there site extremely frustrated angry and upset. You cannot say a word about losses in the chat OMG if you do, bang, the CMs come at you with warnings not to be negative and enjoy the games. How can you enjoy losing your money time and time again. I am very educated on gambling and understand there are losses but just burn your money because you will not get it back, always down. I've not withdrawn for 5 weeks playing every other day. The daily free games are a joke. Never ever win a single penny for the years i've been a member of the site. Please avoid the site something not right with it...example...I played 33 games on a game called GO and yep not 1 single win or matching 3 symbols. I used to love playing on the site could play with a tenner all day now I've had to reduce my stakes to 10p 5p otherwise I'd be out within under 2 minutes playing a quid. I cannot understand how or why it is not been properly investigated. It is just robbing people left, right and centre. You will also notice it's the same winners over and over. Im going to stop here now just getting myself more angry and upset just thinking about the thieving site that does not give a dam about the players. That is a fact. Please I hope this review may help others who are thinking about joining tombola to think about what they are getting themselves into.

 by Slayedbyta
Make up their own rules

I never usually leave comments on here but I feel I needed to after the treatment from tombola. It is a conning site and it needs to be investigated immediately. I use the safe play / cool off button frequently and because of this my account was disabled and I have now been asked to provide bank statements etc. Why? Because I was using the tools tombola have in place for players. The site is a con. I have been a player on there from when it was the sun and deposit a lot, never win, always the same winners who never chat and names you’ve never seen before. I think the site has become more than just “a bit of fun.” They’ve lost a very good customer. I hope they seriously get shut down.

 by Aytan Ahmet
Credit Score

Just an update, Tombola check your credit score. Couldn’t believe they closed my account in March yet still delving into my ID in June 2021. Why?! Because I have made life hell for them. They got me kicked of Trustpilot saying I am not genuine. I have put a photo of my credit score check on their Facebook page as they denied this . It's true, they are discriminating people on benefits and elderly so all be warned.

Update 9/7/21: I have just checked my credit score and seen tombola did two searches on me after they closed my account in March. They did these searches in June. When questioned they denied it. When I sent proof they said they can confirm they did it after I registered with them. That was 18 years ago! I asked what drugs they were on, they did search on June 2021 AFTER they closed my account, I have now asked them what they intend to do about the invasion of my privacy, without my permission, and also the fact they have my full ID. How do I know that it isn’t a rogue worker trying to get things in my name and checking my address etc and see if I’m creditworthy before they strike. This is not right and I will seek legal action.

 by Sheila
Good site

I am not leaving a fake review. I have been with Tombola since day one and find it very fair. The cms are great, very friendly and helpful. For you to say all good reviews are fake is an insult to us who actually do like the site.

There is a flood of fake reviews for Tombola on Trustpilot right now. 99% of 5-star reviews would be fake, most likely including yours. Note to Tombola: This site will be monitoring, and deleting, fake reviews.

 by Jane
Tombola Flooding Trustpilot With Fake Reviews

I don't know where to start. I hate Tombola full stop. They are a sneaky site. I've filled out a Blow Whistle form (complaint of suspicion in regards to tombola flooding the site Trustpilot with fake 5 star reviews) on Friday 25th June when the reviews started flooding in on tombola arcade and tombola bingo sites. I couldn't believe my eyes: 5 star review every minute. Yet for months and months they had a very poor star rating. I left a review for tombola on trustpilot mentioning these sudden positive reviews and tombola flagged my review to trustpilot. They have also done this to others who left a negative review in regards to these fake reviews and they too got flagged. I've complained again to trustpilot, leaving them a negative review to trustpilot themselves telling them how disgraceful they are for not acting upon tombola's behaviour. Not heard back from trustpilot yet. Tombola is a very conning site. You just cannot get any wins if you're lucky you may bag a pound. Cannot say anything bad on chat because the CMs warn to take your chat facility away. A lot of bullying goes on in chat as well. They've dropped the RTP although they will tell you only slightly, no a drop is a drop however they try to dress it up! It's not random because you can predict the next game play... no win no win .1p no win.. no win .2p no win 1p and so on. Not even going to go there with the 'show proof of your income' as in 'account for every penny in your bank account' and 'why have you received money from this account' and 'how do you pay for your council tax'. Absolutely disgusting asking for all your documents of income. Total invasion of privacy as well as very dangerous sending it online to a bingo company. If you don't then the account gets closed. End of. What once used to be a lovely site is now the worst online gambling site. It does not care about its players at all and uses safe play tools to make it out they care when in fact it's law to have safe play tools now. The one wish I hope is to see Tombola arcade and Tombola bingo (both their sites) closed down! They are very dishonest, sneaky, liars and con artists. Please stay away from them. They will bleed you dry and disable your account just like that. Lots of my friends as well as family members have now closed their accounts down. Please get this site investigated and shut down for the sake of its members who are blind to see how Tombola screw you over.

 by Aytan
Tombola Fake Reviews

This bingo site is now doing fake reviews on Trustpilot. I have reported them to IBSA (editor: should this be IBAS?). They keep people's money and demand full ID documents including bank statements. If you do not provide they close your account, they are crooks.

 by Fedup
Can not win

Can not win on this site been playing 11 years had some lovely wins but noticed a few months ago something not right same winners constantly. I've just stopped winning even little amounts. It can't be down to luck, something is definitely going on. Please sort it out tombola - you used to be the best site, what is happening?

 by Mazbeau
Check credit score

Been a player for 20 years spending about £500 a week when I could afford it. Nothing when I could not. Newly widowed, I had to check my credit score as I am buying a new car on my own for the first time and was horrified to find after sending in all the info that Tombola asked for, and were given, a check on my credit score. What a bloody cheek! It has shown up as Transunion Credit reference under money laundering. I am furious. Also Betfair did it. Please Tombola players, check your own accounts. This is against our civil liberties. Please warn others.

 by LiliBrown
Too intrusive

As a loyal player of over 6 years, I finally managed to withdraw enough to reach the £2000 limit. I've spent a fortune to get there but that's another story. I have now had to send countless pieces of ID, including bank statements, passport, utility bills and so on. Some of these have been queried which is irritating as I work, own my own home, have never been on benefits or involved in anything untoward. I do understand that this is a requirement by the Gambling Commission but I feel Tombola has taken things too far. They have been happy to let me add funds and play all these years, haven't they? It's rather like going into a supermarket and having to show your photo album and the deeds to your house before they'll let you buy a packet of sausages. Sorry, but I'm out.

 by Lenny

I wish you could leave 0 stars. This hands down has become one of the worse online gambling sites on the market. Many and I mean many of the players I know have now closed their accounts. Its lack of play not to even mention a win is unreal. Chat is constantly players frustrated, fed up, angry even.. depositing constantly to win pennies and that's if you're lucky. Say anything, then boom, you risk losing your chat facility by the cms..the bonuses..well what bonuses? Yeah 2 years ago they were fair and often now you can spend almost your whole deposit playing on 5p stake mind and win none. Or under a £1 playing £100 stake. Either stakes you wait and wait until nothing left in your account. I've deposited 6 x £10 this week and guess what? Not one withdrawal and looking back on my transactions it's made me feel physically sick. 2 withdrawals of just £10 in 4 and a half months from £10 play every day. Disgusting. But remember you cannot complain in chat or you are out! I'm not even going to bring up Tombola's latest low blow... the "wants to see every piece of your personal money affairs" and they tell lies because five friends of mine have all had their account closed because they refused to give tombola their bank statements etc. If you go on trustpilot you can read the disgusting behaviours they are pulling on their loyal players, asking where has that £10 come from. One lady had to explain it is her granddaughter's because she gets her shopping and pays it back via bank transfer but it is none of Tombolas business having to explain where your money is spent. They say its law, no it's just a control-freak site that is so intrusive. I could complain all day long... and there famous saying is... oh its all just down to luck. No its not your techies man made the machine. They set it to whatever payout they like. They say nothing has changed with the site. More lies, so all us players are liars and unlucky then? I'd like to know just how often is the Gambling Commission inspections? Would be ideal if the GC played as a customer. They would soon change their tunes and shut this revolting, greedy, scamming money-making bunch of tax free company down. Oh and if you notice Tombola don't ask for the high level of intrusive bank statements etc when you first join up and the reason for that is could no one would play. So they wait until you are thousands of pounds down and then decide to hammer you with playsafe but they don't care if you leave the site because new players keep joining. It's a vicious circle.

 by Ann
No stars

No stars for this site. I have been a member since it was with The Sun. I have had big wins in the past and it use to be fun but not anymore the cm’s are atrocious they speak to you like you are 5 years old and some of the things they ask, well let’s just say an infant school teacher asks her kiddies more intelligent questions! They seem to be eco warriors and most have no conversational skills whatsoever but then they don’t like you chatting. You are only allowed to do the big count down of the numbers you want. Arcade is a joke I have put hundreds in the galleon at £1 a go and not once have I had the jackpot. I have played many slots in my time and that just does not add up! The site has gone to the dogs and now asking for all this personal stuff, well they won’t be getting mine. I’ll let them know how many spots I’ve got on me bum and then tell them to shove it!

 by Amy
Something seems off

Played this game a few times on and off and it seems the same names always pop up as winners. Now this could sound like I’m being bitter as don’t win on this site but it must be a massive coincidence that when I come on randomly the same names are on.

 by Londonchick01
I’m real 🙂

I use to think it was fixed cos I use to play loads & never get anything. Honestly guys it can’t be fixed as I won 2 big prizes a jackpot £9.3k & then won in a big link £12500. I’ve won some great link houses as well, if it’s fixed then thank you very much for fixing it for me but I very much doubt it! Honestly never in my dreams did I ever think I’d win again after the £9.3k but I did! Gl guys x

 by Jo
Such a Shame

Hi, I have been a member for many years. I have been lucky winning several jackpots but my limit has been reduced to £50 a month at which I was horrified. It is an insult to me personally. When I spoke to safe play team I said the whole vetting procedure is flawed, I knew that my credits would not cover my debits as I have been lucky enough to have been left a substantial amount of money which will see me out! The team's answer was "what if that runs out?" I do not play anywhere else as I have tried other sites but liked the page on Tombola, the £2 limit on bingo and £1 limit on arcade, which when reading the gambling commission guide lines are acceptable. So what the heck are they doing to their debit free loyal customers? I am hoping that the Gambling Commission are on their backs for going too far.

 by Jock
18 Documents Not Enough

Been playing since site began and suddenly they want my life story. I work, I’m mortgage and debt free but 18 documents are not enough. They’ll be asking for my blood group next and their system that ‘randomly’ selects winners is obviously broken and needs looking at by the Gambling Commission. I have had suspicions lately that big winners are not actually people as mostly no one else recognises the username. They deserve to go out of business.

 by Jacquie
Ethnic cleansing of old players

Tombola have now restricted old players making it impossible to play. They have in effect done ethnic cleansing on old players. I have played for 20 years since conception - spent over 100k I am ashamed to say. All of the old players who are well able to spend £500 per week because they are older. I'm 70 myself and have 2 pensions. I own my own home. They asked to see my husbands death certificate as my details on my banks had changed. The people doing these checks are old kids with no financial experience. They didn't even know DWP is who pays old age pension. I really hope they go to the wall now. Loved Tombola but not now.

 by David

The biggest scammers on earth. I've had to send ID twice in 3 weeks. Now my account is under review after asking for ID. Too much personal info being asked for and all while withholding money belonging to me. Told them to close my account and send my money to bank but the can't do this apparently while under review, gone over their timeframe for review but because I logged a complaint they don't like it. Avoid this site, being based in Gibraltar obviously hard to trust.

 by Pam
Avoid Tombola Bingo

Avoid, Avoid, Avoid. I have been a member for many years. I understand the gaming commission have put in new guidelines but Tombola have gone overboard with this. They want 3 months wage slips, 3 months bank statements, P60, proof of any inheritance you may of had, any pensions you get etc etc. Way too much information for a site that cannot guarantee your personal information is 100% secure from hackers. Like many other players I for one will not be sending all this personal information. Plus if you win they are holding on to your money. Very disappointing Tombola - you are going to lose long loyal players.

 by Liz
Same Winners

I have been with Tombola for several years and have won but the last few months I have spent a lot of money. I know most of the time it is luck and that is part of gambling but it seems the same winners and when you bank you never win again for a long time. Learnt my lesson, losing a lot of money in a week. I could have bought something nice for my family. My advice is stay away and save your money instead of making Tombola rich. Also, think about where all the money goes - it is not in your pocket.

 by Lisa
Tombola Shame

So Tombola is now request your whole financial history and deciding whether you can play. I am all for safe play but questioning your gas bill, phone bill, mortgage, everything is a total invasion of privacy. It is not law to provide this under the gambling commission it is a guideline. Now they write back telling you you don't have to provide this. What they then do is restrict your depositing amount to £10. What they don't tell you is that if you win they will withhold your winnings until you provide three months bank statements, P60 wage slips, any inheritance, pension - basically your whole financial details. Players who have played for years are cut off. I am all for safeplay but to treat their customers who pay for the privilege to play is disgraceful. Don't sign up. This should be investigated properly.

 by Glenn
Worst Bingo Site

I've been playing Tombola for about 7 years and the site now is so fixed, same winners multiple times on a daily basis. They don't even speak when they win, which makes it very suspect. Also when you mention it, you get blocked from the chat. Definitely the worst bingo site now. Avoid at all costs. It looks fixed.

 by It's only me
I have shut account

I had been a member on here since sun owned this site. But now I have closed account as it was getting silly on here. I only played tenner a week so I was not a high stakes player. Reason I left was because what i was playing i never won a thing not even enough to win my original tenner back. So I thought rather then give it to Tombola I will be better off paying it into savings and using it for a annual holiday. Chat rooms are rubbish got people moaning all the time about how much they lost and it was depressing. Another thing is they encourage safe play and just come on for a chat but if you have zero on account balance there is a pop up what comes up in every room you enter asking if you would like to deposit money. That defeats the safe play I would of thought! This really needs to be taken off.

 by Kitty Cool
Reality Check

Let's be honest, put a tenner on a well known national lottery site and pick a few scratch cards and the tenner is gone in less than 2 mins very little pay back. There are no winners when it comes to gambling but if you want a bit of a safe low cost flutter on the bingo for as little as 2p a ticket then Tombola gives a pretty good return in terms of a few hours entertainment. If you want serious gambling Tombola is not the place to be.

 by Sharon McLaughlin
Bingo 90

I have been playing Tombola for some time now. I have noticed quite a few times the same names seem to always win. I think I know how it operates now, the more money you put on the more times you win. Not everyone can put on heaps of cash. One night I saw the same woman win five times. As it goes for the free bingo, oh what a waste of time. I have been playing this for ages & never won anything. I never win on bingo or any other game I play. I think it’s all a con, they just want to take your cash. Come on Tombola spread the love & let other players win.

 by Anon

They lure you in with little wins here and there. Then I won 3 thousand odd and was ecstatic, however I had to prove who I was, although I had an account and had already proved who I was, by sending them personal information and the best part was they never paid me the full amount in one go, it was in dribs and drabs! I've probably spent well over my win since then and like previous comments, it always seems to be the same people winning. Maybe they are related. Who knows? All in all, Tombola is a joke. They can sponsor whoever they like with the amount of money us mugs give them!! I've deleted them for good, gonna take this up with the business ombudsman. Although we all know I'll get nowhere as they have more money (our money 🤣🤣) than me lol.

 by Louise McNamara

I've given one star because I have to, but to be honest it shouldn't have that. This game is not random as Tombola says. I've been playing and watching for a good while. Same names winning continuously. It's really not luck at all, nobody has that much luck. I have had a win but to be honest this is to keep you hooked. But you won't win again until you have lost the same amount as you have won even more in most cases. You say it's all about the fun, but when you realise what's happening the fun elapsed. If you do enter the chat and mention you're not happy you are jumped on and immediately outcast and told to stop complaining and a barrage of sarcastic remarks. I would not recommend this site regardless if you have or haven't got money. This site really should be investigated - the bingo side of the website. I can't say in relation to Arcade as I've never been on it. Tombola you can come back with a reply to justify it is random, but that's just insulting to the public. You're glorified scammers but you make too many mistakes to be good. I've played, watched, learned and done my job. I've placed an accurate version of events on this review.

 by Mrsk
Total rip off

Tombola is a joke. Don’t waste your money, can’t even play the games because it literally just drains your money non-stop even on 5p. The chat room cms are rude and tell you it’s luck rubbish it’s computer generated. They tell you they can only take what you give. set your safe tools, so you don’t use more than you can afford to lose. Nobody can afford to throw money away. They tell you no negative comments on chat that to me is disgusting. If you are negative they remove you from chat. Talk about hiding bad publicity. They are taking advantage of people - need shutting down. If I could rate them 0 then that’s what it would be.

 by Sara
Con & Scam

I hate this site with a passion. When I joined up 4 years ago Tombola seemed pretty fair, you won and you lost. The bonuses were more frequent but over the last year and a half omg it takes almost all your money to get 1 bonus and the wins, well shaking my head here, they are a joke! £1 stake and bonus win 30p?! I pray to this day this site gets seriously investigated, better still shut down. It's  robbing people constantly but oh no you are not allowed to mention losing in chat. You get jumped on and warned any more negativity then you risk a chat ban! Who the hell do they think they are? Bullies and thieves. Honestly I've deposited 7 times of £20 each time and won . . . nothing to bank. No top prizes since I first joined. The spins are absolutely awful teels stick..changed to losing symbols right in front of your eyes! Say anything then again risk losing your chat and get told your just not lucky from the CMS. How cheeky and insulting. Giving people a complex. When in fact, no, the site is a con. No wins. Use safe play yeah, what for, to prolong the fact you're still going to keep losing. It's a cruel site, no fun at all in all games on there. Even playing 5p you are lucky to get more than 25 minutes play. Just swallows your money. Please listen to the feedback. It makes my blood boil to think the site will rob from others. Now a multi-millionaire site. Hmmm, not surprised, scamming people from their hard earned money. Disgusting site.

 by Ellen
Same winners every day

Would give zero stars if I could. Disgraceful site should be shut down. Tombola tell you the games are random . . . that’s complete rubbish. Played nearly every day for the last few years and all I’ve seen is the same players winning daily over and over again whilst others cannot get a single win. Now I know they avoid paying full tax as in other large corporations (such as Starbucks) I won’t be giving them any more of my hard earned money. Even when you occasionally get a small win or bonus it’s pennies every time, just an insult. I hope all these ‘real’ negative reviews come back to bite them in the backside and they get closed down. How the U.K. government allow these scammers to rip hard working people off without investigating this site is beyond me, all in it together I say. Tombola Arcade, you should be ashamed of yourselves, just daylight robbery.

 by Egb

I wish I could give 0. The bullying is disgusting apparently my mum dying when I'm 30 leaving my babies behind without a nanny is funny and also less important than a nut job talking about being abused during bingo, so weird. I have no words, gross company.

 by mrx

I cannot stress enough don't waste your money on this site. It is a total con. Tombola arcade is laughable, spin £1 and win at most 60p. And they have the nerve to say congratulations you have won 60p. No, I have lost 40p. The same winners winning the top prizes. One player said she had won 16 and her husband had one 46 top prizes since Xmas, so that shows you I am right in what I say. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they were employed by Tombola.

 by Zeti68
Account Disabled

Tried to log in and my account was disabled. Nobody call me or send me a email. Anyway for playing over 2 year lost lot on there as always are same winners, rude chat groups also rude cms. Not happy with their behaviour at all. A scam. They also ask me again and again for id proof and want from me bank statement. Sorry, but nobody else want to see my bank statement and I am not sharing my personal details to a gamble company.

It is normal for them to check these items. In fact they have to do these checks as part of their licensing and banking obligations. Just Bookies hates to defend Tombola Bingo because they are very poor for other reasons, but they are not doing anything unusual in this respect. All UK betting companies must do the ID checks.

 by Kate
Waste of time and money

I was a brand new player to this site. Have played for only 2 weeks and haven't even won a pound of my money back. Being a new player I've not been welcomed, or given any bonus funds or incentives to carry on playing. Already I've seen the same names winning the jackpots and after reading these reviews, I'll be deleting Tombola altogether! Complete waste of time and money.

 by Debs

This site is 100% fake... I reviewed them because I believed the bombardment of ads was a clue. What I have discovered, while investigating this terribly illegal website, is that they are posting the same names, over and over again as winners. I was abused by some chat room bots while on the site because I dared to mention that the same person was winning jackpots over and over again. This sort of website should be banned from the internet. There are people in this world of ours that are simply looking for a place to play and more so a place to meet like-minded people and have some fun... what they get? Nothing of the sort, they get an insulting condescending robot calling the numbers and a link to their bank account that could possibly bankrupt them. In the chat rooms, pro bots who come in and exclude anyone who questions the validity of the website and its practices. Please remove your bank accounts from this site and take comfort in the knowledge that, while we all understand the need to have fun and win a bit sometimes? This site is not the place to do that. I saw the same username win 12 jackpots in less than 2 hours... Gambling is indeed an addiction just like drug addiction and alcoholism but people beware this site is geared by robots not real people and it is absolutely legal, but absolutely a rip-off.

 by Nikki
Tombola Closed Account & Kept Winnings

Had exactly same thing again - Tombola have closed my account and kept my £150 winnings. After 11yrs of playing on there and stupidly depositing £1000s+ they disabled my account and wont give me my bit of winnings saying exact same reason as they've said to a lot of unhappy players. They have done this for two reasons: They say you've either created another account or self excluded so cant give your winnings or reopen your account to try an get what little money you've won." An absolute thieving scam of a site. They nformed me on Nov 2 2020 that I'd done a lifetime self-exclusion ban in Nov 2019 (one year earlier). Yet they let me deposit £1000s of pounds and withdraw on a few occasions. I did win for a whole year on an account that I'd used the safeplay exclusion tool on, that they have in place to stop you gambling. Then they decide a whole year later not only to disable your account but to keep your money that's in your player account. Then they ask for all types of proof of identification when clearly they have had proof of ID from you before also that they can see your banking details are the same as what you've been depositing with for many years. They need to be held accountable and also investigated for their very corrupt, very dodgy behaviour. Thieving site - so many people are complaining about this site and having same problems with them.

Our advice is that you complain to the UK Gambling Commission, who license Tombola. You will find the UKGC online or via this link: . Tell them that Tombola let you play for a whole year after you self-excluded. If you push it you may be able to recoup your losses for that entire year - other people have achieved this. Also, they have broken the terms of their license if they let you play after you self-excluded. That is a very serious breach and the UKGC should punish them.

 by TWN

Someone posted on here they had just won, and won last week as well?! Proves the point everyone on here is complaining about!

 by Winner

I disagree. I've just won €1060 and two weeks ago €396 plus lots of smaller wins. Rather than complain 🙅‍♀️ stop playing 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Well done Tombola 👌😍

 by Lisa

Used to enjoy playing but not anymore. Absolute rubbish. When you get bonuses they give you nothing so just not worth bothering. Go and play elsewhere where at last you can sometimes win. How can the same players win top prizes all the time? Also note the chat rooms full of people complaining? Def would not recommend Tombola site to anyone. Gambling is what it is and you cannot expect to win all the time but this site is a total con and no fun anymore.

 by Abbie Dennehy

Tombola is absolutely shocking. I have had an account for four years and suddenly I couldn't log in. I rang customer services and was told that four years ago I self-excluded permanently so now I couldn't play anymore. I am absolutely shocked at this as I have been playing for four years no problem. Avoid at all costs . . . they will take your hard earned money and then deactivate your account. I can't say how appalled I am by this site.

 by Freddie
Something Fishy

Tombola is losing the plot nowadays. It just doesn't seem to be honest anymore. No wins, same people winning. I agree with the other comments that it gives the appearance of being rigged. Maybe I'm a poor loser, but I do think something fishy is going on.

 by Honest Maid
Rip Off

Total rip off. Spent £150 on spin in arcade the biggest win was 60p. If you say anything in chat the cm says no win is guaranteed. A cop out for not giving any wins. The chat room is full of people complaining. A player said once welcome all new players, I said how do you know there are new players they said the cm said so earlier. The cm had not mentioned anything about new players, this player went on to win the top prize funny that, proves to me they have their own players playing.

 by Kathryn
Waste of Money

I have been a member for a number of years. The arcade on Tombola has shocking wins if you stake £1 most wins are 20p and 60p. The chat room is full of people complaining about the lack of wins. My advice would be keep your money.

 by Loyal Tombola Player
Not The Same Anymore

I’ve played on Tombola now for over 10 years and I can honestly agree with what’s been said on here. The site used to be good and very fair but not anymore, I rarely go on there now as I know it’s not going to be fun, no game play no wins. Why hasn’t the site been investigated? I just don’t understand. All of those younger ones getting ripped off. I wish the site was boycotted and Tombola would crash and burn. It deserves to after the way it’s treated people and is still doing. They are greedy.

 by shocked
waste of money

I have been a member for a long time it used to be a good site a fair chance of winning. But now all you ever do is deposit. The same names are winning all the time. Arcade is a joke if you stake £1 biggest win is 60p. When will this site be investigated? The chat room is full of people saying about their lack of wins. Was on the site one morning and a person on chat said welcome all the new players nice to see new people. I commented how do you know there is new people? They said the chat manager put a list up of new names. I said they did not - it was obvious they worked for Tombola. They went on to win top prize. I leave you to make up your own mind.

 by Kerry
Tombola arcade

Tombola Arcade used to be good but not anymore. You only have to be in chat to see how many players are unhappy. The amount of no wins and total lack of bonuses is unbelievable. They constantly promote their safe play tools which is a brilliant thing, however i feel that this is done to cover up the fact that Tombola no longer promote fair play. Of course its gambling you win some you lose some but here on arcade you are pretty much guranteed to lose 90% of the time. For example 40 no win scratches is unacceptable and if you do get a win say £4 on a 20p stake i can almost predict that it will be followed by 20 plus no wins in a row so your not actually getting a win at all. You get the same repetitive play day after day. There is nothing random about the games as Tombola would lead us to believe. Random means a mix not the same gameplay on repeat. TPs are not random in the game they are chosen by username. You see the same names constantly winning a top prize. I really don't know how they get away with it. Such a shame because this site was once one of the best. But like them all they get greedy and want more and more at the expense of the loyal players.

 by khan choudhury
one big fraud

Cut a very long story short, fake names and fake winners. Register with any bingo site and you will see the same names winning as you do on Tombola. It is all rigged. They are all in it together. The winners are NOWHERE to be seen and do NOT comment on chat. The CM will always say they're in another room. Wake up people. Go and take a look for yourselves on any other bingo site.

A lot of bingo sites share the same network, so you will see the same winners as they are effectively playing on the same site even if they came from different bingo brands.

 by Loyal Player

I have been using the Tombola Bingo / Arcade site for nearly 9 years now, something really needs to be done about this site, I can't believe it hasn't been investigated sooner. The site is so greedy it turns my stomach. It's got to the stage now where I know I'm not going to win anything of worth, so I just play and make sure I don't spend a lot. Their games are not fair and don't roll right especially spin, the wheels stick, and slow down and the winning icon will change right in front of your eyes. The number of unsatisfied customers that moan every single day, and you so can't blame them, I feel sorry for them, it's crazy it really is and wish everyone would boycott the website then Tombola will crash and they deserve to.

 by Oneman
Disgusting .. don’t waste your money

Absolutely appalled by the payouts on this site. Three (was 4) of my family members have accounts with Tombola and none of us can win a thing despite seeing the same names win every day. The site used to be fun and you had a good chance of winning something or at least getting a decent play but now it has gone to pot! The software has definitely changed despite CMs saying it’s the same, it’s definitely not! Of course it’s a gambling site so you can’t expect to win every time you play but a win occasionally would be nice. As others reviewers have already said, you can’t say anything about not winning in game chat as the CMs threaten to remove you from the chat room and the cliquey members jump on you like the Tombola police! Not surprising Tombola’s profits are in the millions whilst mugs like us are filling their pockets. Greedy site, steer clear!

 by Scott
Horrendous Service

Disgusting. They have not followed their own self exclusion policy. I had raised awareness of struggling with gambling and this was never honoured nor any assistance given. Over £7000 later falling in to horrendous debt, I'm told by their complaints team that a request for self exclusion is not a responsible gambling issue. I've had numerous calls with their customer service team who have used intimidating acts to prevent me from taking this to the press as well as conversations with management not noted on their systems or actions taken. I've pointed out where they have gone wrong and provided evidence but their COP OUT response was a letter of deadlock. I have also been told during three phone calls that as I have raised one complaint, there is a note on my account which states I'm not allowed to raise another complaint, despite it being a separate issue. One complaint? I've never heard of someone being allowed to raise only one complaint and no more. Unbelievable behaviour from what is meant to be a responsible operator who thinks that requests for self exclusion are "Not a Responsible Gambling issue". Thankfully I have all call recordings and emails from them to take this via the mainstream press.

 by Marion
Do NOT waste your money

Anyone reading this please do not waste your money on Tombola. You may win on occasion but please do not be fooled by this as this is just a ploy to get you to believe that you can win, however in reality they just take that win back with added interest, you will always deposit more than you have won. The main thing that you will notice if you do decide to play is the same names winning daily, I mean they always appear to win on the maximum stake £1 when others playing the minimum 5p stake don’t get a look in. I deleted my account ages ago for this reason but my mum still has an account so over the past month we have logged in to Tombola daily just so I can convince my mum to delete her account and stop wasting her money. Every single day we logged on to Tombola especially Tombola Arcade it was the same names were winning. No one can be that lucky... it’s gambling after all! Also the chat is cliquey and if you say anything about not winning the local bandwagon jump on you and you are threatened with being removed from the chat room.

 by Sarah Jane

I first discovered Tombola Bingo when they were sponsors of Emmerdale. I know Bet365 do that now, but I still played at Tombola but recently they have gone downhill. Others have said the same. Can't buy a win and customer service not so helpful.

 by Terry
Poor site

Tombola is one of worst sites I have ever played on. I don't always win on other sites i'd be lying if I said I did but I can't get anything from Tombola.
The process of withdrawal is slow and difficult. With other sites it can be in my bank the next day. There is a poor selection of games in both bingo and arcade. You need to watch what you say on the chat or the cm's will come down on you, on other sites there is some great banter.

 by Pamela B

Found bonuses hard to achieve at Tombola Bingo. More than that, disliked the community and chat compared to other sites. I have registered and tried out several spots, and Tombola is not a great site. If I had to be negative about something else then it'd be that there is a lack of choice with the games. Also I didn't win anything, but I don't blame them for that.

 by Jeanette McVey

Very good bingo site. Really enjoy playing the variety of games. Roller coaster is my favourite.

 by Hedgehog

One of my least favourite bingo sites. Never enjoyed my time at Tombola.