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Last updated May 18th, 2021

Unibet Review: Not RecommendedDue to poor customer experience and dishonest business practices, Just Bookies no longer recommends Unibet. We advise that you do not join this bookmaker. You can read on for our full Unibet review or join any of the top bookies listed, with their free bets, on our home page.
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Unibet restricts and limits clients at the drop of a hat. Their customer service is tired, lazy and unhelpful. That is if you can get through to them. Their coverage of UK sport is abysmal, being a firm that started out facing Scandinavian markets only. They have broken and retrospectively changed contracts with business partners. With all these negatives, how could any players trust them? Unibet has a largely negative public image within the UK betting industry.

Unibet Bookmaker & Sportsbook has UK and Malta betting licenses. It is a huge, publicly listed betting company with clients in over 140 countries. They have just under five million registered clients and employ 500 staff. It is not a big name in the UK, but they are a bigger presence in mainland Europe. Its roots date back to the birth of online betting in Europe in the late nineties. They cover all popular sports betting events, such as football. Other less likely sports they cover in detail include volleyball, all winter sports, pesapallo (apparently the most popular sport in Finland). The spent the first 20 years of their existence ignoring UK sports, particularly horse racing, which they did not cover at all. They have rectified that grudgingly and their coverage is moderate and their prices uncompetitive.

  • Opinion: Unibet is a large, badly-run outfit. They offer a poor service to the UK and their roots are mainly in Europe. There have been questionable practices including limiting bets and devious behaviour towards their business partners. They have a two-star rating on Trustpilot and interestingly 41% of the reviews gave them the lowest possible rating of one star. This Just Bookies’ Unibet review suggests you avoid them.

Unibet / Kindred Affiliate Program Is Corrupt: Ryan Henderson is the current head of affiliates at Unibet and under his lazy and dishonest stewardship the referral program has gained a despicable reputation industry-wide. They close affiliate accounts and / or reduce commissions to very little. This means that they steal referrals and commission from webmasters that should have been paid at the correct rate ‘for lifetime’ as was the deal when webmasters first signed up. This is a link to just one of the many forum threads that shines a light on their devious and dishonest behaviour.

Full Unibet Bookmaker & Sportsbook Review

Unibet Bookmaker & Sportsbook aspires to being one of the major players in the European market when it comes to online gaming. Whether it is sports betting, poker, casino, bingo, lotteries or soft games that interest you, you will probably not quite find what you are looking for.

The firm is known to offer two of the best casino applications that are at present available on the market. Casino is not simply an add-on to a sportsbook. It is a key element of their online offering and provides approximately a third of the company’s business. It also offers incentives to lure punters into its casino. They will double your first deposit to your casino wallet up to the value of €100. If it is poker that you are after, there are plenty of daily freerolls, closed ring games as well as guaranteed tournaments. The rake, though, is very high.

The sportsbook is distinctly European rather than UK oriented. After many years wait, it does now offer UK daily horse racing and some ante-post races as well. They do not offer a full or complete coverage of this crucial market. A measure of their desire to penetrate the attractive UK market is that Unibet purchased the much more UK-focused, loss-maker Stan James bookmaker and left it trading under that brand name for a few years before retiring it. Examples of other fairly clueless approaches to the UK market are peppered throughout Unibet’s history.

Football fans will get confused on the Unibet site despite their dubious incentives to join. On a single day you may find over 10,000 matches to bet on. There is extensive coverage of all the UK and European action. You can even bet on a match in the Faroe Islands. It also offer a bad-value cash-out facility. The problem with their football events is that their unique software is the most user-unfriendly you are likely to find of any online bookmaker. It takes an age to get to grips with the complicated menu system.

Other types of football are big at this bookmaker too. You will find coverage of American Football and Aussie Rules.

Supertoto and Superscore, the popular European pool games are highlighted on the sportsbook home page. Supertoto involves predicting the outcome of 14 selected matches. Superscore is similar but, as the name suggests, involves predicting not just the outcome but the actual score of the matches that are included. It is a fairly complex offering that they do little to clarify.

The distinctive, green website was designed to be both user-friendly and entertaining. It is neither.

Unibet Group plc is incorporated within the tax haven of Malta, a favourite shady location with tax-dodging offshore companies. The company is certified by G4, Global Gaming Guidance Group. It is also a member of the European Gaming and Betting Association and Remote Gambling Association and is certified as compliant with eCOGRA standards. All this is designed to give an air of respectability that the firm clearly lacks.

It focused on achieving sustained growth. In 2007 they acquired Maria Holdings, the leading online bingo operation within the Nordic market.

Unibet was founded back in 1997 and in 1998 gained a licence to run betting operations. An office was soon established in London which became the company’s headquarters as they began trading as a telephone based betting operation for Scandinavia.

Quick to spot the likely progress of gaming in the UK and Europe, it launched their first website in both English and Swedish in 1999. 2000 saw the incorporation of the public limited company. In the same year, it obtained a licence in that tax haven Malta and set up an office on the island.

2001 was an important year for the operation. They launched their second website in twelve languages. Their customer base subsequently grew to include clients based in over 50 countries. That multi lingual website worked well for Unibet and by the end of 2002 they had almost 200,000 customers registered with them from over 80 countries.

The third website was launched in 2003 with a host of new products, including an online casino. For the first time, live betting was made available to clients. It proved popular and by the end of the year their customer base had grown by over 25% and their geographic spread included over 100 countries.

In 2004 it was listed on Stockholm’s Stock exchange and launched their poker offering as well as Supertoto. A mobile platform was launched a year later together with soft games.

Bingo was added to the ever widening range of products in 2006. The new holding company was established in tax-dodging Malta during the same year. Bingo was seen as an area for growth and led to the acquisition of Maria Holdings in 2007, a move that also helped them strengthen their position in the Nordic markets.

As technologies changed, Unibet embraced them. They made a big deal of WAP. Do you remember that dodo? Live Casino was added to the product portfolio in July of the same year.

That growth story is still continuing with major developments into the international and European markets, and as mentioned earlier in this Unibet review, the foolish purchase of the much older and loss-making Stan James operation.

The company’s aim is to further develop its position in the European market by extending the scope of their online activities and encouraging additional customers to join them by offering better odds on all major sporting events.

There are, however, so many better options than Unibet for punters who want a good rather than moderate experience from their betting. With poor odds on offer and devious incentives to sign up, this Unibet review suggest you avoid this badly-run firm in favour of one we do actually recommend on this JustBookies site.

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Tom
Dodgy Verification

Be very careful with this bookmaker. I would not recommend at all. They will happily allow deposits into your account. But very difficult to withdraw they have a verification process that is off the cuff not based on any rules and regulations. I have provided them with multiple verifications that seem to be forgotten about, I still have money with them that I can't release. Very dodgy. Terrible customer service. This is an Australian account.

 by Fred
Instantly limited

I went to put money on an outright, the max bet was £42 at 8/1 and I wanted to put more on, so I sent the full amount for review. A few minutes later they part approve £20 (!) and change the odds to 7/1. Absolute joke...

 by Steve Smith
How do they get licensed?

Limited account as soon as I bet on a winner. How do Unibet keep their betting licence? Is there no regulation to ensure these charlatans play fair?

 by Paul Coney
Rancid Outfit

Do not under any circumstance open an account with this so-called bookmaker. I opened an account three days ago. First I wasn’t allowed to use the 1st bet up to £40 (money back if it lost). They stopped all promos after I made one withdrawal of £60 and a loss of £370. They restricted my bets to £2 max. I have been betting more than 40 years and believe me I've seen them all and that includes Toal Bookmakers in Northern Ireland. This rancid Unibet has to be the worst without a shadow of doubt, so do not entertain this outfit.

 by Mr Hoad

I backed two winners at Royal Ascot and they limited my account. Pathetic, useless, hopeless. How do these clowns keep their betting license?

 by Dickie Thompson
Stopped Me Betting

I just had a great run of luck at the Cheltenham Festival, backing three winners and four losers on the first day. Unibet immediately limited my stakes to £1! I then had a real problem getting my winnings paid out from this firm and spent ages on the phone to their very unhelpful customer service team. My advice is to avoid them entirely. Their actions were quite pathetic and surely the UK Gambling Commission should be forcing Unibet to behave with honesty rather than abusing punters out there?

 by Paddy
Unibet Complicated

Unibet certainly make that free bet complicated. No wonder they give an option not to take it. In fact the whole site is so hard to navigate around.

Yes we agree that their welcome bonus offers are way too complex.

 by Owen Jones
Poor Horse Racing Coverage

Unibet do now cover UK horse racing, but not fully and the prices are so much worse than other firms. I wanted an ante-post bet on the Grand National and they didn't even have that market available. Had to go elsewhere.

 by Adrian Walsh
Unibet Clueless

Pretty hopeless for UK horse racing (they think they cover it but they just do a token gesture) and not much better for everything else. Although they now advertise in the UK you still get the sense they don't really quite get British sports. Got the feel of a European sportsbook, which is what it is primarily. Football coverage is extensive but odds unfavourable. I found their customer service pretty lacklustre and they really didn't understand anything about UK betting markets. Think they might be better if you are into downhill skiing!